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Harry Styles Sickfics by StylinsonLove28
Harry Styles Sickficsby Hey Angel 💖
My own stories about Harry being ill, injured and such like.... The rest of the band feature in these stories. Requests are welcome. Hope you enjoy. 💞💞💞💞💞
  • wattys2019
  • depression
  • diabetic
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IF by ironcurtain53
IFby Iron
in which a guy that is robbed and murdered realises that his unfinished task in the world of the living is to save his brother from taking his own life. this is a story...
  • depression
  • ripper
  • love
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How he fell in love by ughxoxo
How he fell in loveby Jasey
*CURRENTLY BEING EDITED!* When Miki comes home ready for vacation, she figures she would be partying it up the entire winter break with all her friends. But as she steps...
  • picture
  • date
  • tickle
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Watch Yourself by sigrist
Watch Yourselfby Adam Sigrist
Wes never got anything from his boyfriend, but when he finally did receive a gift, it turned out to be something he never would have asked for. Still, Wes felt special f...
  • attack
  • mugged
  • wes
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Patronus Charms by Bazingaburn
Patronus Charmsby Bazingaburn
A collection of Harry Potter one-shots for you to enjoy!
  • harry
  • fantasy
  • luna
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Fear and Loathing in St. Petersburg by jameshughes91
Fear and Loathing in St. Petersburgby James Hughes
It is shocking how amongst fear and disaster we can still seek sexual pleasure. It is an experience I will always have lingering over me. But above all it is a great sto...
  • russia
  • drunk
  • prostitute
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Not Every Love Story... by BlackRoses2582
Not Every Love Jill (Pen: Ryan Locklear)
"I met Mark in the emergency room..."
  • mugged
  • mark
  • gay
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Crazy in Love or Just Crazy... (Watty awards 2011.VOTE!) by readalot4
Crazy in Love or Just Crazy... ( readalot4
Meagan has the biggest crush ever on the Gorgeous Taylor White. but with her head in the clouds meagan doesn't want to face reality and when she gets what she's been hop...
  • girls
  • head
  • sleep
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Capture Me Forever (ON HOLD AND UNDER EDITING) by LittleSheWolf
Capture Me Forever (ON HOLD AND LittleSheWolf
In Verity's mind not much is important. She see's the world as it is, people are people and everyone is born to die and she does not see much point in trying to relate t...
  • verity
  • photos
  • antisocial
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That Day by luna0kawaii0ninja
That Dayby luna0kawaii0ninja
  • fanfic
  • peej
  • chris
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Summer in the Rain: A Tobuscus Fanfiction by 1sgirl9878
Summer in the Rain: A Tobuscus 1sgirl9878
A 23 year old girl and her best friend fly to Los Angeles to stay before VidCon. This summer, it rains a lot. There, she meets none other than THE Tobucsus! They fall in...
  • girl
  • tobuscus
  • awesome
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Threats (Larry Stylinson Fanfic) by ladybugluck
Threats (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)by YUP
TW: self-harm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, a whole bunch of messed up bullshit Harry never thought he'd fall for his best friend. Neither did Louis. They did, an...
  • missing
  • cry
  • liam
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Random murder story by ImInLoveWithJTK
Random murder storyby ImInLoveWithJTK
Exactly what it says
  • harry
  • turtle
  • mugged
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot by ImAnAmatuer
Hit Me With Your Best Shotby ImAnAmateur
Just a short one shot I made out of the blue, I might make it into a full length story but I have decided yet. Enjoy! (It's about a girl who's getting mugged and the one...
  • savior
  • mugged
  • action
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Sun kissed horizons by IceCreamAndTears__
Sun kissed horizonsby IceCreamAndTears
Bailey Reynolds didn't always hate the ocean, in fact she used to love it. So when She's shopper off for the summer to live with her uncle Ben in Seaside, Florida, she's...
  • mugged
  • hydrophobia
  • beach
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Chuck Is Coming (COMPLETED) by JacKardiac
Chuck Is Coming (COMPLETED)by Jack Kardiac
When getting mugged, it pays to know the right people.
  • mugging
  • completed
  • kardiac
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Road Runners! by mbunnyj
Road Runners!by Jess Ridley
Lolita and Rosalyn have been best friends since middle school. They've also been saving up since middle school. Why? Because they believe that their lives are so terrib...
  • crime
  • teenlove
  • theft
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Crown Jules (One Direction Fan Fic) by Sparktheimagination
Crown Jules (One Direction Fan Fic)by Alia :D
Julia Winters is a successful author on vacation in London when she runs into none other than Harry Styles. She quickly brushes him off, having no interest in him and hi...
  • lawyers
  • note
  • walk
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