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Crescent High by GGbear09
Crescent Highby GGbear
When Feonyx Tay gets accepted into Crescent High, a school for sorcerers, she gets informed that a member of the shadowy League of Death has infiltrated the school. She...
Love in Kyiv by AnatoliyK05
Love in Kyivby Anatoliy K.
Avery is finishing her last two years of high school at a French school in Kyiv, Ukraine. She starts to meet friends and get feelings for a girl, but everything changes...
Where am I? Who am I? I don't know but I must do something. I feel that Something is waitin--##$½£$$½... I lost my memories. Everything in my mind is blurry but one thin...
THE DARKEST NIGHTby Sandralalabels
Lumi will try to escape her darkest past. Along the way, she'll meet people who will break the light in her heart. How far can love go to change everything? How far can...
Russian Roulette (Helena Hawthorn Series #1) by MayFreighter
Russian Roulette (Helena May Freighter
SAMPLE ONLY *Award winning novel* *Featured in Vampire from Aug 2015 - Aug 2017.* "I couldn't put it down! Every chapter left me wanting more!" - Readers' Fav...
The Man of Many Hats by ErichW
The Man of Many Hatsby ErichW
After detective Casey Hunt's biggest case leaves his mind in pieces, he is now a prisoner inside his head, while 7 hats (alters) are now in control of his mind. They eve...
Call It What You Want (daily updates) by dustychalks
Call It What You Want (daily Jhalak
A pick your own genre / ending story. Choose between a sweet ChickLit love story or a Thriller Romance. When a grumpy billionaire fake dates a sunshine barista to unders...
Northgate Academy  by erytheiawaves
Northgate Academy by Ayr Azure
Deia Vallerie Venezia is a girl who always wants to watch a fight on her own way. She can control anyone's mind. She has the power in everything. Until one day, an acade...
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE) by Wongleets
The puppeteer of the elites (CoTE)by Leeetttss
The white room. A hellhole that takes in children and churns out perfections of the human society. Ayanokoji is the perfect human specimen, but he's one of two of them...
Empty eye's  by BAD-Karma_
Empty eye's by Alivia_was_here
George, a normal kid living a normal life. Suddenly finds himself in a group home. As he lives there he finds dark secrets, broken hearts, and death. Will he be able to...
The World Before Us by MyAliferous
The World Before Usby Alifer
Finding the exit in a dark world seems to be so difficult for August Mauve Dela Vega. When she thought that it was her trauma, regrets, and guilt that chains her from mo...
All I Need is Her by AnnetteMShelton
All I Need is Herby Annette M Shelton
A twenty-year-old woman, unaware of her unique magical prowess, must escape deceivers and realize her true identity to find her long-lost mom.
True vs. Turned by SheyberryPie
True vs. Turnedby Rainbowbubbles🌈
The fate of the world rests in the hands of dumb high school students... who just happen to be supernaturals; (but they're bad at it) ~ Andrew leaves his home in the isl...
Mystique of the candour  by moonyygirlz
Mystique of the candour by Ava and Eve
Ash, he had horrible past life, he was abandoned and adopted by horrible people, but then he left that behind at 18 and became a popular instantly cuz of his good acting...
Chasing Redemption (Book 2 of Chasing Series) by Madzalalor
Chasing Redemption (Book 2 of 𝕞 𝕒 𝕕 𝕚
SEQUEL TO 'CHASING INNOCENCE'. It's been a year since the events that changed Rhea's life forever. Now, she's finally trying to move forward. But when she's drawn back...
The Missing Girl  by Nikki_1022
The Missing Girl by Nikki_1022
Sally, a 14 year old girl, just moved to Strothwell with her family.A few years ago her mother was diagnosed with cancer, so they moved to Strothwell for a new start.Sal...
ONE SHOT STORY ( COMPLETED/Under Revision) by artatesleslie
ONE SHOT STORY ( COMPLETED/Under artatesleslie
Starting: August 15,2021 Note : First of all , tenchuuu for supporting this story of mine ! ! DISCLAIMER ! This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, bus...
Mystery Around Me 2 by Nandhinimurugesh0
Mystery Around Me 2by Nandhini murugesh
continuation of mystery around me....1-194 chapters in previous book..... now it's continuation from 195.... same characters... i dont know that Wattpad allow only 200...
COTE: Last Elite Standing by SadisticPaimon
COTE: Last Elite Standingby Writer~Paimon♡
4 classes are pitted against each other in a life or death situation! And while most students are winning to survive these three years of hell There are a few students w...
life  by WillowPfeffer
life by Willow Pfeffer
you will be reading a persons life, they could be fictional or not. at the last chapter, day 365, i will be revealing who the person is:)