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Dreams by ShivaniGrover1
Dreamsby Shivani Grover
COMPLETED He always supports his family and fight with evils for his family. He never ask anything from his family. He left his dreams for his family. what will happen...
Life Partners by riddhip92
Life Partnersby ShivikaIsLove❤️
The Story Starts , When Anika and Shivaay Meet At Airport , where They Going to Head in same University , they meet for several times till they reach University Anika Va...
Love - Office To Heart by riddhip92
Love - Office To Heartby ShivikaIsLove❤️
Shivaay Singh Oberoi Age 30 , Still Single A Rude , Arrogant Business Who Doesn't Believe In Love Family Is What Matters For Him Loves His Brothers A Lot Like Anything ...
💞Shivika's Twins💞 by riddhip92
💞Shivika's Twins💞by ShivikaIsLove❤️
It's the story about shivika with Babies who their life goes on with their Babies let's see Do give your Votes and comments on it Do share if you can❤️
Tu Hi Mera✔ by rilcoray
Tu Hi Mera✔by Fatima Imran
Cover by @ImLilMissComplicated He was broke.She was alone. He was silent. She was chirpy. He was angry. She was fun-loving. He had tears. She had smiles. He had his fami...
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Brotherhood  by Vsgcrocks07
ShivOmRu : A Bond Beyond Shivani D.
ShivOmRu : Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi, Rudra Singh Oberoi. These 3 brothers belonged to a Rich family. Something went wrong and the family wasn't famous a...
Shivika - Billu Aur Paanika Ki Beti  by Vsgcrocks07
Shivika - Billu Aur Paanika Ki Shivani D.
" Jinki mohobbat Ishqbaazi kehlayi, Kya unki beti apne pitaah ka pyar jeet payegi ? „ Everything has changed in Oberoi mansion. Annika isn't there anymore. Shi...
Marriage For His Revenge  by _aisha_ish
Marriage For His Revenge by ❤❤
shivaay singh oberio is hiding alot of things ! lets see what he wanna do? Dark story *read only if you are comfortable * Started on 4 July 2019
An Arranged Marriage Love ❤️✓ by riddhip92
An Arranged Marriage Love ❤️✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
The story is about when Shivaay and Anika met through their families and they had an arranged marriage love So let's see how did they arrange their love in this Arranged...
In Love with CM (TS)  by _aisha_ish
In Love with CM (TS) by ❤❤
1)love for her revenge✔ 2)Am I not enough for you ?✔ 3) In Love With CM
Choices I made  by _aisha_ish
Choices I made by ❤❤
Hi I m shivaay! it's my story in which I m only repenting bcoz of the choices I made! I always choosed my family instead of my Wife but she beared all the humiliatio...
Shivika's Bundle Of Joy by riddhip92
Shivika's Bundle Of Joyby ShivikaIsLove❤️
Shivika has a Boy who is 5 year old and she is pregnant again You will see the Kids Bonding , Shivika's Romance and Their Family Moments Let's peep into the story
You, My Dream! (Completed✓) by she_who_dreams
You, My Dream! (Completed✓)by she_who_dreams
{1st in #Nikkah , 86th in #spiritual } He pecked on her forehead making her shiver under his touch, and than again looked deeply in her eyes and said " But I want...
Baby : Unwanted But To Be Wanted✓ by riddhip92
Baby : Unwanted But To Be Wanted✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
Anika wants child but Shivaay doesn't let's see what happens when Anika gets pregnant ? how will Shivaay react ?? Shivaay is Caring he loves Anika a lot but when it come...
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SSO's P. A  by _aisha_ish
SSO's P. A by ❤❤
Shivaay and anika have a dark past! He considered her family to be criminal family! She considered his family to be criminal family! She worked in his office as PA t...
Shivika : Pregnancy Phase✓ by riddhip92
Shivika : Pregnancy Phase✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
Shivaay and Anika are going to have a baby Anika is Pregnant And this story will continue till Anika delivers the baby