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Mythic Stories

176 Stories

My Sire Is A Myth  by vampyre_24
My Sire Is A Myth by Vrykólakas
My head snapped to the side as he slapped me forcefully on the cheek. I kept my head down not allowing him to see the hurt in my eyes, or the hurt in my heart, or the pa...
Kyo's Half Demon Diary by kindaKyo
Kyo's Half Demon Diaryby 🖤Kyo🖤
⚠️EVERYTHING STATED HERE IS NONFICTION⚠️ Life as a half demon. To humans: if you don't believe, don't read. You're always acting like you know us mythicals better than...
Return to Atlantis by CharleyV
Return to Atlantisby Charley A Vaz
Thousands of years ago, the great and powerful city of Atlantis existed in all its full glory on Earth. Today, Atlantis is but a historical ghost and the only remnant of...
Adventure Time Insurrection by 2091riveraisrael
Adventure Time Insurrectionby 2091riveraisrael
What would have happened if Finn went Rogue after the events of Red Throne, after being turned down multiple times by Flame Princess, what if he became the villain of Oo...
Supernova by starrylegends
Supernovaby nyxia
❝together they were dangerous like a storm.❞ Fei is a runaway being hunted by the king's men. When silver-eyed, Kota, crashes into her life, Fei begins to have flashback...
Glass by AsheDragon_Warrior
Glassby 👑Cøcøa-Malløw
Fragile Hearts- Book 1 Hala and Fatin's life took a magickal twist the day they met Jakob. Five words change their lives "You are the Glass Twins." That's wha...
My Avian Journal 4 by smol_avian_child
My Avian Journal 4by 🌙💫rei
This is the fourth journal i've made but oh well. Hi, i'm growing wings, oh and, this isn't a book , it's real. also i decided to ditch the "my mythical journey &qu...
The Truth Untold |bts by still_with_you001
The Truth Untold |btsby still_with_you001
In that second, our eyes met for the first time and i swear by the moon I could feel my hear racing between sky and land. My face was hidden behind my mask so i start th...
Let's Begin With Death by _Alpha1_
Let's Begin With Deathby Mohit Sharma
When a Timid little boy sees his entire life falling apart bit by bit, he decides to end his own life. Having nothing or no one left to call family, he attempts suicide...
A Dance in the Moonlight by CheriseGomes18
A Dance in the Moonlightby Cherise Gomes
Growing up with a workaholic father and a runaway mom can't be good for anyone, and those were exactly the cards that Beatrice Braveheart was dealt with. Over the years...
The not-legit stuff I wanted to write ~ Sentinel/Indigo/ShadowSong by Skyhuntress
The not-legit stuff I wanted to wr...by Skyhuntress
Scenes, things and stuff from Sentinel, Indigo and ShadowSong that I wanted to write but aren't actually part of the story and definitely/most likely will never be part...
Scarlet Desires: Last High Blood by EternallyUs
Scarlet Desires: Last High Bloodby Jenny
[EXCERPT] I swerved around and managed to prevent a werewolf from attacking Lincoln's unprotected back in the nick of time. Adrenaline rushed through my v...
Sorcerer's Spring: a Tale from Exia. by WritersOfExia
Sorcerer's Spring: a Tale from Exi...by WritersOfExia
Sorcerer's Spring is the tale of four beginnings: a wounded but powerful boy apprenticed to an outlaw mage struggling to keep old traditions alive; the daughter of a nym...
Scripting & Angel Numbers Journal by 25Wolfneko
Scripting & Angel Numbers Journalby Glitches Feathers
This is going to be a journal filled with scripting and angel numbers. Yes this has to do with my 'm' journal. This is going to have scripting for my powers, wings, and...
Tainted Nightshade by bittereternity
Tainted Nightshadeby raven
❝She was an everlasting flame that had a heart of steel, a soul of pain, and a mind that never forgot.❞
The Ram & The ◯ by WestDakota
The Ram & The ◯by Willow
"You can not outrun destiny. No matter how hard you try. It will always bring you together. All of you."
Pokemon Ranger: Savior by KirariHime94
Pokemon Ranger: Saviorby Kirari Moroboshi
Serena is running. Hiding from a shameful past, a challenge she couldn't take. So she tries her hand at those wonderful Rangers she grew up watching on tv. She travels t...
Stranded on Crystal Island (BoyxBoy) by xera_baba
Stranded on Crystal Island (BoyxBo...by xera_baba
June was on a cruise with his family, but a sudden storm cause them to steer off course. This resulted in them crash landing on a seemingly deserted Island. Though ther...
Sa Aking Pagtulog by NMB08280515
Sa Aking Pagtulogby JayNM
TAKBOO!!!Katrina!!Takboo!! Tulonggg tulungann mo akoo Katrina!
Red Dragons & Pink Blossoms by Xx_SoulFox_xX
Red Dragons & Pink Blossomsby キーラ
A role-play set in ancient Asia, particularly following the countries of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, and Thailand. Though there's a twist. Great magic...