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My Creepypasta AU Headcanons by FriskyWithSans
My Creepypasta AU Headcanonsby FriskyWithSans~❤️
Trying to get the fuckin cover up! Finally done so!
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lucy ships(my opinion) by crystelchoi246
lucy ships(my opinion)by Ariadna dragmon
tittle says all
Black Girls Rule by AlphaJJ123
Black Girls Ruleby AlphaJJ123
My personal view on lots of BWWM books. *Please note that these are all my own opinion*
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i react to danganronpa stuff by Doomqwer
i react to danganronpa stuffby Insanity personified
this is doomqwer the maker of funny danganronpa and rwby picture and its sexy time equivalent so in this book i will react to ships and picture you send me and you can s...
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Sanders Sides Headcanons by Parent-to-LGBT-kids
Sanders Sides Headcanonsby They/Them + Nico!
What the title says! Just some random headcanons that I come up with! I got a lot kinda so I wanted to share them with anyone who would care.
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My "Offensive" Opinions that I might get hate for but I don't give a rats ass by bangtanwif3y
My "Offensive" Opinions that I ᴍʏᴀ
im aloud to speak my opinion so here I am
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Larry Stylinson Songs by cupcake_bears
Larry Stylinson Songsby yvette
This is basically what I have put together about all my Larry songs. So if you want a Larry playlist : here you go. Some sexual, some happy, some sad. Basically a variet...
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My Movie & TV Reviews by luvneverminuteSJE
My Movie & TV Reviewsby S.J. Evans
My reviews on Movies, TV shows or anything else I want to review. Simple book cover will be updated once I design a new one. ( idk even know why I added this )
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Unpopular kpop opinions by rdnsavage
Unpopular kpop opinionsby .
Just my personal opinions (: Mostly BTS, Blackpink, EXO, Red Velvet ❤
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Best Authors On Wattpad by andmariareynolds
Best Authors On Wattpadby Not So Obedient Servant
This is a list of some of the best Authors On Wattpad.I'm going to do more than 10 now.I'll do a Top 10 every once in a while so there will be multiple authors in this s...
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offensive kpop opinions by B4NGCH4N
offensive kpop opinionsby ✧*:・゚
my opinionated ass spitting out my thoughts in which you don't have to agree with. XXVI II MMXIX ▬ ©B4NGCHAN
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anime recommendations and opinions by faithandchester
anime recommendations and opinionsby •Faithful•
no idea which anime to watch next? read this to find the best anime (in my opinion)!!! it's just what I think about certain anime. ♪( 'θ`)ノ feel free to join in on some...
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Unpopular Opinions by Gabsadventures
Unpopular Opinionsby Gabbie&Gamer
My unpopular opinions. Maybe you agree with me, maybe not. I dunno- Please don't ask about the foot-
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Random Shit Is Awesome by Sansan_army2638
Random Shit Is Awesomeby भारतीय A.R.M.Y.
☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ Read the title~ ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆
My Opinion On Sally Acorn by SonamySister567
My Opinion On Sally Acornby Taj ❤️
This was a highly requested story, and may or may not be deleted in the near future. While it's still here, feel free to take a look at my final opinion.
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My Opinions on FnaF ships by FluffyNinja301
My Opinions on FnaF shipsby FluffyNinja301
All of these are just going to be my opinions on certain ships, some will be overrated, and some will be underrated. But keep in mind, these will be much more opinionate...
my Kpop likes/dislikes by myARMYgirl03
my Kpop likes/dislikesby myARMYgirl03
my opinions.
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My Opinion of ships by shylaflight
My Opinion of shipsby Shyla Flight
I don't give a living hell about your opinions of my ships if you agree, good. If not, go fuck yourself and play outside.
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MLP Shipping : My Opinion (mane 7 x mane 7) by Fluttershyzxy
MLP Shipping : My Opinion (mane Fluttershy zxy
This is my mlp shipping opinions.
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About Me and My Opinions by faithandchester
About Me and My Opinionsby •Faithful•
Read this if you wanna laugh at how ridiculous I was back then and how equally ridiculous I am now!! Includes: basics, rants, tags, fangirling, etc. Pictures aren't mine...
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