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between dawn &&. death ━━ busted by KUROLOGY
between dawn &&. death ━━ bustedby ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
i tread between the border of dawn and death, carefully and purposefully, i put my life on the life. ART BY BOSSMONSTERBANI ON TWT FEBRUARY 1ST 2021 BUSTED READER INSERT...
Enemy Turned Love .. 😼❤ by tanayapawar
Enemy Turned Love .. 😼❤by TANAYA.P✔️
Story Of 'MYSTERY' Story Of 'BEING TOGETHER ' Story which teaches what's "LOVE" How planned our destiny could be ! What goes around comes around ? Do you thin...
Set in Stone by phoebeconrey
Set in Stoneby Phoebe Conrey
After Mr and Mrs Hart finally get to see their daughter Ophelia again, they make the decision to get Ophelia help in the form of counselling. Much to Benedicts's horror...
Come Find Me by Marieeee777
Come Find Meby Marieeee777
Juliet Jackson moves to Manski, England with her father after the sudden death of her mother. They move into a vast mansion by a mysterious town. Read as Juliet finds ou...
well done the naughtiest girl by wwwhattever
well done the naughtiest girlby wwwhattever
Elizabeth is desperate to play the piano at the end of the school concert, but only one student can be chosen. her rival Arabella is very good so Elizabeth spends every...
Walk in the hall by AnnieG190
Walk in the hallby Annie
It is a haunted house with a hall that can talk to the girl, Her mother died by whatever was in that horrible mystery house. Emma was scared she was next
Sweet Masterpiece - The First Samantha Sweet Mystery by authorconnieshelton
Sweet Masterpiece - The First Connie Shelton
USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton introduces her most delightful cozy mystery series yet-with a little romance, a little magic and a lot of chocolate! When sh...
The Worst Is Yet To Come by mustbemel
The Worst Is Yet To Comeby mɛl 🐉
Follow Athena, a young black girl and recovering drug addict, as she navigates themes of truth, freedom, justice, acceptance, and... A murder case?
Chris and John by Airportrun
Chris and Johnby Airportrun
Two Siamese Cats Solve a Murder Case
Bloody Jaidyn by justmeteteallday
Bloody Jaidynby justmeteteallday
living life in scarred
Boy in the Drain by daniel_bastion
Boy in the Drainby Daniel Bastion
A short story. An exhausted mother comes home to find her son playing by the street drain again. His explanation is too much to believe.
Captured by i_am_no_one_27
Capturedby i_am_no_one_27
I will kill them both. How dare them be happy while I am suffering here alone? I'll revenge myself. Alone. It's what I'm used to, right? I can do it and I will. Rain bef...
Grace Lincoln: Love and Murder by lostduchess
Grace Lincoln: Love and Murderby lostduchess
Seventeen-year-old Grace Lincoln moves to Lake Hope, Wisconsin from San Diego, California. Grace's time in a small town is not all sunshine and rainbows though. She meet...
Summer Secret by LunarEclipseWriting
Summer Secretby Luna
Five kids, one life changing carnival. Murderer game players and terrifying nights, all leads to what exactly? Romance? Death? Abuse? Nobody knows exactly what happened...
Crimson by RebelBlair
Crimsonby RebelBlair
Lara Teller had it all until the day she died, or so it seemed. What if everything wasn't as it appeared? Who really knows what goes on beneath the surface?
Taken From The Nest by matcha_wafer
Taken From The Nestby ♔𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐲𝐂𝐚𝐤𝐞♔
Abigail Davis is a widowed mother and a newspaper writer trying to fit into the small town of Lynchburg with her daughter, Isla. *** Her whole life the area was crime-f...
The Author by Frenchiestbread
The Authorby Catherine Grace
As I looked closer, I realized each picture was empty. Pictures of corners of rooms, locations, and plain blank colors. Each setting was void of people except for one or...
Masked Ally by oviereya5
Masked Allyby oviereya5
The story of a supposed orphan who finds herself paying for a crime she didn't commit and struggles to come to terms with her unfortunate reality as secrets surrounding...
Dragon's Den🐉(DDen) by mira_anamae
Dragon's Den🐉(DDen)by Mira ANAMAE💜🦆🦅
After the death of two museum watchmen, Ross Hart and his team of detectives embark on an adventure to find and defeat a rising evil that threatens London, and the world...
Cloverwood School for Supernaturals (Book One) #Wattys2016 by SunlightTurtle5
Cloverwood School for Ze Awesomest Turtle
Cloverwood School. A normal school with normal kids and normal teachers and normal classes. HAHAHAH!!! Yah right. And then there's the rebellion *sigh*. Fun right? Not a...