The Happy Face Killer by WhispersConfusions
The Happy Face Killerby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK ONE OF THE BO AUSTEN-TAYLOR SERIES} Synopsis coming soon! Highest Rank: #12 in Mystery/Thriller on 3/18/2018
  • killer
  • bloodspatter
  • detective
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Feelings and friendship by melodymo0n
Feelings and friendshipby melodymo0n
A mind twisting story about an obsessive friendship, a horrifying family history and its influence on the present.
  • thriller
  • stalker
  • romance
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+ Liar 2 + by BaekHuTae
+ Liar 2 +by BaekHuTae
[Park Jimin] Үнэн заримдаа худлаас илүү өвтгөдөг болохоор чи худал үгээр намайг тайтгаруулдаг байх. +Liar+ өгүүллэгийн дараагийн бүлэг болно. Өмнөхтэйгөө шууд холбоотой...
  • bts
  • jimin
  • mongolia
The Murder Club by TheInsanityWriter
The Murder Clubby TheInsanityWriter
Mavis Crowford the outcast; Sebastian Payne the sociopath; Violet Hart the perfect sweetheart; Joseph Ford the sports enthusiast; and Eli Henderson the rich boy. They al...
  • sickhumor
  • teens
  • teenfiction
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Pedo:Vhope by sadmuseum
Pedo:Vhopeby sadmuseum
❝Do as I say and you'd be fine.❞ [] [Ongoing] ⇢19th March 2018⇠ Highest rank #65 in mystery/thriller 〈180323〉 ©sadmuseum 2018
  • jhope
  • yoongi
  • bts
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Prom Night  by Love_Jas
Prom Night by Love_Jas
After accepting a job as a nanny, Ella decides to quit and focus on her last year of high school. When she ended her job, she ended the affair she had with her boss who...
  • heartbreak
  • high
  • mystery
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What Have I Done? by RubySpade
What Have I Done?by RubySpade
Jason Maxwell- a high school student that seems to be the odd one out. He keeps to himself though it had been a problem of the past. Most people have a fascination with...
  • suspense
  • death
  • killer
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The Devil's Hell University by RoselynBanlasan
The Devil's Hell Universityby RoselynBanlasan
"Paano kung mawalan kana ng pag-asang makita mo ang iyong tunay na pag-ibig, magmamahal sayo?" "Paano kung dadating ang panahon na halos sunod-sunod ang m...
  • university
  • hell
  • supreme10
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Amor Tácito by lieselotds
Amor Tácitoby lieselotds
Helena West, a well-known name in the world of gangs. The daughter of the king and queen of it all. A world so toxic and deceiving. Where the one gang has only one targe...
  • lies
  • romance
  • abuse
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DEACTIVATE ✔ by lovelymisszap
DEACTIVATE ✔by lovelymisszap
•LovePad: Dating App• SUCESSFULLY INSTALLED!! Ready to have some fun, Player?? YES | No •BTW thank you @venirosee for the story cover!! •HIGHES...
  • jennie
  • deactivate
  • jungkook
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No Such Thing As Luck by Hunter_Aki
No Such Thing As Luckby Hunter_Aki
Luck... It's a silly thing really. Though many believed in it, doesn't make it true... One normal afternoon for many, 23 daring teens, of all races, religions, backgroun...
  • murdermystery
  • thrill
  • creepy
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UNSIGHTED by lukreshanataly
UNSIGHTEDby lukreshanataly
As he walked along the hallway he bumped on to a girl with frizzly hair, bending down to pick the fallen books "am so sorry its all my fault(standing up),,,here you...
  • fayeenjonjo
  • isabella
  • isabellaswan
Had I known  by Aseeyaaleeyu
Had I known by Aseeyaaleeyu
A story of a stepmom that loved the children but eventually tore the family apart, how? Follow as I tell you the story....
  • kahdija
The Unfaithful Wife by dewmara
The Unfaithful Wifeby dewmara
Lima belas tahun setelah pernikahanku yang hambar, kehidupanku tidak pernah lepas dari para "Kadal Terhormat", begitulah aku menyebut mereka. Pria-pria pemuas...
  • mature
  • pengkhianatan
  • perselingkuhan
The Bride by dacchi_dayu
The Brideby dacchi_dayu
"What am I wearing? Who are you? Where am I?" "Master choose you to be his bride" "Are you crazy??? I'm a guy!" "You are the CHOSEN ON...
  • krist
  • singto
  • kongart
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Falling in love with you is a crime - Mystery x Alfred by Sinner_Trash
Falling in love with you is a Sinner_Trash
It contains: Fluff/Lemon/Smut/Rape/Se- (cough, ok enough with examples) and really really bad stuff, so if you don't like a ff like that,it'll be good for you to don't r...
  • sinner
  • mystery
  • mysteryxalfred
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Kenzo Tanaka, arguto e dissacrante investigatore privato della P.B.I., è il protagonista di due romanzi ambientati in Giappone. Qui mostro la prima parte delle sue indag...
  • indagine
  • giappone
  • lightnovel
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The disappearance of [)35P4!R by littledespairgirl
The disappearance of [)35P4!Rby littledespairgirl
"15 years...."she whispered,yet i could still hear her.She then looked at me,before yelling"15 F**KING YEARS!!"I then flinched at her loud,booming vo...
  • humor
  • drama
  • undertale
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