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Shiro: Yui's Step-sister by Zecha13
Shiro: Yui's Step-sisterby Zecha
➡Highest rank #248 in fanfiction ➡Highest rank#2 in diabolik lovers Shiro is adopted by Seiji Komori She is kind, thoughtful, and considerate of others, except Yui beca...
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Diabolik Lovers Oneshots by 5SecondsOfMyDarkness
Diabolik Lovers Oneshotsby Müll
<<< SLOW UPDATES >>> A book full of very attractive, sadistic, as well as somewhat mysterious vampires. Well, we know more about them more than Miss Yu...
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The Gothic Sister(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Nqchristine18
The Gothic Sister(Diabolik Nqchristine18
What happens if Yui Komori did escaped from the Sakamaki mansion and was never seen again? What if her younger sister, Ebony Komori, came to the Sakamaki mansion and mee...
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peach blossoms ♡ diabolik lovers by Escalus_Wings
peach blossoms ♡ diabolik loversby Natalee Yeung
❝Our sister...she lost her eyes from protecting us.❞ The 6 Sakamaki Brothers had only themselves to think about, but they all had the same sin on their shoulders.
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Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers x Male Oc by Sleepy_Dove
Just One Prick | Diabolik Lovers Too Tired
After Yui was sent to the Sakamaki brothers and things unfolded in less than a school year, her younger brother was also sent by the church. To get rid of him. Two main...
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Hidden Fragrance (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) by preii-chan
Hidden Fragrance (Diabolik preii-chan
[2nd Place DLWattyAwards2015 : REVERSE HAREM ❤️] "But if they possess these extraordinary abilities...How come they didn't feel my presence?" -Izumi ______...
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The Girl Next Door(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Nqchristine18
The Girl Next Door(Diabolik Nqchristine18
What if the Sakamaki brothers and Yui Komori have a next door neighbor who isn't just an ordinary mortal? Erika Sawamatsu is a beautiful, but mysterious girl who moved r...
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Yui's brother and sister by strawberry123457
Yui's brother and sisterby strawberry123457
Yui has a brother and sister, their names are Maki and Maya. They didn't like yui not one bit. The reason why, Is because yui abuse them along with seiji because they wa...
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diabolik lovers • zodiacs *actively posting* by dumbgf
diabolik lovers • zodiacs * nea
*all lowercase !!
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Irresistible || Diabolik Lovers by That_Indian_Girl_05
Irresistible || Diabolik Loversby Anamika
"She was trouble, chaos really, but her smile dared me to fall in love with her." Mia Abe had one mission- To make the Sakamaki brothers fall in love with her...
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The idol's blood (diabolik lovers x male!Oc) by ave-satanas
The idol's blood (diabolik d e e
Akito's father decided that Akito should settle down from his idol work, and stay in Japan rather than Korea or travelling around the world. Akito ends up In his family...
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The blind Sister [Diabolik Lovers] by AgentLoveSick
The blind Sister [Diabolik Lovers]by MisSmiles
What happens if Yui has a sister and comes to live with her? She knew her sister can't see anything and she always takes advantage of it. Meet Yukata Komori a girl who w...
Oldest Sister Of Sakamaki by Xx_NightRose_xX
Oldest Sister Of Sakamakiby NightyRose0596
(Y/n), the oldest sister of Sakamaki who was forced to be the next ruler of the Vampire Clan. She had come back after 11 years of misery for the Sakamaki. Before the cor...
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Terrible [Diabolik Lovers x reader] by LifeisFunandGreat
Terrible [Diabolik Lovers x reader]by LifeisFunandGreat
(Y/N) is sent to the Sakamakis mansion after being told that her parents were going on a business trip. As she was dropped off, her mother had given her some odd pills t...
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Beautiful Muted Sister (DL x OC) by AgentLoveSick
Beautiful Muted Sister (DL x OC)by MisSmiles
#1 Mutegirl #1 Subaru Lavender blue has been abused by Seiji, Yui and everyone in the church at the age of 5. She muted herself and trusted no one. She is traumatized ab...
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Diabolik Lovers: Two Brides  by Nqchristine18
Diabolik Lovers: Two Brides by Nqchristine18
What if Diabolik Lovers Fanfic writer and hardcore anime fan Christine Duong is actually moving to the Sakamaki mansion where the spoiled and naive Yui Komori is living...
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YUI'S BROTHER  by yaoiilooverr
YUI'S BROTHER by yaoiilooverr
If yui's brother came to live with her and found that she's been faking her act around 6 hot boys (Yui is a bitch)
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diabolik lovers -yui's brother by SharonandHuishan
diabolik lovers -yui's brotherby bonnie lu
At a young age he saw his parents died, seiji adopted him when he was close to dieing on the street. When seiji send him to sakamaki's, his past began to haunt him. Will...
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Diabolik lovers fanfiction  by AnnaRoronoa
Diabolik lovers fanfiction by ⚘Black_Rose⚘
What if yui was not the Eve but a subsitute of eve ? Anna Heart is a famous pop idol who lived in a church with seiji komori and yui komori. They found Anna on the str...
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Reiji's Twin Sister || Diabolik Lovers Fanfic by Alkryne
Reiji's Twin Sister || Diabolik Flappy
Shiruka Sakamaki The older twin sister of Reiji Sakamaki and the only daughter of Karl Heinz. She moved away from the Sakamaki household and didn't come back for almost...
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