Being Unguarded (Completed) by fareeree
Being Unguarded (Completed)by Farida Haruna
"You are not the one that goes out and people keep asking you how your children are. You're not the one who has to explain you don't have a child. You're not the on...
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My very own hijabi by egyptian2111994
My very own hijabiby egyptian2111994
Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and it's evils Jannah Mohamed is not your typical hijabi, she is an introvert, her traumatic past has...
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My Hidden Love ♡ by StormnShine
My Hidden Love ♡by Anaira🌼
#1 in Islamiclovestory as of 12.01.19 #2 in Islamiclovestory #1 in Muslimah #1 in Muslimlovestory as of 30th Nov 18 #2 in Muslimlovestory Dec 2018 #10 in Muslimlov...
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The CEO's unexpected love ✔ by TheSecretWriterr94
The CEO's unexpected love ✔by TheSecretWriter
"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected times." ▪▪ He stroke my arm with his hand and carefully followed his own action with h...
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Marriage Divorce Love  by AnamQureshi1D
Marriage Divorce Love by AnamQureshi1D
"It was a deal" what..?? "What...??? What type of deal ammi..??" I asked her confused. "Your marriage was a deal." Shagufta who got marrie...
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Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love Story)  by i7love8allah6
Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love
"Why don't you leave me?" I shouted, trying to mask away the fear that filled inside of me this time. "Oh Darling I wish I could." He smirked, almos...
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Good? Great. by Noretakes
Good? ~M a i c a~
My mom tells me to never think about it but how can I not when it's right there infront of me. My dad tells me to forget about it but how can I when it's a part of me. M...
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Alone by -blueberry123-
Aloneby -blueberry123-
Aleena is a young woman whose only wish in the world is to please Allah and follow his command...that and her future husband's. But her future husband is not who she ex...
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Dawud - A Muslim Love Story by yourmuslimah
Dawud - A Muslim Love Storyby yourmuslimah
My stomach dropped the second we made eye contact. He had long and dark brown hair, which curled under the baseball cap he wore backward. The subtle curve of his nose wa...
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Wanted to be loved(Islamic story) by Delicate_crystals
Wanted to be loved(Islamic story)by Silent tears
"You will do it. You have to teach me. I will make you do it." He took a step toward me. I didn't stepped back, expressing that I was not afraid, ready for any...
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In the Arms of an Angel.. by FathimaShif
In the Arms of an LiveLove
What if one has everything one want in life? Looks, money, influence, power, women and almost everything one want in life? Well, yea, then it will make one more arrogant...
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Once Upon A Halal Muslimah by Hijabi_09
Once Upon A Halal Muslimahby 🦄NAIRAHSIDS🦄
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Heart Whispers(muslim Love Story)  by flawless43
Heart Whispers(muslim Love Story) by ayesha
Define happiness? That was the exact question I asked myself the very day I decided I wanted to be happy but I guess I never really got the real definition. Amina Khalid...
  • muslimah
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
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My Fate (arranged marriage) #Wattys2016 #royalistawards by cookiescupcake1
My Fate (arranged marriage) R.A. Blackrose
Marriage is one of the best things to happen to them. It is one of the best things that could happen to somebody. Ameena thought so to. But what would happen when innoce...
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Unbreakable Bond (COMPLETED) by your_perfection010
Unbreakable Bond (COMPLETED)by Faith
(BOOK FOUR) #1 in spiritual 01/01/19 What hurts most, seeing the one you love say they don't love you Or Seeing them loving someone else?
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HER PSYCHOTIC HUSBAND by Crazy_lollipop_lover
H!gh€$t ®@πkinG, Alhamdulillah #2 in Spiritual (17/06/2018) ✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ "You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to th...
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BM3 - A Muslim Love Story by HopesPrayersNSmiles
BM3 - A Muslim Love Storyby Sa :)
BM3- Being Marvellous. Being Modest. Being a Muslimah. There are many forms and many types for the four letter word of love. But as a Muslimah, I know that all forms of...
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His Light by Thanweer
His Lightby Nafisa : )
No snow could cover my pains. No rain could take away my pains. No water could cool down the fire rising in my heart. No light could lit my world. Because, now, you are...
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Her Unwanted Husband✔️ by Imaan00
Her Unwanted Husband✔️by Imaan
**THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE OF THE STORY. THE REST OF THE STORY IS PUBLISHED ON DREAME. ** "I don't feel anything towards you. You're kind of like my brother." She...
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