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When I Be The One by aesyulli_bwi
When I Be The Oneby aesyulli_bwi
Book 2 of (When I Kiss A Gangster) Sapphire Joy Wale. Isang babaeng hindi mo aakalain na ganoon pala ang pagkatao at estado sa buhay. Mahirap kilalanin ngunit marunong n...
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A small September Affair by salmahaddara
A small September Affairby salmahaddara
A beautiful girl who has everything. Charming, playful, "too cheerful to fall in love". A sudden car accident makes her heart stops for a few minutes. When sh...
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The Dreadful Deed by cosmiclattexo
The Dreadful Deedby chls
There was only IRENE who is investigating on her own when the killings started until her ex-boyfriend-KLAUDIUS, teamed up with her to solve cases together. But their wor...
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Survive the Night by rdrgzlrcthrn
Survive the Nightby rdrgzlrcthrn
Having no idea where they were really going, a group of friends went on an adventure in Japan. They planned on hiking but ended up being lost in the woods and had their...
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Thousand Years (Season 1) Completed by DrishyaSm
Thousand Years (Season 1) Completedby Drishya Joshi
Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together....Some love stories are left incomplete There will be 3 Seasons of this story #stele...
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SUPREME FORCE 5 by hiphip22
SUPREME FORCE 5by jimin__lover!!!!!!! #simon i...
Diana Everglow set to fight evil villains with her mates . she has to face a lot of hindrance to find whats hidden in the den of mystery when she and her friends recei...
Montrose by TiffanyDaune
Montroseby Tiffany Daune
What could be worse than tutoring your ex? Committing a crime with him. First year of university should have been epic. But when her dad was arrested and her mom drove...
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Curious Idle Shadows by K-Heartless
Curious Idle Shadowsby writers_block
A mysterious phone is delivered to Delta Cho's apartment. An unknown user informs her that she has been selected to become a replacement of a member from a hacker compan...
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The stranger's note by clstra14
The stranger's noteby celestraaaaa
A week after Zoe's best friend Amy goes missing DCI Tailor takes on the case, but little does he know Zoe is also investigating for herself. Then a mysterious piece of p...
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The Shadow Like Me || Taehyung FF by angxel_bxtches
The Shadow Like Me || Taehyung FFby ❥𝐵𝑎𝑏𝑦.𝐺𝑖𝑟𝑙𝑥
'I will always be your moon.' My name is July, short for Park Joo Li. I am a deaf high schooler with weird nightmares, and this.. .. . This is my story. July, a high sc...
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❝I know it's uncommon for a 17 year old Junior in high school to not have had their first kiss before, but I believe that things like that should be special. Call me an...
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BROKEN: The Tears Of Blade by ChiarraV
BROKEN: The Tears Of Bladeby Chiarra
Isn't it sad when you get Hurt so much, you can finally say I'm used to it. One day your name didn't make me smile anymore, I'm not mad Just Broken There's difference.
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A Most Wicked Game (A Harlequin City Novella) by OnDauntlessWings
A Most Wicked Game (A Harlequin Lisa Fleming
Tock Tick, Tick Tock. When The Rabbit Calls, Watch. The. Clock. When Paedar Rabbitt, a local gallery owner approaches Magnolia Malone with a simple request, locate and r...
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Obscure Existence  by treedim
Obscure Existence by treedim
Jamie Thatcher and her friends are just local kids in an infamous small town, Crystal Myth. All was well in summer break until they stumbled onto a dark secret. One loca...
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Predators by szatansbaby
Predatorsby Ally
Broken people reside in broken homes. And this was my home. Until I started realizing weird coincidences that kept taking from us the people we loved the most. Our famil...
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Lüç¥ Dëvil by jevaughnErvin
Lüç¥ Dëvilby jevaughnErvin
Am dark, devious and dread!! thats Lucy Styles , a 17 year old American girl that has the mind of a demon , Lucy learns that being a prankster and a so called bad girl l...
The Murder by Badger00001
The Murderby Badger00001
Short furry story about a detective (typical stuff). Note: The flashback scene is pretty dark so (be warned)
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MAFIA x MAFIA  by cuddlebug0104
MAFIA x MAFIA by Anisha Sawardekar
JUNG Y/N and JEON JUNGKOOK "hands up mr.jeon you are over" "oh my killer is here"said he "why not you show me your face before you die"mr...
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All Because Of A Sketchpad by brandnewfilter
All Because Of A Sketchpadby brandnewfilter
School 2017 fanfiction (half-based). Jisun is innocent but daring student who gets blamed for breaking the window in the Staff Room but the actual perpetrator is a myste...
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Where's Ronnie Anne by OssaiCj1
Where's Ronnie Anneby OssaiCj1
She's taken on her stroller for some fresh air and the cool view,however,a nearby couple has other plans for them
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