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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
  • helter
  • goo
  • audioslave
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My Wild Cowboy and I by Rixtide
My Wild Cowboy and Iby Cassidy Miller
Arizona James, the experienced rodeo girl, just moved from her small town in Tennessee to a huge ranch in Austin, Texas. Attending a school that's a half hour a way fro...
  • hotboys
  • rebel
  • bronc
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Quicksand #1 - A bog nightmare! by Kip2k18
Quicksand #1 - A bog nightmare!by Kip Morgan
In this story, me and my crush Sophie are 12 years old and we were taking a stroll until we got lost in a field of beauty and danger.
  • drama
  • romance
  • quicksand
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Running by azziexx
Runningby azziexx
She is running
  • woods
  • beautiful
  • haircut
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Short Stories by Armiella
Short Storiesby Armiella
Various emotional, poetic, detailed stories that I write when I'm bored, have something on my mind, or am required to write for school.
  • disbelief
  • sanity
  • man
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The Summer Sisters by charlenegail01
The Summer Sistersby Charlene Gail
Hello there! ovo BEFORE YOU READ This is one of the five short stories I will be posting here. All stories are connected by a main theme. I will tell you what the main...
  • project
  • school
  • autumn
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I Met My Werewolf Mate In Handcuffs by XxDaBitch15xX
I Met My Werewolf Mate In Handcuffsby Love <3
I use to be perfect. I use to think I had it all. I use to love those monsters they call my parents. All that changed the day i turned thirteen and my father drunkenly l...
  • best
  • lecture
  • police
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Absolute Star! by Senserstarshine
Absolute Star!by Sophia
Amy Star is the usual fifteen year old girl, who leads a normal life. She has a brother called Edward, a sister called Ammy and her best friend, Rachael. No one knows th...
  • ray
  • amethyst
  • lillie
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A Muddy Spring by charlenegail01
A Muddy Springby Charlene Gail
Hello there! ovo BEFORE YOU READ This is one of the five short stories I will be posting here. All stories are connected by a main theme. I will tell you what the main...
  • chichi
  • sad
  • winter
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Not What He Expected by Numbers064
Not What He Expectedby Numbers064
Just a short story, thought I'd try my hand at something funny for once :P ENJOY!
  • weekend
  • unlucky
  • tired
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In Your Eyes by ThatHattix
In Your Eyesby ThatHattix
There's a reason there's so many nonsensical murders in the world. It's nothing to do with mental health, although it helps.
  • memories
  • else
  • what
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My Pig Experiences  by FURBYninja
My Pig Experiences by FURBYninja
I have a pig and this is a log...
  • muddy
  • ffa
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La Calaveras: The Hades Chronicles by JustinaEG
La Calaveras: The Hades Chroniclesby J.G
The Romero family began to change the street in the small town of Lawson in the Southern States. As time progressed, the street gang gained a reputation and status throu...
  • gắng
  • solitude
  • inprogress
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After Rainy Day  by Sampreeti2
After Rainy Day by Sampreeti2
It's a story after a rainy day
  • muddy
  • essay
  • water
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Toy Pepper and friends x reader by fanficsloverwhiter
Toy Pepper and friends x readerby fanficsloverwhiter
i'm a fan of toy pepper the cat and her friends and i hope they see this book and i hope you like it!
  • friends
  • pepper
  • bonniendfreddyarecute
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Trevor the Pig by GeniusWizard1000
Trevor the Pigby Little Fox
What the title says!
  • brucedacat
  • challengebook
  • muddy
Muddyplier Oneshot by MayuriMuniandy
Muddyplier Oneshotby Mayuri Muniandy
Just your average oneshots from your average writer.
  • orbs
  • markiplier
  • fanfic
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The adventures 8 by factomaniac2
The adventures 8by Factomaniac2
Join them again into the stinky swampy and boggy land in forests around the world to find the secret castle under the ground. They have to cross silly challenges and obs...
  • wattys2017
  • gemawards
  • explore
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Paper Hearts by LittleGirlBlue
Paper Heartsby Kailin K.
[New and Improved] When Kellie's naked photo gets passed around her small town of Arden, Delaware, her life is in shambles. Her parents don't trust her, her sister is gi...
  • over
  • franklin
  • home
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Muddywart Grime & Princess Lily by lindajonesAuthor
Muddywart Grime & Princess Lilyby lindajonesAuthor
Written for the children's fiction competition Princess Lily is really fed up. Everyone keeps telling her off for doing things wrong! Then she hears a very strange nois...
  • bedtimestory
  • adventure
  • trouble
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