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volley.' | nam joohyuk by alpacake
volley.' | nam joohyukby INACTIVE
南柱赫 ❝ did you just throw that mop at me?❝ • in which two stressed out college athletes fall in love because of a mop. © alpacake, 2018
Bittersweet Story (One Shot Collections) by foxholetopia
Bittersweet Story (One Shot foxholetopia
High School, College, Work Everyone probably goes with the same 'boring' pattern in this life. Some bitter/sweet story hopefully can add some flavor to those usual rou...
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo| Lost In Time by PseudoEmpress
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo| Pseudo Queen
"Does that mean that....the plot of the drama took place in real life?! But then...why am 𝐼 here?" (Go Ha Jin isn't the only one who travels back in time. Par...
Imagines Series 1 [K-drama] by TalesofTG
Imagines Series 1 [K-drama]by Tejal
•Requests are open• All your romantic imagination is here guys. K-actors are on different level so a different ff for them. Enjoy~
Oppa by Blu3_moon
Oppaby Blu3_moon
short stories of our favorite Oppas.😘
Rain of my Soul || 은 by desmadres
Rain of my Soul || 은by desmadres
"you are the rain of my soul."
Who are you: school 2015 ( A Chance) {On-going} by Jungkookie301
Who are you: school 2015 ( A Lil Meow Meow
I entered "Who are you: School 2015". On her 24th birthday, Han Eunha made a wish that the Second Male Lead gets a happy ending! The power was cut and suddenly...
Scarlet Heart : Ryeo (Moon Lovers) 2  [COMPLETED] by toomanybias
Scarlet Heart : Ryeo (Moon Lovers) -
[COMPLETED ; NOT EDITED] * Solely a fanfic based on the Korean drama Scarlet Heart : Ryeo * (admit it, we all want a sequel for it right ) Go Ha Jin, although broken-hea...
Scarlet heart ryeo: Baek Ah. by thebeautyintheauthor
Scarlet heart ryeo: Baek 𝐲.
Moon lovers: Scarlet heart ryeo: baek Ah - Sujin wakes up in goryeo as a maid with no memories of ever being there, now she must learn to survive in goryeo. While bein...
Someone Like You by baepriya_29
Someone Like Youby Limario
Lisa lost her smile can Sana bring it back?
REQUEST ARE OPEN! •Kpop •Khiphop •K-Actors •K-drama
Let's Meet In The Future (BaekHera) by Jet_Ski
Let's Meet In The Future (BaekHera)by rest
An interrupted love story from the past. Will they still remember everything or not? Will it now be a happy ending or will history repeat itself? Scarlet Heart Ryeo Sequ...
YOU ARE THE ONE & ONLY                           💖 DARAGON LOVE STORY 💖 by nr4sykn
YOU ARE THE ONE & kinkin
Warning : A tragic love story A story about a boy and a girl who don't understand the true meaning of love. Sandara Park : A naive girl who still loves her boyfriend, K...
Unconditionally Yours //Jihyo x Reader// by unnieeetot
Unconditionally Yours //Jihyo x waffles
Your POV, "So this is it..Our most awaited day. The day where we pledge to be faithful to each other for the rest of our lives. The day where we exchange vows and t...
MIRAE. | nam joohyuk by vlntagebts
MIRAE. | nam joohyukby hopemi
It all started again from the MIRAE HIGH SCHOOL. We thought we won't get to see each other again. But MIRAE helped the fate to be together. [NAM JOOHYUK X FEM! READER]...
Books And Blinds by wp_writernim
Books And Blindsby ashxsul
Minho and Goeun are totally different. Minho is active in every subject, especially in recitations and actual task performances. Be it a roleplay, speech, demonstrations...
My Prince: Baek Ah(BOOK II) by binnnnies_stay_
My Prince: Baek Ah(BOOK II)by delulu meeeeee
고백하고 싶어 기다렸다고........ (I've been waiting to confess) The dearest sister of the royal family, Princess Raon. . . . . She is kind, sweet, understanding and beautiful. . ...
Dasi (Again) SEVENTEEN FF by dahliainjeolmi01
Dasi (Again) SEVENTEEN FFby dahliainjeolmi01
Dahlia (Flower) Symbolizing Beauty, Commitment & Kindness But carries a few connotations Betrayal, Dishonesty & Instability ...
Changing The Fate// scarlet heart fanfic by Otaku__Forever
Changing The Fate// scarlet Otaku__Forever
A story about a girl who'se addicted to kdrama's and got stuck inside her favorite show.. Scarlet heart:ryeo. and what if? her existence in the show change the story? wh...
Devil Dancer Next Door || 엑소 카이 by oohfluffy
Devil Dancer Next Door || 엑소 카이by fℓuffy-nim
"I'm yours, baby." ⌨ Started Posting on: March 27, 2016 ⌨ Story Ended on: June 2, 2017