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Things Girls Must Know. About us GUYS by Imwiththe3girls
Things Girls Must Know. About us Nick;)
Things girls should know...about dating a guy, being in a relationship with a guy, crushing on a guy...
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Random Shit by SammyTheMurican
Random Shitby Usa-america
this is me and my fucked up life haha welcome to my world good luck
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Swapped (On hold) by Triumphantly
Swapped (On hold)by Celestine Cooper
In the midst of New York lives the Standwood family known as the 'Jolliest Family' in the town.Mr. & Mrs. Standwood have four children in the house out of which two of t...
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Nagging Wife (Ongoing) by MMTee15
Nagging Wife (Ongoing)by MMTee15
🌸Who is a nagging wife? 🌸Is a nagging wife nice to live with? 🌸Can a nagging wife change? 🌸Read and find out.🌸
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भोला भाला आदमी | Husband Wife Jocks | Funny Comedy Videos by sital1234
भोला भाला आदमी | Husband Wife sital1234
How to stop a Nagging wife with funny humor. Watch a compilation of Husband Wife Jokes and laugh out loud. Subscribe to Maha Mazza for more funny comedy videos in Hindi.
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Naggy Editors Notes  by Dragonflygirl16
Naggy Editors Notes by Dragonflygirl16
Just what the title says! By naggy editor
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Everything A Guy Needs To Know About Us Girls by Newwgirlz1970
Everything A Guy Needs To Know Newwgirlz1970
This is basically your guide to life. If you're a guy that is confused, wants or doesn't understand girls then this is just what you need:))))). This is written by a gir...
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I have big dreams... by GatesyGirl
I have big Amelia
My biggest confession. I guess I'm asking for advice. It's not a too bigger deal but it has a masive impact on my life
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whales and fat girls by PollyConnor
whales and fat girlsby Polly Connor
Just another regular bodyswap comedy. Except it's a teenage girl bodyswapping with a killer whale. Image -
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Ramblings of the crazy by SashaKDBaric
Ramblings of the crazyby Sasha Baric
You might see it as fiction, and trust me, it's better this way. You're better off reading something for the fun of it, than to ponder how to help the person in the stor...
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My every day situation of school by dany0girl
My every day situation of schoolby dany0girl
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Throbbing heart by Ashlostinlove
Throbbing heartby Ashlostinlove
COMPLETED ✔ Highest Ranking #1 The hidden unsaid words which I kept repeating in my head like a hammered one, which has been dumped as a draft for ages and the thoughts...
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Mr.Brown by AzhariMoina
Mr.Brownby Moina LetterBound Azhari
Sometimes your heart recognises its other half way before you do. It pulls you towards them and before you realise it, you find yourself falling.. and falling hard...
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Decay and Gunge. by Thistle2013
Decay and Thistle2013
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