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The Warrior And His Emperors by _diamond_crown
The Warrior And His Emperorsby _diamond_crown
#1 in Kings (Earlier) #1 in Threesome He was a warrior. He was meant to protect the King and the Kingdom. His name brought the fear for life in warriors across the world...
DESIDERIUM by luftmenschoriginal
"We'll always find our way back to each other." Adrian, Levi and Rafael. They've been best friends since basically forever. Best friends, even tho Rafael has...
Living With Cat Shifters  by lovehightreesV
Living With Cat Shifters by ❤︎
A Chow Chow shifter lives in a house that is shared with five cat shifters after being rejected and neglected multiple times by other shifters. He just simply wants a pl...
Fox (mxm) by TheoryKierei
Fox (mxm)by TheoryKierei
Fox has lived most of his life as his namesake, and sees no reason to stop doing so. He doesn't mind hunting the city alleyways for his dinner, nor sleeping beneath tree...
43 Days by ccreator
43 Daysby grey
Three best friends. One summer. 43 days. That's what creates something three boys never saw coming. ___ Malachi Williams is a little harsh-edged, a little boring, a lit...
I'm yours... (Although you don't want me)  [ON HOLD] by BeMainLuzixx
I'm yours... (Although you don't BeMainLuzixx
In this world, soulmates will be decided by the system. Oliver Lewis is betrothed with two persons, which are Xavier Woods and Aiden Collins.
Loving The Boss. by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Loving The Jay.
Melbourne has been Hugh's best friend, assistant and confidante for 8 years.Mel holds unrequited feelings for Hugh.Their friendship is toxic as Mel tries to escape from...
Forced to Be Their Baby Boy  by JackieStokes
Forced to Be Their Baby Boy by JackieStokes
Cooper is 18 years old and just graduated high school. He works at a local cafe as a waiter and plans to start online classes in the fall if he can save enough money. He...
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy) by -notthatmahi
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy)by Mahi~
Axel looked with tears in his eyes as he saw his ex-boyfriend walking hand in hand with his best friend. He never expected it to be this way. No not at all. All three o...
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕 // 𝑩𝒙𝑩𝒙𝑩 [SLOW UPDATES] by aliotomiru
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕 // 𝑩𝒙𝑩𝒙𝑩 [SLOW ali<3
17 year old Rowan and his parents move to a new state where he forms and unexpected bond with two other boys.
My Boyfriend's Lover (boyxboy) *On Hold* by MeandDiamond
My Boyfriend's Lover (boyxboy) * Every time someone falls in l...
(On Hold) Evan McCarthy was living in a 'not so' perfect relationship with his boyfriend Daniel Reynolds. Until one day, he has proposed the idea of including another p...
Us + You by they_call_me_sugar
Us + Youby 🍪
Vallen, Briar, and Hayden grew up as an unstoppable team, an unbreakable trio- nobody left behind. That is, until in their senior year of high school Briar and Hayden ad...
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan) by slubikaz
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan)by A. Slubice
Conrad Fitzroy is a delta. He's blue collar. Poor. And yet, he enters a world of impossibility under the arms of charming alpha Joseph Darling. Only to be thrown to the...
Temporary Fix by fragmented-
Temporary Fixby darcy ✌︎ (they/them)
[NEW CHAPTER EVERY SUNDAY] Liam Spencer is fresh out of a relationship and also a job. Not of his own accord, of course. His fiance called off their engagement, and si...
Male!Reader Inserts (One Shots) [Male X Male] by shiroi_lillian
Male!Reader Inserts (One Shots) [ Doctor Fujoshi ~`
Collection of one-shots, Various male anime characters X Male reader. - NOTE : I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS NOR THE ANIMES - #2 in Characters on March 31st 2022 #261 in Ga...
A family (MingxPhanaxForth) by StormyMyLove
A family (MingxPhanaxForth)by Stormy My Love
What can bring 3 men together and turn them into a family.... A baby. This is a short story about Ming, Forth and Phana getting together. It is a story about 3 men who...
The Bid For Silence by Bookworm7250
The Bid For Silenceby Bookworm7250
A story of a mute boy after being taken by aliens.
Old friends, New lover by Meliodas-Loves-Me
Old friends, New loverby Meliodas-Loves-Me
Sebastian Waylen was only 5 when he first met the humanoid animatronic who could change from one into another. Sebastian was also only 5 when his mother (if you could ev...
Break Me by EarbanaSahmot
Break Meby UnsettledMist
Deep down he knew he loved it...The degrading words, the feeling of hands around his neck, the feeling of welts and bruises all over his body...he knew deep down, He lov...
The Art Of Deception -   欺骗的艺术 BL  by vanillagalaxiez
The Art Of Deception - 欺骗的艺术 BL by VanillaGalaxiez
Two vampire friends, with one being secretly in love with the other, had decided one day to reck havoc upon the human population. Slaughtering everyone that stood in the...