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The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midorya by ThatBlackMan
The Sin Of Men:Izuku Midoryaby Squigga Squiduington Negro Th...
In a world where only females have quirks and men are disregarded as weak and useless only meant for breeding two twins are born but one is left the die by there family...
The Changes He Made by PanProblems
The Changes He Madeby 𝐮^𝕦 ᵈ𝓔άŤᕼ
After Izuku's parents get a divorce Izuku moves to America with his father.
This isn't you by bookslayer1tehee
This isn't youby bookslayer1tehee
Izuku Midoriya was kidnapped by villains to be used as a weapon against AllMight (And yes I know that this is a common plot among the villain Deku fanfics) He was tortu...
Forbidden Love (Katsuki x Fem!Izuku|Yokai AU-Discontinue-) by Mimorimori
Forbidden Love (Katsuki x Fem! Mimori Tsukimichi
It was an unspoken law that love between human and yokai has been forbidden since ancient time. However... what will happen when Bakugou Katsuki, a talented and young on...
•ethereal•|bnha oneshots  by storytimewithcait
•ethereal•|bnha oneshots by caitlynne
//read the tittle bb// Description Just a bnha one shot book! I write literally anything! from smut to death! Hope you enjoy! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! ...
Snake Eyes (A MHA AU) by iDorkyStories
Snake Eyes (A MHA AU)by iDorkyStories
This is an AU based around the foreign student from New York who attends UA to fulfill her goals, but what are those goals?
Sunlit Treasures by TheMissApocalypse
Sunlit Treasuresby TheMissApocalypse
**Description coming soon** I do not own BNHA or its characters. I only own the characters I created and the plot I'm adding to the existing BNHA plot.
That Haunted House by starrat
That Haunted Houseby Ŕąť
Ochako Uraraka and Tohru Hagakure get pissed off by their so called 'Best Friends' and go to the villina side, secretly. Toga tells the 2 to give there class some strang...
Everything - An MHA Story by LukeSkyblocker21
Everything - An MHA Storyby LukeSkyblocker21
A young boy finds himself in a world full of incredible, mysterious powers. He's able to use... all of them? Follow our young protagonist throughout his journey through...
dragon summoner by eyec4ofu
dragon summonerby Eyec4ofu
(y/n) is one of the big three come along on the journay of up and down
my hero academia • imagines • oneshots by pporappippam111
my hero academia • imagines • sunhee
Collection of My Hero Academia imagines