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Kick Buttowski in Equestria Girls by funnymao
Kick Buttowski in Equestria Girlsby funnymao
Kick and Gunther are enrolled at Canterlot High and now they need to survive high school. With Kick doing many stunts and Gunther right by his side they will need to hel...
Our Story by gleemlp3
Our Storyby Guppie
Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been friends for years and year, then one day after a bet they both begin to realize that they have feelings for one another. Will Rainbo...
MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 1) by TheNintegaGuy
MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria ( The Nintega Guy
After 17 years of living on Earth, (Y/N) is sent to Equestria as an Alicorn pony and he along with the Mane 6 must overcome various adventures and lessons of friendship...
Male! My Little Pony X Readers [REQUESTS CLOSED] by foxquill
Male! My Little Pony X Readers [ foxquill
Some male! pony x readers cuz its the only fandom im addicted to enough to write x readers for. no smut and requests may be far and few between unless i find an idea tha...
The Adventures of Cloud Chaser by Baileydash613
The Adventures of Cloud Chaserby Baileydash613
it's a one shot book about Cloud Chaser, the little sister to the one and only rainbow dash!
Mlp: One with Time by Phant0mona1
Mlp: One with Timeby Connor Harris
Y/n is a man with control over time itself. I own none of this.
Sonic X: Friendship is Magic (Prologue) by FoxBoy2099
Sonic X: Friendship is Magic ( Delaven Foxboy
(Prologue: The Start of an Adventure) Sonic, the world's fastest supersonic hedgehog, and Rainbow Dash, the world's fastest supersonic pegasus. Two of the galaxies gifte...
Cinematic Adventures: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by extremeenigma02
Cinematic Adventures: Harry extremeenigma02
So far the Mane Six and Spike have been in many strange and exciting adventures. From the land of Oz, to the shores of Spooky Island. They've helped a little sea sponge...
Cinematic Adventures: Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed  by extremeenigma02
Cinematic Adventures: Scooby Doo extremeenigma02
Cinematic Adventures: Season Two Premiere. It has been a full year since the events of the last adventure and so far, all has been quiet in the land of Equestria. Life h...
The Spider In Canterlot《MLP: EG x Male Spider-Man Reader》 by ShallotStudioz
The Spider In Canterlot《MLP: EG Haedn
After being recruited by Tony Stark himself to fight against Captain America, Y/N Parker now has to live a normal life while being the one and only Spider-Man! But when...
MLP : Hope  by Blooming354
MLP : Hope by Blooming354
I am Daylight Glow, Fraternal twin sister of Twilight Sparkle and here you'll find the awesome and epic adventures of my sister and I along with our very special friends
My Sunshine In The Rain~ (AppleDash)  by xxAppleDashxx
My Sunshine In The Rain~ ( Hai Stalker c:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I smile at the thought of you" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is an AppleDash story, so don't read it if you don't like it<3
My Little Pony oneshots by 31Mango
My Little Pony oneshotsby Mango Tropics
This is a book of (duh!) My Little Pony one shots! Please feel free to DM me with a request (anything but lemons) they can be in human or Pony form. Ships: Pinkie Pie...
Harmony Girls by writersblockhaterRD
Harmony Girlsby |Kat|
Inspired by 'Human My Little Pony' by @Zoey-Wolfstripe. Cover picture by DROPtheMage Sun and moon. Day and night. Once closer than ever, are continuing an everlasting fe...
Appledash Sunshine, Apples, and a hint of Rainbows- sequel to Orange to Cyan by Spiderwhick
Appledash Sunshine, Apples, and Murdoc kills me
A year after their wedding, Rainbow Dash and Applejack get caught up in more humorous mayhem! Of course, not all of it is humorous, Dash and AJ are faced with the toughe...
MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 2) by TheNintegaGuy
MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria ( The Nintega Guy
The story of (Y/N) and the Mane 6 continues in Season 2, as they face more challenges in friendship together such as trying to change someone's personal image, going thr...
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledashby Alice
Rainbow Dash has finally come to terms with her sexuality and feelings towards her best friend Applejack, but she's too scared to confess. After the two girls share an u...
Letting Go | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Letting Go | Appledashby Alice
It's no wonder Rainbow Dash can't wrap her head around the concept of love; she's spent every waking moment of her life focusing on her aspirational goals, after all. Lu...
Flutterdash: Star Player by DonutChild
Flutterdash: Star Playerby DonutChild
Fluttershy is a quiet, shy girl at Canterlot High. Her friend Rainbow Dash is the exact opposite, loud, extroverted, and a star athlete. When these two best friends fall...
The Sword of Harmony: Season 1 by redwing116
The Sword of Harmony: Season 1by redwing116
When a human wakes up to see that he/she has been turned into the mythical Pokémon known as Keldeo. He/she will have to learn on how to live in the world of Equestria. ...