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Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || Infinite Myungsoo FF by taehyungsqueen_
Secretly Married To My Ex-Crush || 김태형 ♥
This story is about a girl (Lee Yeonghun) who got secretly married to her long time secret crush (Kim Myungsoo). For some reasons,she was forced to marry him. Yeonghun's...
  • woohyun
  • suho
  • xiumin
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The Bad Boy Is My Bodyguard by wetsehuns
The Bad Boy Is My Bodyguardby byun
Krystal Jung was a quiet, shy yet cheerful girl. Her parents decide that she should face the world outside and meet some friends after staying in home for 17 years, and...
  • kaistal
  • romance
  • krystal
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A Friendship of A Thousand Years? by inhalemyfemaledong
A Friendship of A Thousand Years?by Chitoge-sama
Just like a helicopter, he flew his way into Soojung's heart.
  • infinite
  • myungstal
  • infinitel
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Backstage and Front stage by syan888
Backstage and Front stageby syan888
Krystal, an ordinary girl meets a famous boy group M8. L is one of the famous member in there. She gets to know her favorite author-- Kang Min Hyuk. She will also have a...
  • cnblue
  • suzy
  • krystal
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Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim Myungsoo Fanfic by revolutionaryfandoms
Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim rachel
Kim Myungsoo may seem unfriendly, intimidating, but he is actually a man-child at heart, at the age of 18. He is just an ordinary boy, going to school, eating normally a...
  • kimmyungsoo
  • krystal
  • myungstal
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ⁱⁿ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵐʳ ˢᵘⁿᵍⁱᵗ ⇢ ᴍʏᴜɴɢꜱᴛᴀʟ ✓ by sophiaychanxu
ⁱⁿ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵐʳ ˢᵘⁿᵍⁱᵗ ⇢ ᴍʏᴜɴɢꜱᴛᴀʟ ᶜʰᵃⁿⁿⁱᵉ
[ ᴍʏᴜɴɢꜱᴛᴀʟ ᴀᴜ ] ❝ ... in love na ako sa kanya? ❞ status: completed! written by sophiaychanxu 2016
  • sungit
  • kimmyungsoo
  • kpop
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Don't say Goodbye by chrizzledaulat
Don't say Goodbyeby Harry's Girl
What if even you share love & happy moments together for a couple of years, yet the destiny is the one who is making it's way to make you both leave apart?
  • krissica
  • myungsoo
  • krystaljung
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childhood love - m y u n g s t a l by milliarae
childhood love - m y u n g s t a lby Millia Rae 💋
ONCE EVERY BADBOY NEEDS THEIR GOOD GIRL - NOW IT IS CHILDHOOD LOVE (SLOWLY RE-EDITING) Jung Soojung, YG Academy's nerd. Who wears glasses and is quiet. She secretly sin...
  • nerd
  • kai
  • drama
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A fanboy/fangirl's dream by ayumeyyy
A fanboy/fangirl's dreamby Lalice
Kim Myungsoo is just a normal fanboy of F(x) but he didn't let others know about this except his friends, his bias is Krystal Jung he's really into her but one day there...
  • kpop
  • infinite
  • myungstal
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You Mean A Lot To Me by KpopIsMyLife21
You Mean A Lot To Meby CAR TO THE INA
MyungSoo and SooJung are best friends. One day, MyungSoo needs to move to Fukushima. What will happen to both of them?
  • soojung
  • myungstal
  • kpop
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Complicated by WonderousCurator
Complicatedby Joyah
Jung Soojung was never the most richest girl ever but she was still loved by everyone by her sweet and kind personality. She lived a happy life with her family and her f...
  • romance
  • cnblue
  • krystal
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Dhampire Princess (Korean Fanfiction) by Yuri_Uchiwa
Dhampire Princess (Korean Yuri_Uchiwa
"The winds that were blowing...The blood that was flowing...the wolves that were howling...and the princess that was drowning..." It is the story of a beauti...
  • kpop
  • sehun
  • luhan
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Mr.dream boy meets forever girl by CaTinBlack11
Mr.dream boy meets forever girlby Liana
[dreamboy1] Ito si Celestine Perez isa siya sa mga di na niniwala sa forever. Ngunit may bigla siyang na panaginipan na lalaki kaya naman hinanap niya ito sa school nila...
  • myungstal
  • highschool
  • dreamboy
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Heartful vs Heartless by 5inister5had0w
Heartful vs Heartlessby Doki Doki
What happens when an ordinary girl who enjoys and loves music ends up working for the top band in South Korea? Kehara Sasaki who was Born in Japan and raised in Korea...
  • fanfiction
  • shoujo
  • kpop
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The dazzling you by jessietarek
The dazzling youby Aya Tarek
The words I wanted to say in front of you the words I couldn't say I used to call out to you without a sound I'll take care of you till the end I love you, I miss you
  • kpop
  • krystal
  • romance
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Default Title - Write Your Own by AndreAnnGabayeron9
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Andre Ann Gabayeron
It's about Myungzy and Myungstal Couple <3
  • couple
  • myungstal
  • myungzy
2 Ice Goddess & 2 Prince  by xTheHoodedRebelx
2 Ice Goddess & 2 Prince by xTheHoodedRebelx
2 Ice Goddess 2 Prince 4 Personalities 2 Different Stories With 2 endings Credit: @justtoorandom for the cover
  • fx
  • naeun
  • apink
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Experiencing love by shipper246
Experiencing loveby Park Haeun
Krystal has debuted with her friends as f(x), what would happen if she falls in love with a star that is in the famous group INFINITE?
  • luna
  • infinite
  • victoria
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GRUP CHAT by Talistal
Kumpulan Chat anak famous sekolahan ENt. Bahasa tidak baku, terdapat beberapa kata-kata kasar tolong maklumi.
  • kpopidols
  • sm
  • redvelvet
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