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LokixReader // Avengers fanfiction by Ms_SkyeClark
LokixReader // Avengers fanfictionby Skye Clark
COMPLETE: Loki was taken back to Asgard and as his punishment, he now has to work for the Avengers and clean up his mess. He is under Thor's watchful eye while he is sta...
Character Aesthetics  by HoeforFredWeasley17
Character Aesthetics by HoeforFredWeasley
This is basically my characters aesthetics from the stories I'm writing so enjoy
THE UNNOTICED CLIMBER ( Yowamushi Pedal x Male! Reader ) 《DISCONTINUED》 by AikoSunbarashi
I don't know why I made this, but hmm.. whatever. Enjoy this story, I guess? btw I update around late, Thursdays, but updates daily when I'm not busy and in a good mood...
Everything Mag - Jeethit Fanfiction by strangerfabs
Everything Mag - Jeethit Fanfictionby fabs ; 🪐
A revista Everything é uma das mais vendidas em todo o continente asiático e também no mundo. Com uma grande variedade de informações, atrai todos os públicos e é comand...
You Are My Sunshine..(error x ink) by Bun_Berry
You Are My Sunshine..(error x ink)by Galaxii_star
there we're two skeletons in one void the Creator and the destruction they fight because of the aus they fight because of the hate but one fight is different.... (n...
Reunion (Mote) story by MotexTiva4life
Reunion (Mote) storyby MotexTiva4life
After a year of not seeing each other, our favorite two costars get together. What could happen?
My Fanfiction Dump by BrowniePokemon
My Fanfiction Dumpby Embērian Sōlunaria
Since you people asked for it, here's where I'm putting my garbage fanfiction pieces. Created by @BrowniePokemon
Mommy always loves you (a Haikyuu fanfic) by bleepy_blep_12
Mommy always loves you (a Bleepy
this is a story that me and my friend created together ^^ there might a sequel to it, but i need to talk to my friend about that. but anyways, enjoy th story!
Lost In Our PAST(Afterdeath) by Bun_Berry
Lost In Our PAST(Afterdeath)by Galaxii_star
There were a million of gods live at a one knows.. And each of them are different But the most common gods are the God of sky, goddess of knowledge, then war...
The secret freedom fighters comeback by sk8tergirl1516
The secret freedom fighters Hailey Mae Blackgoat
Its been 15 years later after the last mission with all the secret freedom fighters while sonic and his buddies were away in space and the others were on their own adven...
My Sweet Spider (radiodust story)  by TheRealCuddlyFox
My Sweet Spider (radiodust story) by CuddlyFox
After the hotel is built Alastor changes and feels feelings for angel dust. While he helps out with the hotel he will try to win angels heart hoping he will be with him...
Tyler brown•is it fate?• by tyl3rbr0wn
Tyler brown•is it fate?•by 🖤Erin🖤
Ok so this is my fanfic it may not be the best but ehh who cares I like it I will update everyday ppl you gotta comment if you want a update *UPDATEEEE* I WROTE THIS IN...
Stranger?! A story about Jungkook. by awsomevanilla
Stranger?! A story about awsomevanilla
HEY EVERYONE! Welcome to my wattpad! This is my very first and own story! I would like for you to leave any comments like if the story was good or if I should improve a...
Larry by lukey033
Larryby lukey033
This story is about two boys called Louis Tomlinson and harry style. There lives are completely different from each other and they live far away from each other. But som...
Muse Family by AnimeDreams123
Muse Familyby Light-Chan
These are a collection of mini stories of the girls taking turns to be parents and the children. Lots of random ships, but as everyone knows "There is no such thing...
🌻🌻EL DESPERTAR DEL GIRASOL 🌻🌻by Andy Banos Lopez
El despertar del Girasol, es un Fanfic escrito por mi el cual dejo bajo al firma de "ANDY CHAN SOY 🌸 🍥 " Narra una historia centrada totalmente en Uzumaki Hi...