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Long lost sister💚|Nba youngboy by unproblematic_Kari
Long lost sister💚|Nba youngboyby DaYungin_Kari🥱💗
An ordinary girl finds out that she is the long lost sister to famous rapper Nbayoungboy!! She tells us how it is with the rapper on a day to day bases, and gives us det...
𝐌𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮  by saucyynii
𝐌𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮 by saucyynii
A single mom on her own till she meets a kayvon but will he hurt her like the rest ?
Dabi x Reader by itzdabiloverrr
Dabi x Readerby dabi😏
This story has lemons. 🍋
Tasting the Forbidden Fruit (COMPLETED)  by H_Stil
Tasting the Forbidden Fruit ( H.S.
The Giordano's and the Romano's are the most powerful mafia families in New York City. They have a plan to have Francesco Romano marry Orabelle Giordano. But when Orabe...
Loona incorrect quotes by deathlessly
Loona incorrect quotesby Kami 🌙
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Welcome to the Loonaverse! ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) If you've stumbled upon this, congratulations. Grab a chair (not literally) and sit down because you're in for som...
The Human in the Wolf Pack by RoyalyBree
The Human in the Wolf Packby Britani
#1 under #MustRead -12/3/19 This story isn't about the werewolf who found his mate, but a human. Vera White was raised by werewolves, and grew up hated by the majority o...
Beauty Meets Beast|| Pop Smoke by RomonaJewensky
Beauty Meets Beast|| Pop Smokeby RomonaJewensky
Young 20 year old Ceo of PrettyHokah & a club called Cosmic Reanna Jewensky doesn't cater to anything or anyone but her businesses . And she's never really done too much...
Ink: Savage Crows MC Book 1 by tosmith
Ink: Savage Crows MC Book 1by T.O. Smith
I N K She ripped my heart out five years ago when she left to be with my brother. Now she's back, and she's asking me for protection. ~*~*~ R E I N A Five years ago, I l...
All Ours. by BrookeCameron416
All Brooke Cameron
Continuation of 'All Mine. All Yours.' Tony, Stephanie, and Cole leave Las Vegas and head off to Long Beach, California. There Cole meets someone unexpectedly, and from...
The CEO and Me by jnelly21
The CEO and Meby J
What happens when you can only depend on yourself? Elena Winters had everything. She even was accepted into Yale. That all changed when her father died. Shortly after hi...
Life changes (Mattia fanfic) by bxtch-no
Life changes (Mattia fanfic)by Noel
Will you fall for the boy in a gang that deals with drug. Or will you stay away from him and his twisted life. Life changes when you meet a troubled boy. Will you fix hi...
List of wattpad stories that you must read!
Indian Stories by sowjanya48
Indian Storiesby Sowjanya
This book will have a list of Indian stories which I personally liked.
The Best Stories on Wattpad by portiamorz
The Best Stories on Wattpadby 👽
A lists of suggested wattpad stories for y'all. These books are worth to read!!
Bloody Rhapsody (Damon Salvatore Love) by xoZOMBIEBABYxo
Bloody Rhapsody (Damon Salvatore Skye
Rhapsody, state of elated bliss or ecstasy. Nereza (Neressa) is a girl who could not understand the meaning behind these words. Being cursed with a drunk father, and...
Bad Boy by writtenbyChanel
Bad Boyby @ladysie_xo
Trenton & Octayvia ❤️
BoyxBoy Recommendations by Jennola
BoyxBoy Recommendationsby Jennifer Michelle
Recommendations of completed BoyxBoy/ManxMan/ManxBoy stories.
Force (Kairi fanfic) by bxtch-no
Force (Kairi fanfic)by Noel
It's all for the family business. After your parents marry you to a man you've never meet. Things change, old relationships break new friendships grow. A power hungry...
Killing Samuel and Moving On by lehualani
Killing Samuel and Moving Onby lehua
"The boy, Sam, wanted to get things right before he killed himself." Samuel's writing letters to all the people that have wronged him, failed him, and missed a...