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twisted  by sunshineyujin
twisted by art
❝it wasn't me!❞ izone interactive au [ izone mystery ff ; english ]
  • nako
  • sakura
  • hitomi
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Mnasthai by kissmyredlips
Mnasthaiby Anya
I have to remember... Before it's too late.
  • murder
  • remember
  • mystery
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My Star [Idol Fantasy #1] by melooWP
My Star [Idol Fantasy #1]by melo
"I thought having you was one of the greatest accomplishment I ever had, but I was wrong " - Trianna Marie Agonsales Trianna Marie was adopted by an old rich...
  • arranged
  • mystery
  • broken
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Deadly Desire by deepika34nigm
Deadly Desireby Mini monster
Peep inside to know
  • mystery
  • manik
  • nandini
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S.M.|| Bad Reputation - Shawn Mendes Fanfiction by ShawnsGirl8
S.M.|| Bad Reputation - Shawn MrsMendes
Ihre Vergangenheit ist unbekannt. Ihre Zukunft unsicher und ihr Leben die Hölle. Ihr Ruf ist nicht gerade der Beste. Doch zum Glück beschließt der Neue hinter die Fas...
  • vergangenheit
  • romantik
  • trauer
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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady by VictoriaMikealson
The Evil Prince and his Precious HyacinthInTheSnow
A story of time-travel. Sly and cunning, she unexpectedly became a sickly noble lady whose fiancé is merciless and demotes her to a lowly concubine. She sneers and brave...
  • wuxia
  • shouj
  • clevr
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TANGLED LOVE💘 by DripingMascara
TANGLED LOVE💘by DripingMascara_
Shen Yue entered into Dylan's world with no memories of her past. She was like a blank canvas on which anyone could paint anything. Even though initially they didn't get...
  • meteorgarden
  • dyshen
  • yue
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Hello, Mr. Major General by Jen990407
Hello, Mr. Major Generalby Jen
Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her. His eyes were dark and serious. "...Seduce me. If you can do it, I'...
  • drama
  • mystery
  • mature
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RED by lil_meow007
REDby lil_meow007
Living a normal life was all she could think about.Contemplating her studies,getting a job that's it.But her whole life changed in one swift move. Will she survive in a...
  • mafiasu
  • btsfanfic
  • bts
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Deeper Than Love by MiraHarlson
Deeper Than Loveby Ugomma
"And why would I dance with you?" I asked, slurring my words. I could no longer keep my feet on the ground and I was getting so close to paralysis. I turned...
  • secrets
  • damien
  • love
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Short Stories by Made1ineHatter
Short Storiesby Made1ineHatter
A collection of short stories that once had their own places on my page...(now kept here to save room and make navigation easier) aka where some of my deleted stories co...
  • police
  • short
  • story
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Bepannaah: A Love Story by theadiyatales
Bepannaah: A Love Storyby TheAdiyaTales
Aditya and Zoya meet and fall in love with each other in an unknown city. But their love is at stake when their parents fixes their marriage. With lots of drama, villia...
  • mystery
  • hate
  • jenniferwinget
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Withering Flames | Command Roleplay Game by SilverStarCat
Withering Flames | Command Dying Slowly
This is a command, roleplay. It will continue almost endlessly like a command game. But there's a twist. Every so often a cat will mysteriously get murdered. There will...
  • death
  • withering
  • game
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Journaling (A Quigley x Reader) by AnimeKurdyla369
Journaling (A Quigley x Reader)by AnimeKurdyla369
Read the title... Oh and please don't judge because this is literally my first book to be published. Please and thank you.
  • mystery
  • quagmire
  • asoue
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"I'm wanted for murder, killing and homicides." "You're none of those things and you know it." "You're right. I don't belong here. I'm not like...
  • benjaminwadsworth
  • marcus
  • killing
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If the Deep Sea Forgets You by Jen990407
If the Deep Sea Forgets Youby Jen
When Xia Qingyi wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without any memories of her past, what else can she do other than to approach the person who had saved her? Ente...
  • modern
  • mystery
Me & My Brothers by MakhilaBurns
Me & My Brothersby Makhila Burns
Book 2
  • mystery
  • romance
  • blackcouple
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Treasure by Part2Wolf
Treasureby Part2Wolf
Treasure feels like trash. Abandoned as a baby, diagnosed as mentally ill, isolated and alone. The truth of who she is will change her life, and the lives of everyone ar...
  • werewolf
  • thriller
  • mating
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An Answer for Your Prayer(creepypasta x reader) by shadowdemon416
An Answer for Your Prayer( shadow~chan
Stress and anger are booming wildly in Slendermans mansion. a war that has been going on for years might come to its end and the winner is unknown. Because of this, each...
  • hearttouching
  • readerxcreepypasta
  • thriller
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A Beautiful Mission ( FS by HaDie on SwaSan and ArDeep )  by AngelGoldieReal
A Beautiful Mission ( FS by Angel Goldie
Cover by @SamairaRajput Love is a beautiful emotion, isn't it? But what if we fall in love with someone, completing a Beautiful Mission? Yes Mission ! The mission which...
  • shortstory
  • romance
  • fiveshots
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