The Sinister // Beyblade Burst by Splendid_Grace
The Sinister // Beyblade Burstby Splendid_Grace
"Hey Guys! I found this new game."Valt said, sending a link to this new game he found on the web. "What's that?"Wakiya asked, clicking the link that...
  • shu
  • beybladeburst
  • ken
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Jack In The Box by KittyKash92
Jack In The Boxby KittyKash92
[Brand New Thriller/ Romance Novel] Jackson Wolfe is WoodVille Asylum's most notorious patient with a history of atrocious violence. The doctors and the nurses are aware...
  • asylum
  • romance
  • murders
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Danganronpa V3 Lab AU Roleplay {CLOSED!} by Magical_Himiko_
Danganronpa V3 Lab AU Roleplay { Magical_Himiko_
Welcome to the zoo, where you can find all our experiments. Of course, you can only see the 79th class for reasons. Have fun seeing them suffer! Upupupu~
  • danganronpav3labau
  • roleplay
❝Welcome to the losers club, wallflower.❞ Highest Rank: [ 77 Mystery / Thriller ]
  • beverlymarsh
  • beverly
  • richietozier
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Casper  by -hurricanely
Casper by -hurricanely
"Not all prince's become kings" When people have everything and more, it's hard to adapt when they lose all they ever knew. Just like Casper Riggins did. Har...
  • action
  • murder
  • thriller
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Neglected Reader X Female Creepypasta  by AgentKansas632
Neglected Reader X Female AgentKansas632
You're a child that is abused and neglected by your family. Having enough, you run away and into Slenderwoman's forest where you meet a new family
  • neglected
  • girls
  • love
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Outside the Box by Sarahisnototaku
Outside the Boxby Sarahisnototaku
This is about a girl. She's been kidnapped and has her memory erased. She has to escape puzzles that are very difficult. But maybe she may have to find out something els...
  • challenge
  • mystery
  • puzzle
Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twin by -BlackLady-
Scarlet and Ivy: The Lost Twinby -BlackLady-
A creepy boarding school at midnight. A secret diary. A terrifying teacher. A spine-tingling mystery must be solved. _________________________________________ When shy...
  • novel
  • thrill
  • twins
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Shadow of doubt by marisabela_23
Shadow of doubtby marisabela_23
Mathias a detective, has been placed on the case of ' the phantom killer'. His fiancé starts acting stranger and stranger by the day. But he can't figure out why. He has...
  • mystery
  • supernatural
  • crime
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Party of the Nefelibata by GameTrick
Party of the Nefelibataby GameTrick
Kayla es una chica sumamente soñadora en un mundo que persistentemente es algo cruel con ella. Tiene amigos, o eso dice ella, para mi que ella solo juega con su imaginac...
  • obsesión
  • sans
  • niñonuevo
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Ashes by pratz_cute
Ashesby pratz_cute
Jenny,a young woman,finishes high school and joins Grapevine University of Creative Writing.She befriends a group of three young lads,Harry,Eddy,Richard and they simply...
  • mystical
  • unravel
  • horror
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Unsuspected  by cupheadisamazing
Unsuspected by cupheadisamazing
This takes place three year after the monster's got out of the underground and frisk is walking to school with sans but firsk nearly got run over but was push out the wa...
  • toriel
  • mystery
  • undertale
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Justice Aspirants by freeze-Zie
Justice Aspirantsby freeze-Zie
How do you describe justice? How is it served? How is it attained? Is it seeing the criminals suffer? Is it seeing them die slowly? What really is justice? A feeling of...
  • incubus
  • justice
  • action
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RUMORED by djstoryzz
RUMOREDby djstoryzz
❝Your easily rumored.❞ • ❝Excuse me?❞ Will a boy with asthma fall for an easily rumored girl?🍃 Highest Rank: [ 226 Mystery / Thriller ]
  • bill
  • losersclub
  • benhanscom
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Eu Faço o Meu Destino by Yarinha24
Eu Faço o Meu Destinoby Yarinha24
Helena era uma garota muito feliz com seus pais é sua irmãzinha Sofia no Estados Unidos, mas até que um dia os pais dela se separaram é a mãe dela levou sua irmã para Lo...
  • mistério
  • suspense
ملامح مزيفة by larasafi123
ملامح مزيفةby larasafi123
هل ياتي احد يوقظها من سبات الانتقام والكره مظلومة من غير ذنب لاتحدث احد عن ماضيها لكي لا يسلبه احد كنقطة ضعف
  • غموض
  • اثارة
  • حزن
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The Murderer of Aarav Singh Raizada by AchuArchana
The Murderer of Aarav Singh Raizadaby AchuArchana
3 days passed the brutal murder of 17 year old Aarav Singh Raizada and his father Arnav Singh Raizada receives a letter! Not just a letter - a letter from his son's murd...
  • arnav
  • crime
  • family
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amy rose: light in darkness by melimartinez30
amy rose: light in darknessby melimartinez30
a veces el corazón mas puro es lo que atrae la maldad. La sonrisa mas hermosa es la que mas lastima. La persona mas bondadosa es el mas cruel. La persona mas débil es el...
  • embarazo
  • demonios
  • sonamy
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