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He Just Refuses to Die by xFancyAfx
He Just Refuses to Dieby Mahy
If she invites a man to a date and he comes even a second late, she will kill him. But what does she do with a man that manages to always come in time? ***This is a shor...
Flamegrove: A Spark (Book 1 of the Firekeeper series) by xSincerely_Sarahx
Flamegrove: A Spark (Book 1 of Sarah
"'Now then, first question- when did you begin having critical or negative feelings about the system?" the Chief Administrator probed. 'Around a month ago,&quo...
The New Girl ✓ by Jessada43
The New Girl ✓by Jessica Adongo
Allison Astley moved to a new school hoping to start afresh after having a bad experience at her old school. Being the new girl, she knows it might be difficult. She mee...
🌸Bella's Words💯❤ by Titanium_Bella
🌸Bella's Words💯❤by Isabella Ebhaleme🦋
Here is a set of my signature poems💯. Little pieces of my thoughts🌠. Hope you love them❤.
Midnight Crow by sk3tchywrites
Midnight Crowby ek joseph
The town of White Oak is well known for its ghost stories and supernatural festivities. However, they aren't used to people coming out of the ground and lighting vehicle...
voyeurism. by xvalentine_nobix
#6 jUngLebOoK'sHoE
I feel the gaze on me. someone's eating me up with their gaze. I'm suffocating. I want to end this.
Lifeblood by leave-her-a-tome
Lifebloodby Eris Wright
It closed the distance between them with slow, deliberate steps. Mary let out an involuntary whimper. She wished she hadn't fled. Mary squeezed her eyes shut, desperatel...
You Are My Reason ✓ by adelinewu2207
You Are My Reason ✓by Adeline Anne Charlotte Wu Su...
Cyra Jones had accepted her fate to walk the path paved with bricks of retribution forever, and to live with the consequences of her past actions alone. Little did she k...
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The last heir first book: Dusks of war by AuroreHartley
The last heir first book: Dusks A. Hartley
In the heart of the Shire, the never-ending war is about to restart. Yet, nobody has mentioned it in past centuries. Ren the last heir, leaves the capital for the first...
Fall of Humanity 1: The secret of Alternative World by Kirito_Underworld
Fall of Humanity 1: The secret Kirito_Underworld
Alternative future: After the destruction of humanity, all survivors are converted into data and sent within the virtual world, and protected by very powerful barriers...
When Love Comes Back Around  by birdeyze
When Love Comes Back Around by shauna
Julia was stepping out on a limb by meeting a total stranger she met on the internet for a blind date. If she needed to get Justin out of her mind and thoughts she had t...
""""""Had I known, I've reaped what I've sown, Though all have been warning me, I thought they were as noisy as they can be, ...