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TROUVAILLE | PORTHOS DU VALLON by misshiraethsworld
"Poor musketeers can't even catch a thief." "Always a pleasure, Bryn." Amberyn is not a lady. She has a way with words that causes Athos to think twi...
Three years later... by rebeccagalloway
Three years Becca Lannister
So the war against Grimaud and Gaston and thier army was fought and won and the Musketeers went thier seperate ways . Aramis became First Minister of France, D'Artagnan...
Legends of Yesterday - D'Artagnan by katherinep97
Legends of Yesterday - D'Artagnanby Katherine
Camille West was a normal girl from our year; 2017. As she grown up, she suffered from lost of her family; Mother, father and her grandmother and soon she lost her best...
Treasure (Porthos Love Story) by UKmendes97
Treasure (Porthos Love Story)by UKmendes97
She wasn't your usual Princess and He wasn't your usual Musketeer
A Powerful Little Love by wiistar88
A Powerful Little Loveby wiistar88
Amorette du Guillory could be a dangerous but neccessary ally to many. Crossing Paths with the musketeer Athos after many years, she must decide where her loyalites real...
X Baby & Child Reader Imagine by shy_blue_blossom
X Baby & Child Reader Imagineby Blue Blossom
Y/n - your name L/n - last name F/n - full name H/c - hair colour E/c - eye colour ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own any of the characters. If you have...
Man in the Iron Mask by TashaAmy1803
Man in the Iron Maskby Tasha Amy
A mystery lies within the French History, myths and stories passed down from generation to generation. Things covered up till it becomes 'history'. Well I'm here to tell...
All For Love by radiolover1029
All For Loveby radiolover1029
Antoinette de Lorraine: Comtesse of Chevreuse, ally to the Musketeers, and the adored lover of Aramis joins on the escapade established by the betrayal of Milady, the ve...
An Extraordinary Man (The Musketeers BBC) by LindaGroundwater
An Extraordinary Man (The Linda Groundwater
Following the events of Season 2, Episode 2, "An Ordinary Man," d'Artagnan is left questioning his suitability to be a musketeer- and with a need to redeem him...
The Musketeers Imagines by bookworm3254
The Musketeers Imaginesby bookworm3254
I don't own any images used or The Musketeers. Requests: OPEN Rules: 1. No smut 2. No triggering topics 3. I have the right to refuse a request. 4. Please include a plot...
The three musketeers by spikee8
The three musketeersby SPIKE
Elsa Audrey Izzy Three different girls who share a similar passion
Bluebird in My Heart [BBC Musketeers] ↠ Athos by arrthurpendragon
Bluebird in My Heart [BBC ˗ ˋˏKassandraˎˊ˗
Following the death of her father, there is nothing left for Odette in Scotland. At her uncle's suggestion, she journeys to Paris to be closer to him. Musketeer Athos i...
The Assassin of France (A [The Musketeers fanfiction]) by DarkAscendant
The Assassin of France (A [The DarkAscendant
Set on the storyline of the BBC tv series, the musketeers. [Season 1]
The Queen's musketeer {BBC the musketeers fanfic} by bethanniey
The Queen's musketeer {BBC the Beth Louise
[semi-on hold until i get an idea of what to write] Eleanor is Athos' sister and the Queens personal guard. How does she deal with society and their views on women's rig...
The Musketeer Girl by GraceBeard
The Musketeer Girlby Alpha_12
What if D'artagnan didn't travel to Paris alone?? What if his fourteen year old sister had gone with him?? And what if their father had trained them both to use a sword...
The New Kingdom of Humanity by Shadow_trooper
The New Kingdom of Humanityby Shadow_trooper
In the Lands of Oren, Magic and Mythical Creatures are common, The kingdoms of Elves, Dwarves Holds, the Realms of the Dragons, The Dark Kingdom and Lands of Giants hold...
All For One [ TGGBB One Shots ] by glorytsunami
All For One [ TGGBB One Shots ]by — G L O R Y —
This is a collection of one-shots from The Good Girl's Bad Boys, a story by RubixCube89201. All credits for characters go to Rubix; I can only take credit for the one-sh...
It's Never That Simple ( Musketeer One-Shots ) by ellieboots2810
It's Never That Simple ( ellieboots2810
A series of One-Shots following our four favourite Musketeers. Prompts welcome, also posted on FanFiction.Net and Archive of our Own. Whump here and there, mixed with so...
An Unexpected Meeting. [Logan Lerman Fan fiction] by _hayleylouise_
An Unexpected Meeting. [Logan Hayley Louise
When Leanne has the chance to go to a film premiere and see her celebrity crush, Logan Lerman she grabs it with both hands. Although the evening does not go to plan, an...
A little bit of everything Multi Fandom Imagines Book Three by Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything Multi Avengerssoulmate
My third book dedicated to the multi fandom universe. And again, I will be including the Marvel, the Expendables, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Gotham...