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The Exposed God by noelicoan
The Exposed Godby Noël
The sequel to 'The Hidden Genius' Naruto and Shikamaru has left Konoha, in the means to never come back, though ten years later, Tobi/Madara/Obito wages war. Will Narut...
  • strongnaruto
  • kakaita
  • suzaku
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Without Her by ghosty_sloth
Without Herby Savannah Abelseth
Amanda was four years older than her little brother, Trey. They lived together with their mother, a kind hearted, yet anxious woman, and their father, a cruel and loud a...
  • mystery
  • mentalilness
  • love
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Royals by Ani_Mang
Royalsby Violet_Skies
When war breaks put between humans and Inhumans, Ezra Sutcliffe and the rest of his royal vampire family vow to stand their ground. However, unforeseen circumstances pu...
  • witch
  • namechange
  • vampire
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Trouble on Ryder. by AerielPAWPatrol12
Trouble on Aeriel Myers
  • rocky
  • crescent
  • alex
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Brown Eyes by aria-never-gives-up
Brown Eyesby aria-never-gives-up
I had a choice--I had a choice to pick the name I wanted, because when I was first born my parents didn't name me. They wanted me to decide the name I thought was best...
  • individuality
  • namechange
  • newschool
Adopted (again) by I_love_him_tho_
Adopted (again)by Gabriella Garcia
This is a story about a little girl named Chloe. Who is 5months old and gets adopted by (find out in the book) And she doesn't understand why she isn't treated like the...
  • married
  • perrie
  • namechange
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The Switch » Hemmings || slow updates by PaintingDiamonds
The Switch » Hemmings || slow PaintingDiamonds
“In life, there's just so much I want to switch,” her voice hitched. “And I want to; I really do; but I just can't. The switch would just be too hard.” Copyright © 2014...
  • irwin
  • calum
  • michael
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Why I Changed My Name And Why I Can't Keep A Banner by LoveWillowEdwards
Why I Changed My Name And Why I Willow Edwards
This is about how I can't seem to stick with a name or banner. Also other things like why my name is what it is now. Also shout outs
  • namechange
  • revamped
  • icantkeepabanner
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Never Would Have Thought (An LGBTQ+ Story) by BlissfulBee
Never Would Have Thought (An BlissfulBee
Rylen is very confused. Not just questioning, but reevaluating almost everything taught to them. Life is one big storm of chaos and almost everyone knows it. And being t...
  • lgbtq
  • questioning
  • almostautobiography
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My Introduction by Maki-Senpai
My Introductionby Deceiver Of Hearts
  • comleted
  • introduction
  • namechange
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The Rest of Our Lives by xpure_ashx
The Rest of Our Livesby XxPure-AshxX
Lacey and Summer are your everyday 18 year olds. They just got accepted into the University of Alabama and they've been best friends forever. You could probably argue th...
  • publishing
  • namechange
  • white
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Hades Chaos Addams by IAmAHumanEspresso
Hades Chaos Addamsby I Am A Human Espresso
An icy smile spread across an equally icy face, blood red lips curling up. "Almost here, dear. You are almost here" She said, trailing off into a whisper. Fina...
  • harrypotter
  • addamsfamilystyleviolence
  • harryaddams
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Legacy by VociTheWolf
Legacyby VociTheWolf
Three wolves: Scythe, Voci, and Wolfen... Scythe: A male black wolf with piercing yellow eyes. Wolfen: A male black wolf with toxic green eyes. Voci: A white female wolf...
  • namechange
  • storychange
  • pack
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runaway heroes by runningforfreedom
runaway heroesby Sierra
My mind screams for me to go but my body drags along barely moving as exhaustion takes me over, I see Seth and Cole slump down near me. Where did we go wrong? When a sc...
  • heartbreak
  • seth
  • invisible
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The journey of Darlene and Honesty (the forbidden love)  by nettnett8691
The journey of Darlene and nettnett8691
This story is a lesbian love story on two girls Darlene and honesty, they long to be together but they have things and people stopping them from being together. Join us...
  • lesbianromance
  • lovewins
  • namechange
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Trans Name Help by CreativeANDweird
Trans Name Helpby Jordan the "Human"
Hey, I'm a nonbinary transguy, and I'd love to help my fellow trans people find new names that fit them! I can help find a femme/masc/neutral form of a name that you alr...
  • newname
  • name
  • advice
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