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my hero academia memes by __littlepissbaby__
my hero academia memesby Idk
it is memes. get over it. Feel free to send me memes if you have any. Might have shipss. And also these are not my memes. #956 in memes I started this cause I had too...
꒰🖇꒱ Todoroki X Reader X Bakugou Aizawa's lover passed away after giving birth to y/n. Aizawa raised you with the help of all might and president Mic. You brought light...
Bullied Zed Male Reader X Massive Crossover by LoLi_Maniac
Bullied Zed Male Reader X LoLi Lover
Y/N L/N...... A student of Union Academy that doesn't have any abilities at all or so they thought people thinks he is a weakling so they started harassing him and bully...
TodoMomo (sexual content) by chearyoung
TodoMomo (sexual content)by chearyoung
This is about two my hero academia characters Todoroki and yaoyorozu and love for each other
The apprentice  by IsabellaA342
The apprentice by Isabella
He was a genius someone who could rival ua's own principle yet he was abused , bullied and spat on by his mother, classmates and teachers Why you might ask because he i...
Contact (A Short Shigadabi Story) by glynn_deary
Contact (A Short Shigadabi Story)by rat bastard
a short story in which dabi walks in on shigaraki having a bad night, and it ends up spiraling out of control in the best way possible *this story is angst and fluff, an...
The Plan ( Izuku X Uraraka ) ( short hiatus ) by Theofficialzap
The Plan ( Izuku X Uraraka ) ( Theofficialzap
Credit to the artiest because I don't want to get canceled mina and the rest of the girls try to get Izuku and Uraraka to get toge...
Never Felt This Way Before - Bakugou Katsuki x Reader by rainvuhl
Never Felt This Way Before - yang
A new girl trasfers to UA one week after school started. Bakugou can't stop the weird feelings he's getting every time he sees her. Is he falling in love? Does the girl...
Another life of Aoi Shigaraki by Mythe10969
Another life of Aoi Shigarakiby Teathyme
An OC character living in a parallel world of Boku no hero Academia. She could decide to be anything she wanted with her quirk, based in her quirk but she decided maybe...
My Hero Academia: Heroes of the Dawn Part 4 by ShionSchwarts
My Hero Academia: Heroes of the ShionSchwarts
By now, you know what's happening. Noelle is an aspiring Hero in training, and now things are starting to get serious. Dealing with the Yakuza is no small feat, after al...
A Bad Boy's Little Villain by ObsessedTvT
A Bad Boy's Little Villainby Milla hudson
UA high is about to start for the class of 1A's second year, when Ochaco Uraraka decides to through a last day of summer party. Young couple Bakugou and Deku decides to...
J'arriverai a te le dire... Un jour... by YatoLeFreegan
J'arriverai a te le dire... Un Lemon sama
Katsuki Bakugou est amoureux de Deku et essaye de lui dire et/ou de le toucher, l'observer ou autre. Mais tout les plans qu'il entreprend son toujours gâché par quelqu'u...