Every Minute [MyungYeol] by Fany_Lee
Every Minute [MyungYeol]by Fany
[ Solo necesitas diez minutos para volver a comenzar...] °- NOTA IMPORTANTE -° *Esta historia NO me pertenece, todos los derechos le pertenecen a @x48760 a quien le doy...
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Infinite One-Shots by SoJung25
Infinite One-Shotsby MeChoding
This story contains random ships of Infinite members. I will even mix-and-match them around, just to make it more exciting. And also, this is all basically boyxboy relat...
  • woohyun
  • myungyeol
  • kpop
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Yours, Fanboy | Vkook by itslady99
Yours, Fanboy | Vkookby taeggukkaisoo
Jeon Jungkook, a trainee of Bighit Entertainment, has a secret he'd been hiding even before he was a trainee-- he has a huge crush on Kim Taehyung, maknae of the hottest...
  • suga
  • namjin
  • taekook
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Flash Back : Sungyeol Diarys by YeolieWife
Flash Back : Sungyeol Diarysby YeolieWife
Semua ku tuliskan di atas kertas...kertas yang sama yang kau berikan. Sebuah buku yang selalu ku tunggu dalam setiap hari di hari ulang tahunku. ku tulis sama seperti ya...
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Todos en algún momento de nuestras vidas nos hemos preguntado el ¨¿Qué pasaría sí fuera del genero opuesto?" Pues esta pregunta se lo hicieron Myung Soo y Sung Yeo...
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Love Of My Life by LizzieKM
Love Of My Lifeby Lizzziee ~ ❤
Un secreto puede arruinar el amor de dos personas, un secreto que debio permanecer oculto, pero sino salia a luz de igual manera se iba a saber... INIFINITE WOOG...
  • woogyu
  • mijoo
  • infinite
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krivda ; myungyeol by woohyunking
krivda ; myungyeolby NWH♡
Si la mentira tuviese una cara, seguro sería la tuya, Lee Sungyeol.
  • yeolsoo
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INFINITE Brothers (#Wattys2K17) by hannaleeinspirit
INFINITE Brothers (#Wattys2K17)by Hanna
The Kims are one of the most popular and well-known people in INFINITE High School. The brothers are in the same grade so they get to have the same classes together. But...
  • wattys2017
  • woogyu
  • betrayal
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INFINITE One-Shots (#Wattys2K17) by hannaleeinspirit
INFINITE One-Shots (#Wattys2K17)by Hanna
This book is basically a collection of one-shots about almost every ship in INFINITE. What genre you may ask? Well it actually depends and it's also my choice. Some chap...
  • myungjong
  • hogyu
  • drama
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La Luz de Tu Ojos by Mich97Sarang
La Luz de Tu Ojosby Mili
¿Cómo te sentirías si pierdes el mismo día pero de diferente año a dos personas muy valiosas para ti? Portada: Monica Reyes, muchas gracias amiga, esta hermosa <3...
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Based On Picture (Infinite Myungyeol-Woogyu) by arinseup
Based On Picture (Infinite 아린스피릿
one shots made based on pictures Not the real event just pure fiction Sory about the bad english because it's not my mother language (not like i'm fluent with my mother...
  • gyuwoo
  • sooyeol
  • woogyu
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AMOR de dos personas incondicionalmente desde un pasado como lo es la niñez, de esa amistad casi de hermandad se transforma en amor, llevándolos a la perfección, a un am...
  • sungjong
  • amor
  • sunggyu
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Write.. One Shot's by LhynNamu0802
Write.. One Shot'sby LhynNamu
💕WooGyu/ GyuWoo 💕YaDong 💕MyungYeol 💕MyungJong 💕WooSoo 💕YeolJong 💕.....
  • infinite
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Fivever by hannaleeinspirit
Fiveverby Hanna
Kim Sunggyu is the kid who nobody knows. He doesn't really like to socialize. He only has a couple of best friends and that's it. But he likes that. He likes being unno...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • myungyeol
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sealed with a kiss by Ayahime88
sealed with a kissby Percival Lancelot
Sakura wants her ex jealous. Yuuta needs the money. It's a win-win deal. *not mine* i really like the story.. just repost but with slight change.. cuz i want it to be st...
  • r-15
  • yeolmonster
  • shojo
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Woollim (plus) Edition : Our Debut by le3chan
Woollim (plus) Edition : Our Debutby le3chan
In commemoration of Golden Child's debut, mempersembahkan SNS fic spesial edisi Woollim family. INFINITE (w/ Hoya), Lovelyz, Golden Child, Kim Minsuk, JOO, Oh Hyunmin Pa...
  • ohhyunmin
  • goldenchild
  • woollimfamily
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Tom & Jerry  by Sikkiegummy
Tom & Jerry by Sikkiegummy
မင္းေရာ ငါ့လိုပဲ ငါ့ကို ခ်စ္ေနတာလား ငါ့အခ်စ္ေတြကို မင္းျမင္ႏိုင္ေအာင္ျပမယ္ ငါ့ရ႕ဲတစ္ဖတ္သတ္အခ်စ္ကို အဆုံးသတ္ခ်င္ၿပီ ..... Kim Myung Soo (L) အရူး..... ငါခ်စ္ေနတာကို မ...
  • infinite
  • myungyeol
  • namwoohyun
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INFINITE BILGI by sesang0inspirit
INFINITE BILGIby kpop0inspirit_
Hey, çabuk olsana! En önemli bilgileri kaçıracaksın. *SİZİ SEVİYORUM*
  • myunggyu
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I Will Make Your Smile Again ( Full Version ) by irishuu21
I Will Make Your Smile Again ( Wang Yuan Fang
Lee Sungyeol seorang pelajar yang periang, dan pandai.. Dia mempunyai soulmate ataupun belahan jiwa bernama Kim Myungsoo yang muda setahun darinya.. Entah kenapa? Sejak...
  • wattys
  • kpop
  • fanfiction
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Follow Your Heart -R E W R I T E- [COMPLETED] by MapelHann
Follow Your Heart -R E W R I T MPEL.H
Sungyeol Lee, a nerd with goofy smile fall in love with one of 'Prince Charming' of their school, Woolim High School. He literally will do anything to make Myungsoo fall...
  • highschool
  • myungsoo
  • myungyeol
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