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lavender (naegiri au) by liv-and-leigh
lavender (naegiri au)by 𝒍𝒊𝒗 & 𝒍𝒆𝒊𝒈𝒉
Kyoko Kirigiri and Makoto Naegi are both famous cosplayers, they have been following each other for a while, but when they accidentally meet at a con, they exchange numb...
old friends new ways by username_alredytaken
old friends new waysby username_alredytaken
just a Naegiri story, but with a twist. Non despair AU Spoilers for THH this is my first fanfic, so helpful criticism is welcomed. Sorry in advance if there are any spe...
Something new (Naegiri) by Sonyyo11
Something new (Naegiri)by Naegiri addict
This is my first attempt to make a fan fiction so it might not be the best but i'll try my best to keep making naegiri fan fictions if I have time.
I Can't Fix You by Kynamite
I Can't Fix Youby Gekko
Kyoko is new to Hope's Peak Academy. It's scary, a new school, especially if you're all by yourself. As days, weeks, and months go by, she finds herself getting more and...
Naegiri One-Shots by Aphmau_80
Naegiri One-Shotsby Naegiri_Trash
Title says everything Art is not mine and I do not own it. Also yes some of these stories were not my ideas so don't say wow these are sooo good! You can write so well...
Soft Spot | NaeGiri by StreetArtistAkali
Soft Spot | NaeGiriby αкαℓι тнє αѕѕαѕѕιи
For years, The future foundation and its mysterious ways have carved a sense of justice and peace in society. It's greatest member, praised by almost everyone in the tas...
Lavender Hair and Salty Sea Air - Makoto x Kyoko by supremeIeaderkokichi
Lavender Hair and Salty Sea SRiley4 ;)
"Love...isn't exactly a chance I'm used to taking, to say the least..." Kyoko Kirigiri has been long awaiting for her attendance at the world's most brilliant...
Danganronpa chatfic :D by Hirukimadi
Danganronpa chatfic :Dby >///<
:) Members: Makoto Hajime Shuichi Kyoko Chiaki Kaede Byakuya Nagito Sonia Kokichi Himiko Aoi Fuyuhiko Maki Yasuhiro Kazuichi Kaito Toko Tenko Junko Izuru Tsumugi Celes...
Danganronpa SAU (Survivor AU) by 121230bois
Danganronpa SAU (Survivor AU)by 121230bois
Makoto Naegi Kyoko Kirgiri Byakuya Togami Aoi Asahina Yasuhiro Hagakure Toko Fukawa Komaru Naegi Hajime Hinata Izuru Kamakura Akane Owari Kazuichi Soda Sonia Nevermind F...
Naegiri by nahnami
Naegiriby nanami
Hallo!!!I have given up on "A tale from heaven" because I lost inspiration.This fanfiction is inspired by roleplay but has been altered to be fanfiction.I hope...
Passing By ┆❥ NaeGiri by bealuma04
Passing By ┆❥ NaeGiriby Beatriz L.
A field. A guitarist. And thousands of flowers.
Detective and a Killer•[FINISHED] by Danganronpa_Fan17
Detective and a Killer•[FINISHED]by
This isn't entirely original- I haven't read anyone else's but nevermind that- This is just about The Ultimate High School Detective Kyoko Kirigiri and Ultimate Lucky St...
Falling For a Detective (Naegiri) by JoeWeirdo
Falling For a Detective (Naegiri)by Joe
This going to be my first attempt at a Fan Fic, as all the Naegiri ones I have read finished not to my liking. (Nothing against them all, but I wish they didn't end.) So...
Endless Trust -Naegiri Story- by FlynnZee
Endless Trust -Naegiri Story-by FlynnZee
This will be a non despair au. They are going to hopes peak still, with all the THH people in their class. This story will be told from Kyoko's POV I might switch over t...
What happened in the Sauna  by Wildcat_Catra
What happened in the Sauna by Lunar
Kyoko and Makoto in the sauna together alone=The birth of Shuichi Disclaimer- this is just a personal headcannon of mine and for the sake of the story pretend they were...
Poisoned control [Naegiri/Kuzupeko]  by Pengu_11037
Poisoned control [Naegiri/ Pengu_11037
"You know I'll do anything for you, but do you still love me behind the poison?" ~ What if there's a poison that can control a persons mind and actions? What i...
Between The Lines|A Naegiri Story by 11037_stories
Between The Lines|A Naegiri Storyby 11037_stories
I hope my writing can make someone's day like other stories here in wattpad did:)
Together -A Naegiri story-  by RavenFire2023
Together -A Naegiri story- by ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ ᴛᴡᴇᴇᴋ !!
After they escape Hopes Peak Naegi and Kirigiri decide to live together 💜
Trial and Error (Naegiri AU) by liv-and-leigh
Trial and Error (Naegiri AU)by 𝒍𝒊𝒗 & 𝒍𝒆𝒊𝒈𝒉
Kyoko Kirigiri is a famous detective who has gone through many cases. She and Byakuya Togami had been partnered together to solve a case. The case: Makoto Naegi has murd...
Secret Murderer (Naegiri) by Kxt0Ch1
Secret Murderer (Naegiri)by koto/chi
When Kyoko and Makoto get into a bad car accident one day after school, and they seem to have forgotten each other. But no matter how much you forget, you'll never forge...