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Mystery INC. • Next Generation  by Hawties
Mystery INC. • Next Generation by Bela
"And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!" When Lydia Dinkley has to move to her moms old home town Coolsville, she is not...
  • fredjones
  • mysteryromance
  • mysterymachine
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UNKNOWN NUMBER by Yumi_Nakashima
This is a story about a girl ( literally me ) who lost her family ( not true, its a non fiction story ) And decided to settle down starting a new life afresh But ended u...
  • crime
  • adventure
  • murdercase
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Astraea by HitomiTheMonokuma
Astraeaby Hitomi Okha
Kiyo, Bella, Marisa and April make up Chrysler College's famous Dream Team. They can problem solve like no one ever knew. Of course, in a team, each person plays a vital...
  • teenfiction
  • detectiveteam
  • mystery-thriller
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Cross the Bridge by yoonjan
Cross the Bridgeby reset
College girls joined the Ghost Hunting Competition which is about capturing a ghost or a demon live by themselves and getting millions of views online. This is a retold...
  • horror
  • agibridge
  • retoldstory
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Kidnapped by Spyintraining
Kidnappedby Spyintraining
A girl, Rose, is not the popular girl. Her life is not the best, but it's better than most. She only has her mom, since her father abandoned them, she's on her own. Her...
  • dream
  • men
  • friends
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Princess Investigator - The Clue in the Diary (Book 1)  by SarahRCubitt13
Princess Investigator - The Clue Sarah R. Cubitt
"There is a long journey between Once Upon a Time... and Happily Ever After" Crown Princess Adeline has been preparing for being The Queen of Cabalona most of...
  • princessschool
  • fatcat
  • princess
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Wanting to be a artist  by KayDeeMcFarland
Wanting to be a artist by KayDee McFarland
This girl Vanessa is an artist, she wants to prove to the world that it's not just paint and bids. It's time, practice, effort, and love. What will Vanessa do to prove t...
  • mysterysolver
  • adventure
  • artist
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Hallowed by forever_star21
Hallowedby Ghosty Hugs!
Note : I did rewrite some stuff so you might have to go check what was changed. 3 years ago, 9 children were locked in the Ravenscar Mansion. 2 went missing, 1 was locke...
  • teenagers
  • mysterysolver
  • serialkillers
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Perfectly Imperfect by __ooopppss__
Perfectly Imperfectby __ooopppss__
As a child Baylee didn't have much other than her parents after losing her dad she try's her best to stay strong and positive, with the help of her best friend of course...
  • opposites
  • mysterious
  • life
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Scooby Doo Next Generation by minervagerner
Scooby Doo Next Generationby Descenvengers FanMixers
This is about the new scooby gang Rachel Blake the sister of Daphne Blake, Franco Jones the brother of Fred Jones, Vivian Dinkley which is the sister of Velma Dinkley wh...
  • velmadinkley
  • scrappydoo
  • fredjones
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Riddle Book by thrillerfan345
Riddle Bookby thrillerfan345
this is where you will find riddles that are hard and challenging so good luck!
  • lol
  • problem
  • hard
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