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Bulletproof Heart (Teacher/Student Frerard) by reinventingaxl
Bulletproof Heart (Teacher/ chase
Frank Iero is assigned detention with his art teacher, Mr. Way, after an incident involving spilled coffee and a white David Bowie t-shirt. After the detention, Frank st...
  • domfrank
  • teacherstudent
  • mychemicalromance
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Diary Of A Fake Fan by ImNotObsessedISwear
Diary Of A Fake Fanby YourTypicalFangirl
Dear Diary, Omg! Today I found out My Chemical Romance did a cover of 21 Pilots's song Cancers! ~~~ Highest ranking: #7 in Humor
  • fanboy
  • fangirl
  • cringey
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Bloodstained Bathtubs and an Absence of Death (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Bloodstained Bathtubs and an sinisteroceans
"Frank Iero. A younger man with a dazzling appearance; pale skin coated in tattoos, stunning hazel eyes, a stupid, overly-excited smile that was almost always plast...
  • gerardxfrank
  • killer
  • mikeyway
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Stockholm Syndrome (Frerard) by sinisteroceans
Stockholm Syndrome (Frerard)by sinisteroceans
The day Frank discovers Gerard is moving to the other side of the Earth and leaving him behind, something changes inside of him. His anger problems and secret attraction...
  • raytoro
  • mcr
  • frankiero
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frank iero and the 48 hours | f.iero by jetst4r
frank iero and the 48 hours | 𝑎𝑟𝑖
halloween. frank iero's favorite holiday. hell, its also his birthday. every year frank invites his friends over two days before the holiday to binge watch horror films...
  • fanfiction
  • iero
  • gerard
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The Power of Art|| Frerard by emo__rat
The Power of Art|| Frerardby Lollipops for days
I guess Fronk and Gee are teachers huh? ****NOT a teacher x student**** There will be smut but I put warnings just before it happens so feel free to skip if you want. ...
  • school
  • mcr
  • frank
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 Sweet Little Lies by Solace_Space
Sweet Little Liesby Solace Space
When Officer Gerard Way meets Mafia Boss, Frank Iero while on the job, they fall in love. The rest of their lives consists of breaking laws, acting, and loving. Based on...
  • gun
  • tumblr
  • mychemicalromance
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Purely Innocent (DD/LB Frerard/Ferard) by softlyemo
Purely Innocent (DD/LB Frerard/ Gay
Gerard Way has been sheltered his whole life. Homeschooled and hardly went out. His only friend was his little brother. But Gerard's father has decided it's finally time...
  • mcr
  • ferard
  • mychemicalromance
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emo trinity memes ▪~《1》~▪ by miathepsychic
emo trinity memes ▪~《1》~▪by mia
. ▪~《updated daily 》~▪ guess what i have memes and they're taking up space on my phone so i'm putting them here it says 1 but who knows if i'll exce...
  • mychemicalromance
  • emotrinity
  • panicatthedisco
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Fake You Out - Joshler by CasualTeenageFangirl
Fake You Out - Joshlerby Whatever
Some people have a hard time letting go of high school grudges, and Tyler Joseph is guilty of that. And when Tyler finds out that the kid who used to bully him in high s...
  • gerardway
  • joshuadun
  • tyler
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The MCR Bible by Ghost_Kira
The MCR Bibleby Heichou's_Tea 💭
🌹A book that every My Chemical Romance fan needs🌹
  • frankiero
  • mikeyway
  • raytoro
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My Injuries, Your Injuries (Completed) by xoCrashFire
My Injuries, Your Injuries ( Skylar the Introvert
Frank Iero, 17 years old, gets injuries randomly, out of the blue. He doesn't do them to himself and no one does them to him, that he knows of. He doesn't know why it ha...
  • boyxboy
  • college
  • fanfiction
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let's dive into what makes up most of my life, MEMES and band crack The author may be too lazy to update this book of memes 9/5/18 #666 twenty one pilots out of 3.73k 9...
  • brendonurie
  • patd
  • panic
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Numbers {COMPLETE} by xemoballerinax
Numbers {COMPLETE}by 《Draco is mine》
***COMPLETED*** Tattooed deep in my skin are numbers. Numbers, that I can't remember when or how they got there on the inside in my arm. I have asked my mom several time...
  • frankie
  • geeway
  • frankiero
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pastel skirts and metal lockers~ferard by josh_dun_is_a_hun
pastel skirts and metal ybaB yrC
Little!Innocent!Gee Bully!Overprotective!Frank Gee has recently started high school after being sheltered by his overprotective family all his life. After finding it dif...
  • joshler
  • brendonurie
  • petewentz
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homiephobic | bandom groupchat  by gorezilla
homiephobic | bandom groupchat by dj
highschoolers + kik = chaos or, in which a bunch of friends from school have a kik groupchat. ~toothbats, 2019-? ~lowercase intended
  • petekey
  • bandom
  • waterparks
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Songs by JaedenDylan
Songsby Barnes_Obsessed
Just songs that I adore and you should check them out. I will have the lyrics video in there, you'll probably know them but yeah, just some good songs.
  • songs
  • mychemicalromance
  • twentyonepilots
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a bunch of pictures I have saved on my phone by -starryfrankie-
a bunch of pictures I have saved 3/22/13
read the title you dumbo
  • dallon
  • andy
  • twentyonepilots
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What if? -Brendon Urie- by Just_Chass
What if? -Brendon Urie-by Just_Chass
What if he never left? What if he would've stayed? Would things be better? 16 yr old Callie Urie is the younger sister for the famous Brandon Urie. Callie has a lot o...
  • joshdun
  • depression
  • tylerjoseph
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What do you feel Gerard?/ Frerard by Muke_Stynlinson
What do you feel Gerard?/ Frerardby Muke_Stynlinson
.-Si pudieras describir en una palabra, lo que llevas de vida, cual sería? .-Dolor.-
  • gerardway
  • frerard
  • gerardxfrank
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