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My view on Yaoi Mangas. by CharaXxFearXx_1123
My view on Yaoi Annyha Farrakhan
Hello! its ya girl Lizzie, showing you what "I" think of the BL i read in my life.
  • aboutyaoi
  • mypointofview
  • random
𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔳𝔦𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫 by devilphan_
𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔳𝔦𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫by 1-800-ANTICHRIST
spam. vent. literally just me. trigger warning !
  • rant
  • emotions
  • spam
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Randomness  by GoldenPen_
Randomness by Nicole Stewart
Tags and writing prompts, plus whatever random thought might happen to get thrown into the mix. Includes poems, essays, and the occasional short story.
  • myown
  • stuff
  • experiences
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Tilted Words |✎| by ashesofinfinity
Tilted Words |✎|by Ash
Some Tilted Words to straighten my world. [Some amateur poems by my 15-16 year old self] [Highest rank- #1 in poesia] [Rank #53 in poetry] [Winner of the Mystical Award...
  • feelings
  • poem
  • poemcollection
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Unspoken words by EveLevay
Unspoken wordsby Shawty
And if you stop loving me, can we still talk about love?
  • depretion
  • poem
  • beginner
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The Story Of Link🍀 by Emily1626
The Story Of Link🍀by Emily⚡️💜
This is a story about Link from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and how it happened in my eyes. My thoughts and actions of me playing the video game, through the...
  • thelegendofzelda
  • calamityganon
  • link
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my useless poetry notebook by thewizardjamie
my useless poetry notebookby thewizardjamie
i like to write poems, they aren't good i'm only 15. But i do like to write every now and then, especially controversial topics. But i also just do simple ones and maybe...
  • poem
  • controversial
  • poetry
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me and my childish rants and what not by rinshirahime
me and my childish rants and rinshirahime
its nothing just me ranting on -3- and what I'm thinking. what's happen in my life. and thoughts 0w0 And sometimes stuff that pops in my head
  • mypointofview
  • sarcasm
  • diary
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O monštre a ľuďoch by dandelion_girl
O monštre a ľuďochby B.V. Beaulieu
Pred rokom boli dvaja nevinní ľudia zavraždení vo vlastnom dome. Potrebovala som sa vypísať, a tak vám prinášam pohľad na súčasnú situáciu mojimi očami. #AllForJan
  • allforjan
  • robertfico
  • jankuciak
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Grave by ChronicVibes
Graveby ChronicVibes
Just my thoughts
  • kindasad
  • biography
  • drugaddiction
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A collection of poems  by Vero_nichka
A collection of poems by Vero_nichka
Here is a small collection of poems that I wrote. I will be publishing them all soon. Some are still a work in progress and some don't even exist.
  • emotions
  • various
  • mypoetry
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Poems, that I'm afraid to say out loud by bemywifeCamila
Poems, that I'm afraid to say bemywifeCamila
These are small poems and thoughts from me. They are in my head all the time, and I've had enought of keeping it to myself. I'm sorry for any mistakes, this is NOT my f...
  • poetry
  • mylife
  • loss
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Dear diary by DuckyDuck9876
Dear diaryby Captain Rebecca of the sea
Why this is a book about my life. Might think I am a normal human being talking about my life, or something else. But what is here is unheard of. Because I am something...
  • strange
  • spirit
  • truestory
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Quelling the flames(chapter contests) by Sparklypenguin
Quelling the flames(chapter Sparklypenguin
Madee. A 14 year old girl from district 1. She was raised for the hunger games. Her father had once won the hunger games. They went to school to train. Kids in there dis...
  • mypointofview
  • hungergames
  • contest
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Ladies  by ChaseStevenson
Ladies by Chase Stevenson
This is my insight on how these attributes effect him, and you.
  • understandyourman
  • mypointofview
  • ladies
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Aimless ranting. by fiendclub_inc_
Aimless fiendclub_inc_
some of this may be offensive but I don't really care honestly. they're my thoughts.
  • depression
  • mypointofview
  • offensive
Olivia by oliviaroset
Oliviaby oliviaroset
One night Olivia Thomson stays up all night wondering how life would feel if it went way.
  • reallife
  • long
  • remarkablysimilartoyourlife
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A journal  by Adelaidefoss
A journal by J. Cade
The title says it all
  • events
  • journal
  • mypointofview
#1. From The First  by BlaaPaDoo
#1. From The First by BlaaPaDoo
Compilation of writings, From the first - to today.
  • insideout
  • oneliners
  • poetrycollection
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.stop it. by carysbxo
.stop carys🥀🖤
long story short, it's things that we do that i think we should stop
  • stop
  • speakingmymind
  • sad
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