The Happy Face Killer by WhispersConfusions
The Happy Face Killerby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK ONE OF THE BO AUSTEN-TAYLOR SERIES} Synopsis coming soon! Highest Rank: #12 in Mystery/Thriller on 3/18/2018
  • alicemason
  • jamalpitman
  • jacobmason
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Feelings and friendship by melodymo0n
Feelings and friendshipby melodymo0n
A mind twisting story about an obsessive friendship, a horrifying family history and its influence on the present.
  • family
  • friendship
  • feelings
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The Murder Club by TheInsanityWriter
The Murder Clubby TheInsanityWriter
Mavis Crowford the outcast; Sebastian Payne the sociopath; Violet Hart the perfect sweetheart; Joseph Ford the sports enthusiast; and Eli Henderson the rich boy. They al...
  • sociopath
  • highschool
  • clubs
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un amor de verdad by julioshiper
un amor de verdadby julioshiper
esta una historia de mike y trolli,de como a pesar de varios problemas ellos aran que un amor florezca en un volcan (posdata: ise esta historia y rengo solo 11 años :3 y...
  • portalers
  • suspenso
  • dimensiones
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Prom Night  by Love_Jas
Prom Night by Love_Jas
After accepting a job as a nanny, Ella decides to quit and focus on her last year of high school. When she ended her job, she ended the affair she had with her boss who...
  • ellamai
  • school
  • thriller
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What Have I Done? by RubySpade
What Have I Done?by RubySpade
Jason Maxwell- a high school student that seems to be the odd one out. He keeps to himself though it had been a problem of the past. Most people have a fascination with...
  • scary
  • crime
  • physco
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The Chronicles Of Violet Hopps-Wilde  by Owen1russell2
The Chronicles Of Violet Owen1russell2
Violet, a fourteen year old Zootopian, is literally a mystery. Orphaned at a young age that she can't remember, Violet has always questioned about herself about her spec...
  • violet
  • zootopia
Amor Tácito by lieselotds
Amor Tácitoby lieselotds
Helena West, a well-known name in the world of gangs. The daughter of the king and queen of it all. A world so toxic and deceiving. Where the one gang has only one targe...
  • leader
  • romance
  • drugcartel
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UNSIGHTED by lukreshanataly
UNSIGHTEDby lukreshanataly
As he walked along the hallway he bumped on to a girl with frizzly hair, bending down to pick the fallen books "am so sorry its all my fault(standing up),,,here you...
  • fayeenjonjo
  • isabella
  • isabellaswan
The Devil's Hell University by RoselynBanlasan
The Devil's Hell Universityby RoselynBanlasan
"Paano kung mawalan kana ng pag-asang makita mo ang iyong tunay na pag-ibig, magmamahal sayo?" "Paano kung dadating ang panahon na halos sunod-sunod ang m...
  • mystery
  • bloody10
  • supreme10
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Had I known  by Aseeyaaleeyu
Had I known by Aseeyaaleeyu
A story of a stepmom that loved the children but eventually tore the family apart, how? Follow as I tell you the story....
  • kahdija
The Bride by dacchi_dayu
The Brideby dacchi_dayu
"What am I wearing? Who are you? Where am I?" "Master choose you to be his bride" "Are you crazy??? I'm a guy!" "You are the CHOSEN ON...
  • peraya
  • kongart
  • kongpob
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DEACTIVATE ✔ by lovelymisszap
DEACTIVATE ✔by lovelymisszap
•LovePad: Dating App• SUCESSFULLY INSTALLED!! Ready to have some fun, Player?? YES | No •BTW thank you @venirosee for the story cover!! •HIGHES...
  • jennie
  • thriller
  • jungkook
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No Such Thing As Luck by Hunter_Aki
No Such Thing As Luckby Hunter_Aki
Luck... It's a silly thing really. Though many believed in it, doesn't make it true... One normal afternoon for many, 23 daring teens, of all races, religions, backgroun...
  • mysterious
  • thriller
  • creepy
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Falling in love with you is a crime - Mystery x Alfred by Sinner_Trash
Falling in love with you is a Sinner_Trash
It contains: Fluff/Lemon/Smut/Rape/Se- (cough, ok enough with examples) and really really bad stuff, so if you don't like a ff like that,it'll be good for you to don't r...
  • mysteryxalfred
  • alfred
  • fluff
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Él. by Dato44
É Dato44
Todos saben quien eso, pero nadie sabe su nombre. Todos han visto su rostro, pero nadie sabe quien es. Todos han vivido con él, pero nadie sabe su pasado. ¿Quién es é...
  • misterio
  • tragedia
  • sexy
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The disappearance of [)35P4!R by littledespairgirl
The disappearance of [)35P4!Rby littledespairgirl
"15 years...."she whispered,yet i could still hear her.She then looked at me,before yelling"15 F**KING YEARS!!"I then flinched at her loud,booming vo...
  • undertale
  • disneysongs
  • musical
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It's Complicated... The Originals Style.. Book 2 by WDW_Lover37
It's Complicated... The WDW_Lover37
Being ripped away from her life of happiness with Hayley and Kol, Dove forces herself to move on. But she doesn't have to look very far to find someone who cares for he...
  • thriller
  • werewolf
  • witch
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