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Where The River Bends by ChronaLilly
Where The River Bendsby Chrona "Chrona" Lilly
While RyeClan and ShallowClan are both strong clans in their own right, their bitter rivalry runs acrid through the river and has torn apart generations. As adversity ap...
Short but Sweets by lephindo
Short but Sweetsby leonardo phipps
The book will consist of a series of short stories. The stories will be fast, so no more than 200 words, 300 max. I will try to keep it varied and cover a variety of gen...
Avian by Cappybird
Everyone and their mothers know about the stories beyond the wall. Monsters in the north who delight in death. Monsters who snatched children from their homes for the fu...
Lilia's Shadow (Green Wastelands book 1) by zimmergage
Lilia's Shadow (Green Wastelands zimmergage
Lilia rather sleep all day than go to class. Avoiding her problems sounds like a better idea than getting hurt. But that was just a typical day for a girl living on a mi...
Stories of Heilos: The Second Corruption War by Giron_HGG
Stories of Heilos: The Second Giron
"As long as conflict exists, so too does Corruption." In the last years of the Splintering Era, the world of Heilos remains at peace. But all good things come...
Wardens of Eeya by ArcanaNova
Wardens of Eeyaby Sunny
Whispering cerulan seas, iridescent skies, lush and towering forests, vast deserts and endless snowcapped mountain ranges make up the mystical world of Eeya. The people...
S.E.T. The Earth on Fire by KyleNoland
S.E.T. The Earth on Fireby Kyle Noland
S.E.T. The Earth on Fire is an epic sci-fi dark fantasy about the desolate future of mankind after its recovery from an extinction level event one thousand years prior...
They Were Blessings (Multi-POV) (Gay) by MagicalFlame111
They Were Blessings (Multi-POV) ( MagicalFlame111
Male POV: I was blessed. Or was I cursed? Female POV: A curse is a blessing for another person
Look Deeper by Liu_Jiahao
Look Deeperby Liu_Jiahao
Description under construction
Sentience Chronicle by AutumneKnightly
Sentience Chronicleby Autumne Knightly
Description: The lowest classes of society have been extinct for decades thanks to advancing robotics. Human society has built itself upon its mechanical drones, but whe...
The Shadows That Dwell Within (The Warrior Queens book #1) (#Wattys2016) by BelleRee
The Shadows That Dwell Within ( Belle Ree
Three bounty hunters, dubbed The Warrior Queens, must find Erebus, a criminal mastermind who has been unleashing beasts upon the continent. He is thought be after the c...
The Three Gods and their Mortal by Lynnaea1115
The Three Gods and their Mortalby Lynnaea1115
This is the story of three gods trapped in the mortal body of the God of the Universe. It is the story of the God of the monsters named Androxus, a God of War named Kain...
A Lord of Death by The_Alloquist
A Lord of Deathby The Alloqium
Efrain Belacore, lich and erudite necromancer, was just trying to enjoy a cup of tea with a morning book. Then that over-excited paladin just had to kill herself, with...
Dreamless Souls - A Sojourn of Fools by shimotsuki508
Dreamless Souls - A Sojourn of James L
Everyday, you wake up, brush your teeth, clean up, get dressed, go through your other morning routines, and head out into the world - only to become a part of a giant ev...
Good and Evil by JDDanco
Good and Evilby JDDanco
I'm re-publishing this as a much more concise story. Keep in mind that this is only the first draft of this action/romance/superpowers/epic story. All writing mistakes...
Lovers That Went Wrong  by lyd_xoxo
Lovers That Went Wrong by Lydia Trammell
"We're like fire and gasoline. I'm no good for you, and you're no good for me. We only bring each other tears and sorrow. But tonight I'm gonna give it one last cha...