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Challenger Deep » Marvel Apply Fiction by Cynarr
Challenger Deep » Marvel Apply Rianne
The Challenger Deep is the deepest known point of the ocean, located in the Mariana Trench. With its 10,928 meters deep it is -- inverted -- even higher than the Mount E...
  • blackwidow
  • ironman
  • mutant
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future x man reader x marvel by VincentHardy5
future x man reader x marvelby Vincent Hardy
The phénix force is back, but got divided in every Mutants, they got crazy, and mutants took over the world
  • harem
  • marvel
  • mutant
Angel of Death by kathvrinexx
Angel of Deathby Kat
She's ruthless. She's cold-hearted. She's emotionless. She's a killer. She is an assassin and a gang leader. She is a mutant, but not any mutant. She is an angel-demon h...
  • angeldemon
  • badass
  • fight
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dazed  ;   xmen  by secretlife_asateen
dazed ; xmen by secretlife_asateen
" i'm dazed and confused " " when are you not " in which a group of young mutants form a team to stop the apocalypse. [ BOOK ONE ] fem!oc x male...
  • love
  • xmen
  • cyclops
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# YOU CAN'T SAVE ME by I_have_arrived
  • status
  • phoenix
  • x-men
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Desert of Monsters by GunslingerKaine
Desert of Monstersby GunslingerKaine
In Las Vegas, Nevada, resides a powerful man and a genderfluid succubus. Their names? Victor Rebenok and Kirren respectively. Victor is a child of great monster hunters...
  • original
  • lgbt
  • mutant
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Mutant || Stray Kids by Mowchi_G
Mutant || Stray Kidsby Mowchi_G
❝You're not nothing❞ -??? ❝but I don't know what I am❞ -??? ~~~ You learn what you are when you're growing up. You meet great friends, even an ohana, a family. ~~~ ⚠️ T...
  • kimseungmin
  • mutant
  • seochangbin
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RPG ~ Apocalyptic summer by Benito_Mendes-
RPG ~ Apocalyptic summerby Louane Dawson
Un soir d'été, les êtres humains disparaissent. Ceux qui survivent sont une cinquantaine, et développent d'étranges pouvoirs. Leurs yeux deviennent verts, leur sang devi...
  • humain
  • mutant
  • rpg
NEW MUTANTS (secret asylum x He/She reader by sherktiddies
NEW MUTANTS (secret asylum x He/ 🃏™️
so this is inspired by the coming movie New mutants you should what's the trailer for idea this story includes superpowers (yours is that you can come alive after you di...
  • fantasy
  • superheros
  • mutant
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𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂 (𝐌𝐁/𝐒) by quickxsilverr
𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂 (𝐌𝐁/𝐒)by ᴘɪᴇᴛʀᴏ
MB/S for Pietro Maximoff
  • mçu
  • quicksilver
  • marvel
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The sun the moon and the stars.  by 11Doctor_who11
The sun the moon and the stars. by 11Doctor_who11
Oakly Verse is studying at Oxford University to become a professor in astrophysics. Little does she know she isn't the only mutant there. Her power is one of destructio...
  • xmen
  • mutation
  • x-menfirstclass
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❛ I AM THE STORM ❜ by whiteisms
ororo munroe's message board and status - ⚡️
  • storm
  • mutant
  • mature
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A mutant girl by psycholover_246
A mutant girlby psycholover_246
Mutáns, légy büszke! - Mystique
  • quicksilver
  • mutant
  • xmen
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Jean's Relationship book by everyhearthasahero18
Jean's Relationship bookby Becca Bennett
"The power inside me, makes me stronger not weaker.'
  • power
  • boyfriendgirlfriend
  • family
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Mutant Freak by 221B_stucky
Mutant Freakby 221B_stucky
a high school au where Charles is bullied for being a mutant, he makes friends with the new guy who seems to be trying to hide something. Charles discovers his painful l...
  • mutant
  • charles
  • bullied
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TMNT - Anything to hear your heart pulse by Algerian_Builder112
TMNT - Anything to hear your Algerian_Builder112
My first TMNT Fan story. I own no characters. Except some unknown persons. Rates and opinions needed.
  • turtles
  • leonardo
  • mutant
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Jean's Instagram by everyhearthasahero18
Jean's Instagramby Becca Bennett
Phoenix started following you.
  • fear
  • ddarkness
  • dark
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Nick's Greybeck (status book) by everyhearthasahero18
Nick's Greybeck (status book)by Becca Bennett
"I can bring the fire."
  • fire
  • enemy
  • friends
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Dossier Agents by Itrenore
Dossier Agentsby Itrenore
Afin de faciliter la lecture et la compréhension de certains événements des différents histoires "The Agents", voici les dossiers et présentations des divers A...
  • presentation
  • demi-demon
  • sorcier
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Heroes of tomorrow  by IamBeka1
Heroes of tomorrow by IamBeka1
You think the world you love in is a nice place full of happiness and positivity....I was wrong....people, out there, want to kill us because we're different...
  • adventure
  • marvel
  • x-men
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