DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au ) by aphroditye
DIVINE BEINGS ( myth. au )by ENA☆彡
❛ in which the gods and goddesses of olympus are teenagers in our modern day world ❜ 2017/18 aphroditye ( modern mythology au ) ( #57 in 'gr...
  • apollo
  • zues
  • persephone
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Irish Mythology and Folklore by TheSilentChatterBox
Irish Mythology and Folkloreby Marquis of Carabas
The great mythological gods of the world. Zeus, Thor, Horus, Finn McCool... Sorry what was that last one? Ancient mythologies were used by the people of their times to e...
  • research
  • mythos
  • legend
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Alpha Academy by ravenklaw
Alpha Academyby ravenklaw
Warning: This is an m/m romance fiction. If a graphic portrayal of two men having sex with each other is not your cup of tea, then hit the exit button. Summary: Daniel...
  • creatures
  • werewolves
  • lgbt
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History - Still Mystery by amanita_verna
History - Still Mysteryby Aady
Shots of unknown stories.. Information by well know archeologist and many sources. Story Edited by Aadyasha Suman Special information for Archeological India..
  • akbar
  • greek
  • indian
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Westwood || a Slenderman mystery by svmmerborn
Westwood || a Slenderman mysteryby cvlt kid
"Let me get this straight: you want to unleash a thousand-year-old faceless horror on the unsuspecting townsfolk?" "Look, he was really nice about it, ok...
  • slenderman
  • woodlands
  • mythos
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Tears of a Fallen Angel by Shard_of_Darkness
Tears of a Fallen Angelby Shard of Darkness
A once innocent child is taken from his home after his parents were accused of treason. He was throw in prison and has spent 10 long years wishing for a better life. Fol...
  • mythos
  • sorcery
  • sad
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Mythallaneous by XMytho-LogicX
Mythallaneousby Mytho-Logic
A miscellaneous series of things connected to my Mytho's story that normal readers wouldn't get to know about. For more information on these please check out my two oth...
  • fantasy
  • mytho-logic
  • legends
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Cup of Coffee (A DPA?Marquette Institute Mythos Short Story) by JoshHilden
Cup of Coffee (A DPA?Marquette Josh Hilden
What ancient evils live beneath the waters of the Great Lakes of North America? During a massive snow storm in a small diner, we get a glimpse of the terror below.
  • horror
  • hildenverse
  • short
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