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Shelter by stateofgay
Shelterby stateofgay
When Mutsumi kisses Shinomiya to get rid of an annoying person, neither expected they would kiss more often.
Life is a game!! (Kiss him not me! reader insert!) by Weird_Weeb_101
Life is a game!! (Kiss him not My old man is a sumbag
Your name was Y/N Serinuma, Yep your the crazy Otaku's little sister! You loved your sister and followed her everywhere. Until you were thrown straight into the middle...
Mutsumi x reader one shots  by cries_in_spanish_
Mutsumi x reader one shots by cries_in_spanish_
these are short one shots about yours and mutsumi's relationship. sorry is these aren't the best this is my first story I ever wrote. :/
Asuma Mutsumi x Reader Oneshots by ShibaInuInu
Asuma Mutsumi x Reader Oneshotsby HoshiTheShiba
Asuma Mutsumi is one of the characters that fell in love with Kae Serinuma in the anime Watashi ga Motete Dousunda ( Kiss Him, Not Me! ) Now we all know the lovable...
Your Sister!? (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by GeekyWeekly
Your Sister!? (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)by Mariちゃん
A "Kiss Him, Not Me" Fanfic You may not know this but Kae has a sister, a fraternal twin to be exact. Her name's Serinuma Fuyuko, A naturally beauty. She's bee...
Kiss Her Not Me by Fandomz_Fanboy
Kiss Her Not Meby Remus Hisahoshi
A kiss him not me Fanfiction where the Reader is an American transfer student who makes friends by joining the History Club. Throughout the book (Your Name) falls in lov...
A New Kind of Love (Kiss Him Not Me x reader) by i_jkmnopqrst_u
A New Kind of Love (Kiss Him Not mwah
(y/n) (l/n) has moved to a new city. New city means new love interests, new drama and new adventures. (y/n) is shocked (but not really surprised) to find 3 guys and a gi...
Truth or Dare by CameraFace
Truth or Dareby Miki
The khnm squad are playing truth or dare at Nishinas small house party...
COMPLETED Shattered Glass (Kiss Him Not Me X Reader) by ImJuztWeird
COMPLETED Shattered Glass (Kiss Weird
She is a clumsy girl, but yet beautiful. And when she moves to a different school she meets people that starts to fall for her beauty, but little do they know, she had k...
Kiss him not me x reader  by opal2877
Kiss him not me x reader by _______
I love this anime and I want a season two... The first book was started 22nd of August 2017 (Currently only a Shinomiya x reader. If you read the first page you will und...
Nanashino One shots by kaidou_defender_
Nanashino One shotsby 𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕕 𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕡𝕒
This my 2nd book so don't expect much, I really love this ship so I decided to make a oneshot book on it since on wattpad there are literally only five books on them and...
khnm oneshots by ptgarchived
khnm oneshotsby closed!
"kiss him, not me!" collection of khnm short stories completed. © 2017
It's Hot on the Beach by CameraFace
It's Hot on the Beachby Miki
The group are having their vacation at Shimas beach house. Igas feelings for Nana are growing. What will happen when Igarashi goes into crazy seme mode? Well I guess you...
"Her sister?!!"Hayato Shinomiya x Fem reader by _izukuvs_
"Her sister?!!"Hayato Shinomiya
This is my first story sorry if this is cringe!! anyways back to the description-- ((ON HOLD)) This story is about Y/n Serinuma, who is the sister of Kae Serinuma. She...
Kiss Him Not Me- Oneshots by AmeliaLovesSU
Kiss Him Not Me- Oneshotsby TheGayApprentice
On the KHNM amino I did this thing where I ask people what they want a one shot of. Since my amino keeps on crashing, I decided to draft them on wattpad. So, as a result...
Falling - Iganana by stateofgay
Falling - Igananaby stateofgay
Unresolved sexual tension? More likely than you think. Kiss Him Not Me fanfiction / kind of crack but also the whole show is crack soo ~ Complete ~ Might be inappropria...
In Your Arms | A kiss him not me x reader Fanfiction  by Rein-xaviera
In Your Arms | A kiss him not me Rein
(y/n) (l/n) saw herself as an ordinary girl, while in reality "ordinary" is not the closest word to describe her. Being serinuma's childhood friend, she gre...
A Weird Day by CameraFace
A Weird Dayby Miki
Could this day even get any weirder? Everything Nana went through that day finally pushed him to confess..ish. A drunk Nana throws himself at Igarashi...what will happe...
kiss him not me (nanashima x oc) by albear111
kiss him not me (nanashima x oc)by albear111
what would happened if kae had an over protective friend. how will this affect the story. and how will the boys get kae's affection? (this is my first story so please en...