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He Stayed| by ifeFox
He Stayed|by Nada
"Shoot her!" He barks orders at him. My heart racing with every beat louder than the sound of fatal hits and blows landing on those I cherish most and my finge...
Football preferences 2 💋✨ by niklassuele
Football preferences 2 💋✨by 𝐒𝐯𝐞𝐭𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐚
Another preference book about new awesome players.
The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine by TatumWhispers
The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Tatum Whispers
Fresh out of the Marine Corps you find yourself back in your home town. With a duffle bag full of memories, you bring nightmares and lies. How far are you willing to go...
Disworks Getaway by user44799438
Disworks Getawayby justdisneydudes
After Taking Back Their Worlds From Thanos All The Disney And Dreamworks Characters Decide To Go On A Vacation To Rest... But! Crazy Things Are About To Happen!
Weightless by IndigoOmosun
Weightlessby Indigo Omosun
She sat down on the floor. Knees drawn to her chest, hands pulling at her hair. She couldn't take it anymore. She ripped out a bunch of her hair and laughed at the pain...
Craving Temptation: Love of a Vampire by TatumWhispers
Craving Temptation: Love of a Tatum Whispers
....He turns his face to look me in the eyes, his lips gently brush against my cheek. I freeze and gasp. It is like little sparks prickling my skin. His lips are soft bu...
Villains don't get Happy Endings by Celine107_
Villains don't get Happy Endingsby Celinee :))
When Adira walked through the dark forest, leaves falling from the dead trees, the snowflakes falling onto her cloak, the sounds of the crunching snow onto her boots as...
The Leather Jacket Effect  by ___VAMPIRE___
The Leather Jacket Effect by ♡SΔDIΣ GRΔHΔM♡
Sabrina has this theory that if you put a leather jacket on a guy, then he seems more attractive to girls. To test this theory Sabrina uses her best friend Jaxon. During...
Fancam Situation  by -redswan
Fancam Situation by 𝑴𝒊𝒌𝒂
IMPORTANT!! Please read! Here I will try my best to update you guys about the fancam situation.
I can't help falling in love with you by haleena_alavi
I can't help falling in love Nina🌙
Camilla: she was just an ordinary high school girl when suddenly the unexpected happened and changed her life for the worst...... but could there be a light after the tu...
HENRY DANGER (Kenry or chenry) by jannie_rocks
HENRY DANGER (Kenry or chenry)by 💋Jannie
It's a fan fiction about the character in Henry danger "Henry hart " real name "Jace Lee Norman".he meets Katie Lynn and still friends with charlotte...
Book of songs by jannie_rocks
Book of songsby 💋Jannie
It a book filled with different types of song Note: if you have any song request please write and send it to me on comments or conversation Thanks a lot
Film recommendations  by kpop_prisoner
Film recommendations by ☯️☮️🌈☮️☯️
Same as song recommendations but with films. I'll try and included the trailer
Dalliance  by sad_excuse_4_a_fish
Dalliance by sad_excuse_4_a_fish
16 years after The Final Problem Sherlock and John are thriving- between raising kids and solving crime they may be a little too comfortable. That's why when Dalliance w...
TRUMAN by whoissteph
TRUMANby whoissteph
Brea is a girl suffering from a disease. She has lived her life in fear of doing something that would complicate her health. Senior year comes around and she decides to...
Dealing With My Demons and Hers by queen_jazziii
Dealing With My Demons and Hersby Jasmine G. Hill
Teenage boy struggles with depression and PTSD, but does he have to? She is willing to help him get through it, but can she considering the fact that she's more unstable...
What is Love by N30-R3ads
What is Loveby N30-R3ads
12 people find the true meaning of love
My Mr. Lucifer by MyMrLucifer
My Mr. Luciferby DyingInHisShadow
Look in to the dark life of a girl who suffers and tries to keep everything in but will it stay a secret?
It's okay mommy. I'm here. by Mrosejack
It's okay mommy. I'm Mrosejack
About a girl named Meredith Gilliam, fighting her own mind from her child's tragic death. Soon enough she goes insane, but doesn't realize it until her old friend, Mary...