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In the mind (Bnha x OC) {Discontinued} by PippoRu
In the mind (Bnha x OC) { PippoRu
Jinko Yushiro didn't live an easy life by any means, but life on the streets in the shadiest part of town as an 8 year old isn't supposed to be easy, neither is having a...
Saving Each Other (todoroki x oc) by happpykitty88
Saving Each Other (todoroki x oc)by happpykitty88
It's amazing how the smallest smile masks the deepest scars Sakura Asano isn't your typical average teenage girl. At a young age, she has faced trauma that no person sh...
It's All In Your Head (Villain! Deku AU) by Rin-egade
It's All In Your Head (Villain! Rin Gade
3 years ago a 15 year old boy disappeared, never to be seen by his mother, friends, or anyone again. To this day it's still a mystery as to where he went, and if he's al...
BNHA Next Gen: Kota's Tidal Wave by 1point21GW
BNHA Next Gen: Kota's Tidal Waveby 1point21GW
For a long time as a child, Kota Izumi had hated the superhuman society and the heroes who protect it from villains. Now as a teenager, Kota has changed his perspective...
Hidden Opportunity:villain deku by Ender_Janice
Hidden Opportunity:villain dekuby Your average DR fan
Hey guys! This is my first story so I don't expect it to be good. Sorry in advance if the story isn't good enough or if I make any errors. . . . Everyone thought the kid...
Sound part 1 [My Hero Academia AU] [Discontinued] by RavenDragonite
Sound part 1 [My Hero Academia AU] RavenDragonite
When a half-blind girl gets into UA, she catches the attention of everyone around Japan, including the League of Villains. Things don't go as planned when a boy called H...
The Change Of Deku by ildegarne
The Change Of Dekuby Sugar🍭Ildegarne🍬
Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless omega who have 'two' childhood friends, well one is more like a childhood bully, the first one is like him an omega but she possesses a qui...
Burn ! by Parknott
Burn !by Matheus Anciães
After a tragic event, Kenta Amano decide to become a different type of hero
My Hero Academia Alternative Story Part 1 by BladeMaster3900
My Hero Academia Alternative BladeMaster3900
This is my version of the My Hero Academia Story including my OC Asuka Sato. This story follows not only the current characters in the Anime but my Character as well as...
My One Shot Collection Academia by 30RatsGod
My One Shot Collection Academiaby 30RatsGod
A My Hero Academia one shot collection, entriely written by myself. This definitely won't be updated regularly, but I do update fairly frequently. This is just any rando...
ɢ ʜ ᴏ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ | A BNHA Fanfiction by Forkwithagun
ɢ ʜ ᴏ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ | A BNHA Fanfictionby Shigaraki Kinnie
"It's you fault." "It's your fault I'm dead, AllMight and you know it."
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My DC Academia II by evolvedwriting
My DC Academia IIby evolved
The Second Chapter in the My DC Academia franchise starts now! The Legion of Doom's attack on DA is news to everyone. It causes worry in the public, with some wondering...
Kirishima x Bakugou by HappilyNeverBefore
Kirishima x Bakugouby HappilyNeverBefore
Information- This is actually my first fan fiction. I mainly wrote this cause quarantine a bitch and I'm really bored. So I hope you guys like it. Also the next thing I...
𝒟𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓎  by Senpai-Sophie
𝒟𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓎 by ha
!!!Discontinued until further notice!!! This is a villain Deku story, it starts from the beginning before he met All Might. When Deku is attacked by the sludge villain b...
Love Has Its Quirks(Iida Tenya x Reader) by Musicalnerd1200
Love Has Its Quirks(Iida Tenya x Di Molto!
You are an insecure but powerful student at U.A High School and were born with the quirk of being able to manipulate nature. When you are transferred to class 1-A to wor...
Brain Waves | My Hero Academia by ultimapanics
Brain Waves | My Hero Academiaby ultima.
"ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴇɴᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀ ʜᴇʀᴏ. sᴛᴏᴘ ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ɴᴏᴡ, ɪᴛ's ᴘᴏɪɴᴛʟᴇss." In a world where power defines you, even those with powers struggle. To become a good h...
An Amazing Surprise by Spidermason666
An Amazing Surpriseby The Harem Slayer
So this is a spider-man in UA from MHA or my hero academia if you don't know.and it is spider-man just also being there so yeah. Also going to be from Peters point of v...
Deku x OC      My hero, My heroine by Usadamon
Deku x OC My hero, My heroineby Usadamon
Haguruma Ayako's quirk "machine" allows her to readily understand and assemble any sort of machine, making her a prime candidate for the support class, where s...
MHA meets Percy Jackson by Foxliferules
MHA meets Percy Jacksonby Foxliferules
What if the two time lines where not different at all? But what if they where just separate world? Well this is a story of Todoroki and Deku and how they meet the demigo...