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Ruko Yokune x Reader by reptiliangoddess
Ruko Yokune x Readerby Lola  ̄ω ̄
Yokune Ruko (UTAUloid) x You! (AKA Ruko x Reader)
Ruko Yokune ship♡ by Utau7365
Ruko Yokune ship♡by Namine Ritsu
Here is a story in English with stories where Ruko still figures but in couple with various utauloid
UTAU Headcanons by NanaNanaFan101
UTAU Headcanonsby Shimiko Saiba (サイバシミコ)
Just expressing my headcanons about the Utauloids/UTAU.
The Vocaloid Mafia by LilyRoszaidi
The Vocaloid Mafiaby LilyRoszaidi
The Vocaloid Mafia has always been one of the world's most notorious mafia gangs. Known for the heinous crimes they commit almost every single day around the world, with...
Vocaloid crisis unit by Desert_Snow
Vocaloid crisis unitby Desert_Snow
The VCU(Vocaloid crisis unit) needs serious help!more mafia wars have been breaking out with a criminal gang called utau-Loids and their leader tei sukone has declared w...
Not A  Gay? [MatsuMine FanFic] by MatsuMineWS
Not A Gay? [MatsuMine FanFic]by Poiyo Ritsu
a Matsudappoiyo x Namine Ritsu Fanfiction ONESHOT! Namine Ritsu is officially a girl?!
Rescue bot Vocaloid crossover by Mxkoto_Nagasaki
Rescue bot Vocaloid crossoverby Mikoto Nagasaki
Only Viperloids and Crypton future media vocaloids
Draconic War On All Voc@loid by LarooSpikyFox
Draconic War On All Voc@loidby LarooSpikyFox
Your favorite Vocaloids and UTAUloids are /for some reason/ in a distant world of monsters and dragons called Aiyo Ga. The story focuses around the group of UTAUloids kn...
How to be a Star「Yowane Haku's Story」 by AisecaSenchineru
How to be a Star「Yowane Haku's "Just Monika" :)
Status: Under Revision plus Merging (17 of 23) POV: Third Person (3rd) 4 Chapters / 47 Pages Last Update: January 16, 2017 Next Update: Chapter 4 [Part 4] ******** For a...
vocaloid headcanons by klxxos
vocaloid headcanonsby mars
just headcanons of the vocaloids/utauloids/voyakiloids these are my headcanons please don't eat me alive