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Soccer and Swift ✔ by dragonhunterthirteen
Soccer and Swift ✔by Magenta
{not your average cliche} {COMPLETED} Dan Swift Infamously known by many names. 'The swift ' is popularly used, in reference to his amazing talents. A rising football s...
PERSONA 3 RED and BLUE by Cosmos_Null
PERSONA 3 RED and BLUEby Mysterious bystander
RANK 1 MYSTERY RANK 1 PERSONA 3 PORTABLE human curiosity ... it's what brought us to where we are today . Everything mundane in our life could never have existed had t...
He is not that bad (completed) by 2Dreamgirls
He is not that bad (completed)by 2Dreamgirls
It is a manan shot story i hope you all like it and this is. Its little bit thrill and romantic. I know u all will like it as it MaNan ff
Fight For The Throne by dragonhunterthirteen
Fight For The Throneby Magenta
Stories of spies, school, royalty, shoes and stepmothers. Sounds intriguing doesn't it? For a Cinderalla Story retelling. With a bit of a twist even fro the usual remi...
creepy story by kelaboocin
creepy storyby kelabucin
various creepy stories are here to accompany you. be careful. U R not Alone.
Gates of secrets - The Secret Package - book 1 by RubixCube109
Gates of secrets - The Secret Steph
Charlotte Gates is 29 years old, living with her son, Richard who is four years old, In London England. Barely able to afford to have food on her table for her and her s...
Journal of a Thirteen Year-Old Girl by JayEmmy27
Journal of a Thirteen Year-Old Girlby JayEmmy27
Warning: -A bit disgusting -A bit deep -Can be triggering -A lot of cringe -Spirits and ghosts -Spoopy things Hi, my name is JM. This book is not going to be fictional a...
The Alphas Mate by kawwiAshkat25
The Alphas Mateby kawwiAshkat25
"Mine..Mine My Mate, Mine" A Low Growl Escaped His Mouth Hailey's Back Slammed Against the tree as the Coal Furred Wolf, Tears Escaping Her eyes And Fear Taken...
‼️Beyond The Night‼️ by PressTaeTae
‼️Beyond The Night‼️by Prīñçess Tae-Tae
This story is about a formally divorced mother with 5 kids who meets a guy at the bar and they hit it off right away. They got married and thought everything would be pe...
The One They Called Bowie by JuliannaBowie
The One They Called Bowieby JuliannaBowie
17 year old Bowie lived a tragic life full of depressed rock stars, round of alchohol and suicidal whores. Living in the dark alleys of the suburbia and even having mega...
The girl and the beast  by anylu99
The girl and the beast by Andrea
"I heard a loud roar coming from the forest. I had just left the river, since it was starting to get dark. So I decided to walk faster. Then, I felt something creep...
The Ghost of Emily Green by AliceAngel_44
The Ghost of Emily Greenby Twisted Angel
Just a very bad horror story that I wrote. Don't really know where I was going with it but enjoy.
The unsolvable by AlrightyCL3V
The unsolvableby AlrightyCL3V
The world of crime is a scary one, filled with pain and horrors that only few could imagine. The unsolvable follows a group of police and investigators that dive into a...
Traveler's Diary by ratatakyun
Traveler's Diaryby しがみですが
Tales from the man who traveled time to time just for his love ones.
power by JordanJeffrey
powerby Jordan Jeffrey
Maybe lf I tried harder life would be easier I would feel different from my friend no I would be normal in some way My name issue and I have a dark secret yes I'm a wi...
What is he hiding?... by Heyitsmedemi
What is he hiding? Demi
Why would you do this to me? What have i done to you? ; When i met him that day of Summer i never expected him to change my whole life. I never expected him to be who he...
moonlight sparkles by AnyaShears
moonlight sparklesby Anya Shears
When the moonlight hits her, what will happen to her? Can she run away or let her true for take her place?
inner you by crazyjaybunny
inner youby crazyjaybunny
enjoy all the parts