Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby KittyKash92
[Brand New Thriller/ Romance Novel] Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence. The doctors and the nurses are aware...
  • scary
  • billionaire
  • romance
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The Sinister // Beyblade Burst by Splendid_Grace
The Sinister // Beyblade Burstby Splendid_Grace
"Hey Guys! I found this new game."Valt said, sending a link to this new game he found on the web. "What's that?"Wakiya asked, clicking the link that...
  • beyblade
  • rantaro
  • shu
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Danganronpa V3 Lab AU Roleplay {CLOSED!} by Magical_Himiko_
Danganronpa V3 Lab AU Roleplay {CL...by Magical_Himiko_
Welcome to the zoo, where you can find all our experiments. Of course, you can only see the 79th class for reasons. Have fun seeing them suffer! Upupupu~
  • danganronpav3labau
  • roleplay
『AF』 AGENT HUNT  by YukikoJoo
『AF』 AGENT HUNT by YukikoJoo
〈 CLOSED 〉 「DISEBABKAN WATTPAD SEMUA BUKU AF AKU HILANG」 ❝ Join us or die ❞ ❝ Tch, f*ckyou!❞ 【start | 110218】 【end | 000000】
  • girls
  • agent
  • boys
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Abby  by MiguelRenteria1
Abby by MiguelRenteria1
A dark haunting past comes back to haunt Abby Crothers Abby tries to forget her past lover Don't forget to leave reviews if you liked the story I Would greatly appreci...
  • mystery-thriller
  • scary
  • love
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Casper  by -hurricanely
Casper by -hurricanely
"Not all prince's become kings" When people have everything and more, it's hard to adapt when they lose all they ever knew. Just like Casper Riggins did. Har...
  • thriller
  • action
  • murder
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Neglected Reader X Female Creepypasta  by AgentKansas632
Neglected Reader X Female Creepypa...by AgentKansas632
You're a child that is abused and neglected by your family. Having enough, you run away and into Slenderwoman's forest where you meet a new family
  • slenderwoman
  • love
  • girls
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ملامح مزيفة by larasafi123
ملامح مزيفةby larasafi123
هل ياتي احد يوقظها من سبات الانتقام والكره مظلومة من غير ذنب لاتحدث احد عن ماضيها لكي لا يسلبه احد كنقطة ضعف
  • حب
  • انتقام
  • حزن
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Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin by -BlackLady-
Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twinby -BlackLady-
A creepy boarding school at midnight. A secret diary. A terrifying teacher. A spine-tingling mystery must be solved. _________________________________________ When shy...
  • twins
  • teenfiction
  • adventure
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A Sting in the Tale by IndranilM
A Sting in the Taleby IndranilM
You should never take things for granted. Or, could you risk it? Should you? A person's motive, the innermost desires may not be what you think them to be. A quiet eveni...
  • intrigue
  • murder
  • mystery
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Outside the Box by Sarahisnototaku
Outside the Boxby Sarahisnototaku
This is about a girl. She's been kidnapped and has her memory erased. She has to escape puzzles that are very difficult. But maybe she may have to find out something els...
  • challenge
  • mystery
  • puzzle
RUMORED by djstoryz
RUMOREDby djstoryz
❝Your easily rumored.❞ • ❝Excuse me?❞ Will a boy with asthma fall for an easily rumored girl?🍃 Highest Rank: [ 226 Mystery / Thriller ]
  • billdenbrough
  • benhanscom
  • eddiekaspbrak
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Dead Leaves by ChynahG
Dead Leavesby ChynahG
Autumns so beautiful yet everything's dying. The most beautiful places tend to be the resigning place for the worst things.
  • thriller
  • killer
  • mysterious
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The Krew Mysteries by QUEEN_MEL15
The Krew Mysteriesby QUEEN_MEL15
The characters from ItsFunneh YHS series come to life like Alec, Kyran, Evan, Senpai, Yandere, Felisha, and Brittney. Funneh wonders how they came and when they go to th...
  • funny
  • yhs
  • skyvan
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Noir Shadows by BlueBelle16
Noir Shadowsby BlueBelle16
In 1776 Adrien Agreste had a nearly perfect life. He had just inherited his family's wealthy fabric business along with a glorious mansion and was about to marry the lov...
  • noir
  • ladybug
  • monster
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Eu Faço o Meu Destino by Yarinha24
Eu Faço o Meu Destinoby Yarinha24
Helena era uma garota muito feliz com seus pais é sua irmãzinha Sofia no Estados Unidos, mas até que um dia os pais dela se separaram é a mãe dela levou sua irmã para Lo...
  • mistério
  • suspense
Ghost In Love by purescent_
Ghost In Loveby purescent_
Highest ranking : #504 in Mystery/Thriller Shhh! Can you keep a secret? Because I am going to tell you who killed him. If anyone else know about it, you're next little g...
  • ghost
  • spirit
  • romance
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⊶⊶⊶✞Brother✞⊷⊷⊷ [bts] by LittleMinMin_
⊶⊶⊶✞Brother✞⊷⊷⊷ [bts]by LittleMinMin_
When friends are close, so close they call each other brother. These seven brothers lost one of their family members and these seven brothers became six. With a tragic e...
  • btsv
  • btsrapmonster
  • sad
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