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Cody Herbinko imagines by loreoimagines
Cody Herbinko imaginesby ✨
Imagines about Cody written by me :)
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Baby girl | Cody Herbinko by 5lifesavingboys
Baby girl | Cody Herbinkoby 5lifesavingboys
"If stars burn out then so do we eventually"
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cody herbinko imagines (murderized) by desolatedwaves
cody herbinko imagines (murderized)by brie
;)) requests are open
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The School Bad boy | Cody Herbinko by Ashleymitchell14
The School Bad boy | Cody Herbinkoby AshleyMitchell ♡
"Brooke it's okay ... I know I'm hard to resist" he smirks.
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Wesley Tucker Smut by Iovehours
Wesley Tucker Smutby crack baby
This is just for fun. Don't take this seriously, this isn't my real writing. OK?
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internet freaks :: wesley tucker by sxwilk
internet freaks :: wesley tuckerby — tay
a story in which juliet finds her romeo over the internet, minus the dying and killing.
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makayla and the cummies by mukerized
makayla and the cummiesby mukerized
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ makayla has a story she must say about her secret. here it is
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Cody Herbinko smut by DaddyC0dy
Cody Herbinko smutby Cody smut
This is a book of Cody Herbinko smut|| All stories are mine, steal them and I'll force feed you your own nipples.
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High (a Cody herbinko fanfiction) by Qtanime
High (a Cody herbinko fanfiction)by Qtanime
Madi and Cody have been bestfriends forever but then he just leaves without saying anything,years passed by and madi is turning 17 and she's going to Disney to celebrate...
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Our Purple Haired Mate by PurpleHair_DontCare
Our Purple Haired Mateby purple hair dont care
Our Purple Haired Mate My life wasn't always easy,But this is my story of how my life took an unexpected turn. My name is Vanessa, I'm 17 and practically invisible to e...
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Homeless | clh by lackofaname
Homeless | clhby alex
"You were broken glass but I still touched you even though I knew I would get hurt." __ [ start date- 11|21|15 ] [ ended date- ___...
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Okay. || a Cody herbinko fan fiction by Qtanime
Okay. || a Cody herbinko fan Qtanime
They were complete strangers at one point yes Cody and Maisy after living across from eachother for 10 years. But then something happened between them a small spark grew...
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odd day// cody herbinko by sammuwilk
odd day// cody herbinkoby sammuwilk
it was an odd different day for jillian
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opposites attract {Cody herbinko} by ilovevineboys_1234
opposites attract {Cody herbinko}by ilovevineboys_1234
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The group chat[DISCONTINUED] by problemagic
The group chat[DISCONTINUED]by Taylor !
A group of internet friends from kik decide to meet up, what could go wrong? A lot of things. (Including Cody Herbinko, Ariana Grande, Wes tucker and many others)
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miss you by mikeyyy5sos
miss youby heyyyo
a guy fell in love with a girl and she fell in love with him but she just couldn't handle the world anymore so hes left here missing her :(
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Liar ; c.h by -wilksbabygirl
Liar ; c.hby princessa
in which an insecure boy falls for a girl but lies to impress her
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Herbinko love by lacyamber
Herbinko loveby lacyamber
Cailin and Cody have been best friends since the first grade. Cailin thinks Cody is just a friend but is he more?
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Just "Friends"...... Cody Herbinko by PushUpMalum
Just "Friends"...... Cody Herbinkoby PushUpMalum
reuniting with an old friend. will it be more??
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Torn up by sweetheartrelax
Torn upby sweetheartrelax
Lia Grant doesn't have much excitement in her life but a week away from home could bring more into her life than she could have asked for.
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