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The X-files: reunited by Lilly_Brownie
The X-files: reunitedby Brilliant_Brown22
new case: someone has hacked into the fbi data base Who could it be... an old enemy... or a killer clown out to get them. ⛑👽🚬🧬🗄
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the broken dreams club (jemmie) by humhalilujah
the broken dreams club (jemmie)by hallie<3
"we're just a great value brand scully and mulder"
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READ DESC My miracle (Mulder x depressed reader)  by X_files4Life
READ DESC My miracle (Mulder x X_files4Life
(Disclaimer) I don't own any of these characters might take down see how many people like it please give feedback in the comments this is my first story and this will be...
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The Supernatural X-Files [Wattys2018] by RogueRebel-501
The Supernatural X-Files [ Rogue Rebel
Maxima and Fox Mulder may to the naked eye seem interested in the same paranormal hocus pocus. But in fact the two are separated, Fox looks to the stars, while Max looks...
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Ragnarok Virus: An X Files Fan Fiction  by kateaether
Ragnarok Virus: An X Files Fan kateaether
Ten years since the X Files closed. Ten years since he saw her. Ten years for the world to end again... But this time Mulder knows there is no going back, and he wants S...
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Sure. Fine. Whatever. A Dana Scully Origin Story by scullers
Sure. Fine. Whatever. A Dana Juniper
Graduation, annoying little brothers, immature friends, attending a college on the other side of the country, the mysterious murders of her classmates, parents that just...
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X Files Season 12 by KatMondo33
X Files Season 12by Kat Mondo33
An X-Files series that takes place after Season 11.*WARNING:references
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Scully Is Mad  by welostnineminutes
Scully Is Mad by welostnineminutes
Wilson and Miller accidentally get involved in a bar fight , hoping if they just stayed quite no-one would notice....but Scully did
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X-Files: C_ypt__ by JaneValentine007
X-Files: C_ypt__by (El & KayKatMeow)
X-Files fanfiction. Story is simple, well, not quite. There's so many cases involving the unnatural and the paranormal that no one can really be sure which is reality an...
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Fox Mulder X Reader Spooky For Mulder by H20skygirl
Fox Mulder X Reader Spooky For H2OSkyGirl
You wanted to join the so what called "X Files" over hearing the sad death for Dana Scully the FBI assigns you to work with Agent Fox Mulder he is trouble on t...
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Who We Used To Be (➳Scully and Mulder Story) by sheaeonian
Who We Used To Be (➳Scully and 𝖔𝖇𝖘𝖘𝖊𝖘𝖊𝖉 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝖋�...
8 years of barely contacting each other, has come to an end. As the FBI asks for Scully's help on their unnatural case, she joins her significant other, Fox Mulder. But...
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I Want to Believe In Myself by scullers
I Want to Believe In Myselfby Juniper
Everyone's teenage years are awkward and confusing; even for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. During the summer of 1978, the two meet at a summer camp for gifted students. Af...
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Quantico: An X Files Origin by scullers
Quantico: An X Files Originby Juniper
A 23-year-old Dana Scully finds herself torn between the medical world and the world of federal investigation. She leaps into The FBI training academy, unsure of what it...
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Die Hand die zusätzliche Gutschrift verlangt by worldstealers
Die Hand die zusätzliche World Stealers : A Fan Fictio...
Die Hand die zusätzliche Gutschrift verlangt or The Hand That Demands Extra Credit Alex Gilmartin is just an average, grade-grubbing, type-A know-it-all who's trying to...
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Party Into the Void by worldstealers
Party Into the Voidby World Stealers : A Fan Fictio...
A party planner is trying to throw the biggest Halloween bash of the season, but the arrival of two FBI agents investigating the disappearance of one of her performers i...
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The Ending They Deserved by scullers
The Ending They Deservedby Juniper
A collection of short stories depicting Dana Scully and Fox Mulder's new life after their former boss, Assistant Director Skinner, gave them new identities enabling them...
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The X-Files: Episode Review by Jacksby
The X-Files: Episode Reviewby Jay Gatsby
Here, will be a summary, rating and a short review for every X-Files episode. ❌
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The X File by Elijah_K_Blakee
The X Fileby Elijah_K_Blakee
A man by the name of Agent Fox Mulder is an FBI agent who is trying to discover the secrets of the 25 year old case: The X file. His boss Agent Walter Skinner introduce...
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Sculder Stories by spidershark
Sculder Storiesby spidershark
romantic moments of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder💕
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fox "spooky" mulder imagines by Pinkentzin
fox "spooky" mulder imaginesby michele
everyone needs a little mulder in their life, enjoy <3
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