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A Beauty So Rare (Completed)  by Aaruhi1707
A Beauty So Rare (Completed) by Aaruhi1707
From childhood shivaay saw his father using another girls and making scandals. But he was different. He wanted his weak mom to be strong but that never happened. He met...
Redemption by hiddenenigma1
Redemptionby hiddenenigma1
Anika. Shivaay. Two souls. Broken. Bruised. Strangers. She looks at him like her soul has finally met its soulmate. He looks at her like he has found home. But is it...
Shaadi Ka Laddoo by hiddenenigma1
Shaadi Ka Laddooby hiddenenigma1
Content with a successful career and comfortable lifestyle, life was going great for Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He had no intention to either date or marry; much to the disma...
An Arranged Marriage Love ❤️✓ by riddhip92
An Arranged Marriage Love ❤️✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
The story is about when Shivaay and Anika met through their families and they had an arranged marriage love So let's see how did they arrange their love in this Arranged...
Caught And Bowled | Narbhi Fanfiction by rainbowwveins
Caught And Bowled | Narbhi rainbowwveins
Actress Surbhi Chandna and Cricketer Nakuul Mehta feel sparks on their very first meet. Will this attraction result in something more, and give us another actor-crickete...
Life Partners❤️ by riddhip92
Life Partners❤️by ShivikaIsLove❤️
The Story Starts , When Anika and Shivaay Meet At Airport , where They Going to Head in same University , they meet for several times till they reach University Anika Va...
BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE - Shivika ff by WriterLove27
BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE - Shivika ffby ZoyaWriter
Two bestfriends - Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Raichand Tables turned Shivaay left with a broken heart Anika suffered Again his famiy returned after 7 years with a pro...
Shivika's Bundle Of Joy by riddhip92
Shivika's Bundle Of Joyby ShivikaIsLove❤️
Shivika has a Boy who is 5 year old and she is pregnant again You will see the Kids Bonding , Shivika's Romance and Their Family Moments Let's peep into the story
Falling For The Planner [Under Editing] by crazymaniac_
Falling For The Planner [Under –Hiatus
When Shivaay Singh Oberoi, one of the biggest business tycoon decides to have a Destination Wedding, he expects it to go very peacefully and perfectly. What he does not...
LOVE ON HOLD ||  ✔  by _arya21_
LOVE ON HOLD || ✔ by Arya 💫
Love seems to give a tougher way out for both Shivay and Anika. Shivay is not ready to accept Anika and Anika is already head over heels in love with Shivay from the pa...
Echoes by hiddenenigma1
Echoesby hiddenenigma1
• A drabble and one-shot series on Ishqbaaaz •
Coma : Dead Or Alive???✓ by riddhip92
Coma : Dead Or Alive???✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
So Another Story On Coma , Requested By Dia Jain , I Hope Would be Upto your marks So On My Another Coma Story , Anika Is In Coma How She went InTo Coma ?? How Is Shiva...
ITS MY NO OUR DAUGHTER✔ by diyaadhikary
Can life be all ways unfair with someone..??. can someone always receive sadness_insult and sorrow...?? this was the life of mrs.anika vikram thapar..she was always bet...
Shivaay and Anika the couple who can stand against everything is now separated for more than twenty years. No fights and no misunderstandings but something else. Ayra...
Ataraxia  by crazymaniac_
Ataraxia by –Hiatus
A book which contains drabbles to three shots on Ishqbaaaz.
Moonbow ••• by _arya21_
Moonbow •••by Arya 💫
Love is love , no matter how you see it , how you react to it , Love always captures heart irrespective of gender , color, shape and character. How ever you stand again...
Roommates  by cupcakes6621
Roommates by cupcakes6621
Started: April 8, 2019 Ended: _______ Status: Ongoing Editing: After story is completed Description: A shivika story.......about 2 people who are complete strangers...
Shivika : Pregnancy Phase✓ by riddhip92
Shivika : Pregnancy Phase✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
Shivaay and Anika are going to have a baby Anika is Pregnant And this story will continue till Anika delivers the baby
LOVE SHOTS by _arya21_
shots on shivika 1] I Can't (4 shots) - completed ✔ 2] Ruined (2 shots)- completed ✔ 3] Ruined (Bonus Shot)- completed ✔ 4] Destiny (4 shots) completed✔ STARTED :14th...
Atypical Love ||✔ by _arya21_
Atypical Love ||✔by Arya 💫
Love always encounters in an unexpected situations and circumstances. If the heart wants , anyone can fall in love with anybody on earth. It always has it's own way out...