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THE ROYAL BAHU'S by wh8theduck
THE ROYAL BAHU'Sby हर्षिता
•Ishita the oldest daughter in law. Abhimanyu Thakur's wife. They both have been married for three years and have a one year old baby boy. Ayaansh Thakur. Ishita belonge...
Married To My Gigglemug by chandusweety4
Married To My Gigglemugby chandu sweety
DAKSH ELLI SHRAMA: An arrogant, sly & cunning handsome prodigy who is famous for his coldness for his entire university. He is a heartrobe of computer science departmen...
Whispers of Fate  by Sparkle_Spirit
Whispers of Fate by Ayy_Sh
Book-1 of "Destined" Series "Whispers of Fate" [इश्क की एक दास्तान] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Abhiram Singh Oberoi X Siya Sharma] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Forever Entwined  by sanskariwrites
Forever Entwined by Akshra💃🏻💅🏻
In this heartwarming and relatable tale, three couples navigate the ups and downs of love, relationships, and life's unexpected twists. With their unique experiences, th...
NIKKAH by rosemary4167
NIKKAHby rosemary4167
In the lively city of Islamabad, cousins Ibrahim Khan and Amaira Khan embark on a journey that begins with an unexpected twist of fate. Ibrahim, a respected 27-year-old...
Kuch Baatein Ankaheen... by kavukavzz
Kuch Baatein kavukavzz
Their love story began like any other. The good girl and the bad boy hated each other at first and then slowly fell in love. But everything came to an abrupt halt when t...
Anime(s) with Multiple Couples by Luv_INFINITE
Anime(s) with Multiple Couplesby Regina
Here are anime(s) with multiple couples. I suggest watching them if you like anime(s) with extra romance. I'll add details about the anime(s). One anime, multiple couple...
Love beyond Death by 4lice_
Love beyond Deathby 4lice
"You are and always have been my whole world." He started by answering his first question, looking at the blanket he was covered by. He will speak the truth an...
Truth or dare (yaoi) (yuri) by SwagPrincess771
Truth or dare (yaoi) (yuri)by SwagPrincess771
It's Todoroki's birthday and class 1A decide to play truth or dare. However, after a certain incident, they are stuck in a room. Whilst waiting to be able to get out, th...
Little Gods by shan1102
Little Godsby shan1102
Chinese Title: 小神仙 Author: 吕天逸 °Official cover° The stories of gods falling in love, episodic, each volume has a connection, but the protagonists are different. Direct w...
Vardhati by Galleneo
Vardhatiby Galleneo
Power is something that is good and bad. There are always victims of power even if it's good or bad. This is a fictional historic story about four people who faced good...
Turning Into A Vampire ( Completed) by rzu_arzu
Turning Into A Vampire ( Completed)by Heart Beat
He dragged me and pushed me to the wall saying "You saw everything. You are a human and may be a threat to me and my clan so you can't go that easily." After c...
PERIL [Werewolf BXB] by laxstanzis
PERIL [Werewolf BXB]by laxstanzis
An omega and an alpha, in the end why does it all matter? You who pushed me away, you who gave me hope and then crushed it, you who rejected me, what right do you have t...
Lost in your love by Mal71995
Lost in your loveby M
it's a mix of teenage couple growing together and some magic 💫 I can't actually confirm when it will officially start yet!
NOT EVEN BONES by WolfChild96
.........A riddle like curse which resounds like a cruel lullaby fortells despair............ 4 is THE KEY to REMEMBER ME a KEY NOW LOST to thee OH WHERE does the WIND...
Diary of a Blonde by ChillyEgg
Diary of a Blondeby ChillyEgg
The life of an ordinary elementary school student named Ola turns upside down when a handsome and popular boy, known as the school rebel, Eric, enters her life. Ola has...
Wholesome Whales by SahalShifa
Wholesome Whalesby Sahal Shifa
dhilraba, a high school girl fall in love with her shy senior
So This Is Love  by loveguru160504
So This Is Love by Jessica Corrie
Animal omegaverse Wolf senior × cat junior "I'm in love with you " -AW Was all the letter said . Ships: Jeslyn 🐺 × Ansely 😺 Christina 🦊 × Cameron 🐻 Gwen...
Nobody knows my heart like you. by Bora2930
Nobody knows my heart like Bora 💜
Yoongi is basketball .his parents died whe he is 8 yrs old . He is so lonely and he love to live alone .he love his brother namjoon . He one time meet with Jimin but tha...
The Beauty is the Beast by lunobear
The Beauty is the Beastby Lunobear
Mysterious high school Queen Bee Diane Wood-Anderson is the epitome of perfection. She is blonde, skinny, a cheerleader, dating the hottest guy in school and the daughte...