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Mystrade Oneshots by kinglestroodle
Mystrade Oneshotsby lest
A set of Mystrade oneshots all bundled together to make this! Artists: Patatomato Thesonofsatan P-chi HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA (an actual artist, I swear)
Drunk Habits (Mystrade) by Cavallox
Drunk Habits (Mystrade)by Cavallox
What if.. Flirtatious!Mycroft was the one who approach our D.I? Do you want to see Flustered!Greg and Naughty!Mycroft? And both of them? Just read this story!
Late nights, early mornings by Smutandfluff
Late nights, early morningsby Smutandfluff
Greg's burning the candle at both ends after the divorce, will someone step in and help?
Soul to Keep by ATelepathAndAPsycho
Soul to Keepby Rage and Serenity
In a world where you're born with the first name of your soulmate on your wrist, some people spend their whole lives waiting, while others know too many people with the...
Sherlock texts. by moongazer12
Sherlock moongazer12
The crazy things that goes on in their texts. Johnlock, Mystrade, Mormor
Sherlock texts by Smithy_boii
Sherlock textsby Smithy_boii
Texts from characters from bbc Sherlock. Including: - Mystrade - Johnlock - Mycroft and Sherlock (not a ship) - Rosie and family
Finally [Johnlock] by JawnnnnnAndSherly
Finally [Johnlock]by JawnnnnnAndSherly
[Completed] [Five years after the end of Series 4] Life has moved on. Everyone has moved on. Except for two of London's most important people. #2 in johnlock :: may 2019
Breaking the ice {Mystrade} by WholockedEllie
Breaking the ice {Mystrade}by Eleanor Holmes
After the Sherrinford incident, Mycroft finds himself lost, cold and afraid. But mostly bored. Luckily for him, one phonecall from a certain Detective Inspector is abou...
Coping by cumbercatch
Copingby cumbercatch
Sherlock Holmes is learning to cope with recently going blind. He wants badly to attend Wilham's boarding school, and with a little help from his brother, Mycroft, he ma...
Mystrade: Face to Face with the Government  by bbhrupp
Mystrade: Face to Face with the bbhrupp
[Prompt: Mystrade mpreg! but this time Greg is the one that's pregnant. Starts Pre-Mystrade. It's not omegaverse or carriers, instead it's one of Sherlock's "experi...
Consider love - A Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Consider love - A Johnlockby May
Dr. John Watson thirty-four years old got shot in his shoulder during an army training after struggling with a depression. He decided to study Dutch for a new army train...
I Think We Need Counseling by 1bluewriter1
I Think We Need Counselingby I don't understand. Why do I...
John, Sherlock, Jim, Molly, Mycroft and Greg all go to the same group counseling sessions with Kelly Stanford. This is a story of all their "Team Building" exe...
Be mine - A Teenlock/Johnlock by xMaaaayx
Be mine - A Teenlock/Johnlockby May
What happens when Sherlock Holmes a sixteen years old boy gets new neighbours? A Johnlock fanfiction; 2017;
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferencesby Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! In this book, you will find lots of imagines with the various characters from BBC Sherlock. Most imagines are Sherlock x Reader, but you will also find plent...
The Assistant Headmaster (Mystrade Fanfic) by consultingmoonwalker
The Assistant Headmaster ( Clara
"I'm willing to take the risk," Gregory said, sliding his hands up to my shoulders. "The question is," he lowered his voice, "Are you?"
Tall Buildings and Pill Bottles - A Johnlock Story by johnlock_is_otp
Tall Buildings and Pill johnlock_is_otp
TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️- mention of suicide , domestic abuse, eating disorders and self harm. John and Sherlock are working a case when Sherlock gets shot. He is not majorly...
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2 by Just_A_Sherlockian
Sherlock Imagines and Preferences 2by Just_A_Sherlockian
Hi, reader! I'm glad you've stumbled upon my book. You will find plenty of Sherlock x Reader imagines in here, but I also write imagines/preferences with other BBC Sherl...
Sherlock: His Lover Called A [Sherlaide II] by Uilosris
Sherlock: His Lover Called A [ Uilosris
[Semi-Canon] [Highest Rating- #1 in sherlocklovestory] It's Autumn in London and Love is in season for one Consulting Detective and Zoologist. Sherlock Holmes and Adelai...
I am not lonely [Mystrade] by BillySHolmes
I am not lonely [Mystrade]by Harrison Lazarus
Mycroft Holmes is apparently a very happy man. He have an important job, a stable relationship with a Scotland Yard officer since a couple of years and a -slightly annoy...