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Forbidden fruit. by A_GodJihyo_Stan
Forbidden ParkJihyo
She tasted like a ripe apple. But the situation was sour. She was the fruit I wanted to taste since the day I first met her. But now that I have my sins have unraveled a...
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New Beginning (2na) by TW_JY01
New Beginning (2na)by I Miss PRISTIN
Sana is a nerd that came from Osaka, Japan. She transferred to Seoul University to have a new beginning. But then, a girl discovered her past.
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*hiatus* Roommates [Michaeng] by maftstar
*hiatus* Roommates [Michaeng]by pngnmn 3 7
"Have we met before?" "What do you mean?" "I'm sorry, but I have this feeling like I have longed for you for a long time." --- A story of t...
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|PLAYBOY|Im Nayeon by dnlnyn
|PLAYBOY|Im Nayeonby Imyoui Minayeon
Y/N is a 19 years old boy. He likes to play with girls and obviously he is a playboy. But.... One Day, Im Nayeon comes to his school as a new students.They had an eye co...
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Friday Night in Osaka by heekith
Friday Night in Osakaby ninja
"I'm Kim Dahyun" "Nice to meet you, my name is Minatozaki Sana" Friday, 10:15 pm, Osaka, Japan.
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Miss You || MiMo [✓] by Muggens_
Miss You || MiMo [✓]by ᴍᴜɢɢᴇɴꜱ
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." Finished July 3rd, 2019 🎉Ranks: #3 - myouimina (July 7th, 2019) #5 - hirai (A...
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I'm your Vampire~ || Twice Mina X Sana || by KrisKrisLeon
I'm your Vampire~ || Twice Mina MyouiMINAtozakiSana
This was just a oneshot for my book but I decided it to make it as a book.
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You're My Everything (Michaeng) by zorrker_ii
You're My Everything (Michaeng)by Zorrker.
"Promise me that you'll never leave me, because you're my everything, I don't know what I'll do without you..." [A/N] this is my first story so it might not be...
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Between Us (2na One shots) by bisexualdaddy
Between Us (2na One shots)by potato_cells
~Dicontinued~ Oneshots between our favourite Mina and Sana from TWICE. Book cover done by: @park_yoonjie
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My Dandere | M.Mina FF by WhileATeen
My Dandere | M.Mina FFby ㅅ
What happens when Y/N's favorite anime character becomes a reality? Mina x Female Reader (G!P)
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My Popular Girl (FINISHED)✔ by geuranimalhe
My Popular Girl (FINISHED)✔by Gee/Bucin Hyejoo #1
2Na fanfic. AU. Mina likes her perfect upperclassman, Sana.
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Gamer's Reality ✔ by violetspov
Gamer's Reality ✔by v
{Mina ff} "Will you be my player 2?"
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michaeng ~ love at first sight by gayandcutetwice
michaeng ~ love at first sightby > @gaycutetwice!!
Mina and Chaeyoung fell in love, as their eyes meet up for the first time. A cute and innocent looking Myoui Mina fell for the girl crush in her school, Son Chaeyoung. O...
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Trust Me.(Twice FF)(MxSaTzu) by frszch
Trust Me.(Twice FF)(MxSaTzu)by depresso
A young boy (Y/N) lost his parents in a tragic accident. A friendship that goes way back is the only thing he has. (Warning. Viewer discretion is advised.)
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pygmalion ❥ michaeng by dahyunverse
pygmalion ❥ michaengby aaron
"you need to stop creating fantasies in your head, chaeyoung. it's time to face reality." or chaeyoung likes to write, but she never realized she was falling i...
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143 ↠ mitzu. by JeonSami
143 ↠ ichi.
°TWICETOLARY! | series#2 ↳ myoui mina x chou tzuyu. ↳ tagalog : english. ↳ slow-update.
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dream 💐 || book 2 of fool ||completed|| by chaeswaifu__19
dream 💐 || book 2 of fool || Strawguin
Fool pt2 • I jump down the building thinking that you were gone but when I found the truth i go crazy and try to find you. ...
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1!oNe MinUte! [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ] by Airoq134
1!oNe MinUte! [MɪCʜᴀᴇɴɢ]by AiRoq.134
We Only gOt oNe MinUte to SuRvIve One Minute to Enjoy your Moment to live One Minute to do things what you want to do in our life Chapter # -Narrative # -Epistolary O...
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Bipolar Playgirl (MiChaeng) by TW_JY01
Bipolar Playgirl (MiChaeng)by I Miss PRISTIN
Mina is a playgirl, a heartbreaker and yet, everyone still fall in love with her. What they don't know is that Mina is also bipolar and can be violent sometimes. Chaeyou...
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Không Khuôn Khổ I [Michaeng] I [OtherCouples] by Louis_Winson
Không Khuôn Khổ I [Michaeng] I [ Louis_Winson
Tổng hợp One-shots và Short-Fics không gò bó về thể loại, chủ đề. Có lẽ đa phần là về Michaeng, nhưng thỉnh thoảng cũng có các ships khác xuất hiện. --- Disclaimer: sản...
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