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Moonlight (EDITING) by clairev23
Moonlight (EDITING)by claire, (l)gbt ♡
Her smile lit up the room. Her giggles were just as beautiful as the sound of bells ringing together in perfect harmony. Her eyes, oh, her eyes. You could never look awa...
My mate pt.2 (Jimin X Reader) by LadyLagunah
My mate pt.2 (Jimin X Reader)by LadyLagunah
A sequel to the story my mate. I recommend reading the first book before reading this one. A month has passed since the Luna bonding ceremony. You finally became one wi...
My Mate (Drarry)  by LaurensIsBae
My Mate (Drarry) by Angelica Schuyler
//finished// What happens when Draco finds out that he is a veela and his mate is Harry Potter? Will they live together happily or will they live together so Draco won'...
The Big Bad Wolf's Twins by kaliallen133
The Big Bad Wolf's Twinsby Sagethefairy✨🛎
(Sequel to The Big Bad Wolf's Little) A raging pack war has seemed to have befallen on the Blue Cresent pack and now more than ever will they need some help in order to...
Accidentally Inlove With My Enemy by tal-tal15
Accidentally Inlove With My Enemyby tal-tal Archeta
Christine jane Scarlet isang babaeng naghahangad ng hustisya para sa pagkamatay mga kinikilala niyang magulang. Paano kung malaman niyang hindi aksidente ang pagkamatay...
Slave for you  by realisticlover
Slave for you by realisticlover
Δεν είναι δυνατόν να είναι αυτός το ταίρι μου.
My Alpha by hmm_whatever
My Alphaby you’re cool
Highest rating #25 on Wolflove Prologue Oli was a normal high school boy dealing with drama,crazy friends, and jealous girls. But now let's throw being a werewolf's m...
Him and I by KatherineThompson1
Him and Iby Katherine Thompson
Kris and Kate meet at a football game. He was on a date with her best friend, now he is Kate's one true love.
Deranged Howl by ImcrazyKay
Deranged Howlby LiveThroughDayDreams
Chase Lehay a carefree werewolf, he surfs he loves food and he is the Alpha Kings son. The most feared wolf on earth! But he is retiring and is giving Chase only two we...
My Mate by SarahHutabarat5
My Mateby Sarah Hutabarat
Kayra Deallova Vallerie adalah cewek terkenal di sekolah nya,tapi suatu hari ada cowok yang juga lumayan populer di sekolah nya sangat mengaguminya. Kemana saja Kayra pe...
Fell Inlove With My Classmate (Short Story) by MilesEscultorEscabas
Fell Inlove With My Classmate ( Miles Escultor Escabas
Wala akong masasabi kasi new palang na publish ang book nato..... this is a high school story of a two schoolmates fell inlove with each other but it all starts with an...
If You Truly Love Someone Fight For Them by Mckaylie1997
If You Truly Love Someone Fight ❤️Mckaylie.peterson❤️
Take my hand I'll teach you to dance I'll spin you around won't let you fall down, would you let me lead you can step on my feel, give it a try it'll be alright, the roo...
My Mate by writerwriter060803
My Mateby Summer Hambrick
Samantha Maria Johansen never thought that she was worthy of a mate. What she feared most was rejection by that one special man. Joshua Grenmeyer always wanted a mate. H...
The enemy is my mate by mysticalwriter102
The enemy is my mateby Mwah~
Ash Fields is a werewolf doing her part in the pack. She lives comfortably with her older sister Savannah except when Savannah's mate -Vincent- comes over and Ash has to...
му  яєʝє¢тισи by LostMyWayBackHome
му яєʝє¢тισиby Smurfs&Unicorns
My name is Roselin René Gray. I'm 17 and I don't have a family. Why? Because they said I was damned and after that they died. I currently live by myself. No boyfrind n...
Why Me? by Izzytheretiger12
Why Me?by Izzytheretiger12
Kate Curson a 16 year old werewolf, she is very curious of what is going on now that she is about to turn 17 and get to shift. Kate hasn't meet her mate and she hopes t...
Poety My Home by RosieyAKA12
Poety My Homeby RosieyAKA12
A place I call home Where everything is not meant to be hidden but revealed.The I find inner peace and sanity.A place where your meant to let go and give your all and no...
Love by 9mediocre
Loveby selfborn Poet
love is unconditional from the very start!