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Nekos and Inus {SkyLox}{Mpreg} by ShiningSouless
Nekos and Inus {SkyLox}{Mpreg}by Soul
In the world only 6 people are either a neko or a Inu. The rest are humans. Nekos and lnus are not suppose to like each other. They are suppose to remain hidden from the...
Minecraft One-Shots by Apocalypsey
Minecraft One-Shotsby Ashley
Little 'Imagine Your OTP' stories, some will be Nsfw / Smut - But it'll be tagged in the title ~ Includes SetoSolace Merome Skylox Doubdilshur (Yes OT3 :D) Doubdil Bashd...
HC and TC Oneshots - A Little Bit Of Everything by MyUniverseShips
HC and TC Oneshots - A Little MyUniverseShips
Random Oneshots of different Minecraft youtuber ships. Fandoms include both Hermitcraft and TeamCrafted. Ships include are present in tags. Diaclaimer: The shipping invo...
Monster (Main Pairing: Merome) by DatYuuki
Monster (Main Pairing: Merome)by DatYuuki
In a battle with the Squid Lord, Mitch is splashed with a mysterious potion. The potion turns him into a monster, and he runs away from his team, scared of them being sc...
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy) by nephilumtribute
Setosolace- One-Shots (boy x boy)by VG
A lot of Oneshots with your favorite minecrafters. Mainly Skylox, Merome, and (obviously) SETOSOLACE! Also starring Sparkant! Have fun reading about my personal OTP's in...
One broken heart can heal another {SetoSolace} by shubabang
One broken heart can heal trash
Seto was lonely, abused, and overall depressed. Until he runs into a boy named Brice and his friends. Although, things aren't exactly easy for the highschoolers...
Stars☆MCYT AU by De_AlterSorcerer
Stars☆MCYT AUby Ri
Tyler Christie; Alone, he just wants someone to talk to... Jason Probst; Star lover, wants to stargaze with others... ☆ ☆ ☆ "Hi, not on a phone?" "Nope. I...
The unding love (a munching universe story) by h20vanossshipper333
The unding love (a munching not so innocent teddy bear/ow...
Hi there my name is Brenda or bre for short and this is actually my first time doing a story about a ship and I would like you all to know that I will take any suggestio...
One shot book (Requests closed) (Ships&more) (BoyXBoy) by MinecraftModders
One shot book (Requests closed) ( MinecraftModders
Just a book of tons of one shots with all different ships (8th book written) *bajanlox *sketo *huskylox *asfCanadian/merome *bajanmu/bajanuniverse *munchinguniverse *po...
From the Future (Discontinued) by piperwolf94
From the Future (Discontinued)by Piper
Because of a disastrous war from a powerful enemy, twenty children have been chosen to time travel into the past in order to prevent the war from happening. Sound easy...
(HIATUS) Setosolace - My Light by CrimzynShadows
(HIATUS) Setosolace - My Lightby RogueVaramiy
Will most likely be on permanent Hiatus as I'm not interested in the fandom anymore as of now. --- Seto is a sorcerer in high school. Beaten and lonely, but believes he...
The Silver Strand -Subthan- by TheYaoi-bulance
The Silver Strand -Subthan-by Mikey
I met a forbidden one at the beach! A forbidden one! Much least a Silver Haired! -------------------- Society has decided, that only brown/black hairs should exist. Any...
~MunchingUniverse~ by Llamacornasaurus
~MunchingUniverse~by Beth :3
This is a Munching Universe story Ship it xD
Minecraft YouTuber ship oneshots!! by Dallasdarling
Minecraft YouTuber ship oneshots!!by Dallasdarling
Listen, I know im not the greatest writer, so dont expect the best of the best from me, but I have some underrated ships and I think it would be fun to write some fanfic...
Book OF One-shots by kamiGru
Book OF One-shotsby Ōkami Gāru
bubble slides by Highlord_Aowyn
bubble slidesby Aowyn & OC's
Don't judge the name just read. Let me cut to the chase k, my favorite ships are cannon and they all have children (Well most of them have children) which go to a crazy...
Welcome to the One Shot Realm-- The Pack, Team Crafted and Original One-Shots.  by silvvisin
Welcome to the One Shot Realm-- Silvv
Hey guys, here is a book of oneshots. I have many ideas for this but I would always love suggestions. I'll write whatever you guys would like: Angst, Fluff, short storie...
Book of One-Shots by ShatteredNote
Book of One-Shotsby Broken
Random one-shots includes: Merome Skylox Setosolace Simdil90 Truelox Sparkant Kermitkipz Ssunkipz Setolox Kktato SkyMU Munchinguniverse Bajansorcerer Skub RandomNote Ran...
Machine Mind (Sequel to MMI) by DoubleTroubleWriting
Machine Mind (Sequel to MMI)by Mason Vixon Hyde
This is the sequel to 'Minecraft Mental Institution' so read that first. Arran Aceti is 17 and heading into year 11 in high school. But this year things are starting be...
Tick tock, Love's a clock ~ MunchingUniverse oneshot by ZoeJackson123
Tick tock, Love's a clock ~ MiniNinja Nightcore
1 day, 2 hours, 13 minutes and 27 seconds. That's all he's got left. Until he finds 'the one'. And he's scared. Will he be stuck with a girl? Or with a boy? Will they ju...