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Our Princess (NamJinHope)  by My_UniverseWooSan
Our Princess (NamJinHope) by Army💜Atiny🧡
"You're always our princess" - Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok just in High school students, senior. What happened when Hoseok is assign to a project with Jin and Namj...
﴿لــە دایــڪـبــونـــے نــاســروشــتــے﴾ by sary_vk
﴿لــە دایــڪـبــونـــے نــاســروشـ سآرِیّ🍓
مــن ئــاشــقــے بــراڪـەم بــــووم....!! ئــەو فــریـشـــتــەیــەڪـە ڪــە تـــەواوی گــەردوون و جــیـــهـــان لــە بــەرامـــبــەریـــدا ســەریـــان شـــۆڕ ڪــردوە...
Agape by Nano_Ahn
Agapeby Nano Ahn
A story of a young boy named Jung Hoseok who tries to find his way in life after he loses everything and endures living with his toxic and abusive family for 5 years unt...
Thank You, Manager Nim by jazsella
Thank You, Manager Nimby jazsella
Manager nim thought it would be a good idea to let jungkook move in the BTS house with the boys after taking care for him, seen as he could improve his social skills. L...
Baby jungkook by kaylabtsstorys
Baby jungkookby Enderax
Has yoonkook vmin namjinhope
starts with your love and ends with my love. by YoonShin400
starts with your love and ends Yoon Shin
dranma type ဖြစ်ပြီးစိတ်ဝင်စားမှုပေးနိုင်မယ်လို့မျှော်လင့်ပါတယ် -Thanks to all the readers-
Used to hate you by amyBTSARMY
Used to hate youby ★彡 𝐬𝕖ⓥᗴ𝓷 彡★
where jungkook used to had a crush on park jimin , his bully , in highschool and confess to him but jimin reject him. After many year later , jimin still hate jungkook a...
That street -- Taekook by CassandraLundin
That street -- Taekookby VarieTae
A Bts Fanfiction were you Are the main character. This story takes place in year 2020 making it my own Au (Another Universe) please keep This in mind as you read my stor...
See Ya in Hell! by tired_wolfie
See Ya in Hell!by Wolfie da Quiet Child
Yoongi's almost reached his breaking point. He's been cheated on not once, not twice, not thrice, but eight times, by the so-called 'love of his life'. You're probably w...
US. by PrinsesaHailie
#11 HRH카랜
It's a story of Jin, the best friend Hobi, and the boyfriend Namjoon. Unravel their stories and discover how one best friend's sacrifice paved way for a happy ending.
Mafia King And The Indian Boy by _anshu_2007
Mafia King And The Indian Boyby _anshu_2007
Rohit, an Indian boy and a complete fluff ball. He worked at a cafe since he have to pay for his expenses on his own. His parents died in an accident (that's what he thi...