The Happy Face Killer by WhispersConfusions
The Happy Face Killerby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK ONE OF THE BO AUSTEN-TAYLOR SERIES} Synopsis coming soon! Highest Rank: #12 in Mystery/Thriller on 3/18/2018
  • analysis
  • mafia
  • jensentaylor
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Feelings and friendship by melodymo0n
Feelings and friendshipby melodymo0n
A mind twisting story about an obsessive friendship, a horrifying family history and its influence on the present.
  • thriller
  • killer
  • romance
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The disappearance of [)35P4!R by littledespairgirl
The disappearance of [)35P4!Rby littledespairgirl
"15 years...."she whispered,yet i could still hear her.She then looked at me,before yelling"15 F**KING YEARS!!"I then flinched at her loud,booming vo...
  • sherlockholmes
  • detective
  • cuphead
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Wish You Were Here by ElleW325
Wish You Were Hereby ElleW325
IT'S GONNA BE A KILLER SUMMER *Ranked #49 out of the top 1,000 in Mystery/Thriller! [3/2018] Sixteen year old Ryleigh Bennett spends every summer going away to a differe...
  • scary
  • action
  • mystery
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What Have I Done? by RubySpade
What Have I Done?by RubySpade
Jason Maxwell- a high school student that seems to be the odd one out. He keeps to himself though it had been a problem of the past. Most people have a fascination with...
  • blood
  • insane
  • empathy
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Amor Tácito by lieselotds
Amor Tácitoby lieselotds
Helena West, a well-known name in the world of gangs. The daughter of the king and queen of it all. A world so toxic and deceiving. Where the one gang has only one targe...
  • possessive
  • sadness
  • darkromance
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Kate Jones by Bleuple
Kate Jonesby Bleuple
She took the job as caretaker, for Jacob Dreshian's home when he's away to have a place to live, for herself, and her little sister. She had no idea that she would have...
  • mystery
  • drama
  • lovestory
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Falling in love with you is a crime - Mystery x Alfred by Sinner_Trash
Falling in love with you is a Sinner_Trash
It contains: Fluff/Lemon/Smut/Rape/Se- (cough, ok enough with examples) and really really bad stuff, so if you don't like a ff like that,it'll be good for you to don't r...
  • mystery
  • kao
  • fluff
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Had I known  by Aseeyaaleeyu
Had I known by Aseeyaaleeyu
A story of a stepmom that loved the children but eventually tore the family apart, how? Follow as I tell you the story....
  • kahdija
WHITECHAPEL by presidentDrake
WHITECHAPELby presidentDrake
Whitechapel is a quiet mysterious town until a sudden awakening of a ancient magical artifact releases a spell that attracts Every kind of supernatural creature imaginab...
  • warlock
  • mermaid
  • wizards
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The Chronicles Of Violet Hopps-Wilde  by Owen1russell2
The Chronicles Of Violet Owen1russell2
Violet, a fourteen year old Zootopian, is literally a mystery. Orphaned at a young age that she can't remember, Violet has always questioned about herself about her spec...
  • violet
  • zootopia
Él. by Dato44
É Dato44
Todos saben quien eso, pero nadie sabe su nombre. Todos han visto su rostro, pero nadie sabe quien es. Todos han vivido con él, pero nadie sabe su pasado. ¿Quién es é...
  • sexy
  • suspense
  • tragedia
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Perpetual Curse (1st Asian Storywriting Challenge) by StorymakersLeague
Perpetual Curse (1st Asian StorymakersLeague
Perpetual Curse is one of the shortlisted entries of Storymakers League's 1st Asian Storywriting Challenge. Written by young authors aged 10-18 years old, these shortlis...
  • thriller
  • cultural
  • youngadult
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A Summer To Remember by _deliamae_
A Summer To Rememberby _deliamae_
Leah is anticipating an unforgettable summer at her campground including her group of friends and boy she is crushing on. When one day they all decide to go for a bike r...
  • friends
  • camper
  • love
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Flowers (1st Asian Storywriting Challenge) by StorymakersLeague
Flowers (1st Asian Storywriting StorymakersLeague
Flowers is one of the shortlisted entries of Storymakers League's 1st Asian Storywriting Challenge. Written by young authors aged 10-18 years old, these shortlisted entr...
  • mystery
  • youngadult
Forever Missing by TheWriterQueen9
Forever Missingby TheWriterQueen9
One girl experiences some terrible consequences from her parents dirty past. Being con-drug dealers and paid killers, they had many grudges pinned against them putting h...
  • mystery
  • forced
  • swindle
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Kenzo Tanaka, arguto e dissacrante investigatore privato della P.B.I., è il protagonista di due romanzi ambientati in Giappone. Qui mostro la prima parte delle sue indag...
  • tokyo
  • anime
  • mistero
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Drama Has No Limits by toonholly
Drama Has No Limitsby toonholly
It has been years since the last competition they had together. But their lives were already altered, and there was nothing any of them could do to change it. Now, when...
  • murder
  • thriller
  • humor
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