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A Normal Day... | Monster Girls X Male Reader by LtGreenie
A Normal Day... | Monster Girls Greenie
Monster girls, everywhere. You were just a normal dude. 18 years old, good job, nice house. But what happens when you throw monster girls into the mix? One day you get a...
Monster Musume x Male Saiyan reader by Spectrum234
Monster Musume x Male Saiyan readerby Spectrum234
You were sent to Earth by King Vegeta's orders because he wanted you to live on Earth and join the Cultural Exchange Program on Earth but since the Saiyan's are allies t...
Monster Girls in New York. by Gogoup123
Monster Girls in New gogo
We follow a man name Matthew as he is thrusted into hosting monster girls. We see what shenanigans our protagonist gets himself into as his new "family" grows...
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As You♡ (Ayano x Amai) by RubberSucker
♡Nothing I Bake Is As Sweet As Kit_Kat
Ayano has been stalking Taro Yamada for years. It's currently junior year, and she plans on confessing to him. But what happens when a new girl shows up and makes Ayano...
Monster Musume: This Time it's YOU by Unwornbread7060
Monster Musume: This Time it's YOUby UnwornBread7060
One very handsome and awesome man, (Y/N) [which stands for "your name" NOT "yodeling ninja"] finds an ad to earn free cash for the low, LOW price of...
Daily Life With Furry Girls by SciFurz
Daily Life With Furry Girlsby SciFurz
Guy did not suspect to find a beautiful white feline anthro female knocking on his door in the mistaken impression he'd be her host when he sat down to write one evening...
༆ Yandere Simulator Zodiac Signs by AlexandraDaNoob
༆ Yandere Simulator Zodiac Signsby Rᴇᴏ<3
• Welcome and have fun! • • Cover not mine / credits to Twilyss on Tumblr for the images used for the chapters •
Out! of my League | Umeji Kizuguchi x Reader [DISCONTINUED]  by tsumkissed
Out! of my League | Umeji 𝐯𝐞𝐠𝐚☆彡
"Me fall in love with you!? Tch.. you know, maybe I actually do" •~• Y/n a new student in Akademi High who is quite interesting.. had caught the attention of a...
I hate how I love you [Musume Ronshaku x Fem Reader] by byrnqqp
I hate how I love you [Musume basil
Y/n is a quiet, shy 17 year old girl who switches schools because of moving. She's now a student of Akademi High School. She meets her old childhood friend after 4 years...
Life with Monster Girls by MegaPrime2
Life with Monster Girlsby Mega Prime
Follow two Excellent Dudes from Reno Fields, Riley Gabbert and Ethan Settler, as they move overseas to Osaka Japan because they both applied to the Interspecies Exchange...
Everyday Life With  A Monster Vilgante, Yee haw!!!: A Monster Musume Spinoff! by Geo-devourer
Everyday Life With A Monster Hellfire dragon king
A mechanic that can make anything winds up living in a mansion with a bunch of monster girls. What they don't know is that he has the power turn into a monster himself...
Monster Musume Genderbend by TheAnimeGamer14
Monster Musume Genderbendby TheAnimeGamer14
I don't really know what to say it's Monster Musume but everyone's gender is switched up
Monster musume: A Oni by -LordShaxx-
Monster musume: A Oniby Lord Shaxx
I keep seeing books about hosts pov and never monsters so I will make this
Only Human In This House  by Papaemeritus22
Only Human In This House by venom snake dead
He only human in house n everyone in house there are monster n team rainbow meet M.O.N n this take in everylife with monster anime thing
Another Girl(Monster Musume x Female reader insert)(On Hold) by ProteaBestSakuraFace
Another Girl(Monster Musume x ProteaBestSakuraFace
you are (Y/N) or as your group once called you Ane-San Nozomi, yes you heard that right Ane-san a title typically given to upper ranking female members of yakuza. (Y/N)...
Rachnera x GhostBuster reader by Supdude10153
Rachnera x GhostBuster readerby Metagross123456
Ever sense the Monster exchange Program Paranormal Activity has spiked tremendously in Japan which in its self has a huge history with monsters it's got a book of fri...
Monster 10 by Flamewarrior11
Monster 10by Flame
When the wielder of the Omnitrix Ben Tennyson is mysteriously transported to an alternate world he must learn to live with girls that aren't entirely human. Will he surv...
"Love At First Sight" - Budo Masuta x Reader by EdgyAuthor
"Love At First Sight" - Budo EdgyMemeLord
Being the new student Was a troublesome for you. You have always been targetted to be bullied, ever since you we're 10 Well... Seems like it got more intense when you go...
Midori X Yandev: A True Love Story by thedogboy1234
Midori X Yandev: A True Love Storyby a boy
This goes out you, my Midori X Yandev shippers, my first fanfic! There will be many more fanfics in the future and I'm excited to even do this one! Midori and Yandev is...