The one with the sisters - Year Six [COMPLETED] by OneandOnlyElla
The one with the sisters - Year OneandOnlyElla
Lily and Iris Evans thought they were normal girls. Granted, they were quite... Different, but still normal. One letter might change it all. One letter might be the begg...
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rebellious ❀ by shitaestheticx
rebellious ❀by kristina t.
"My rebellious little Hufflepuff." She was this rebellious, bold, happy, free , & a hothead Hufflepuff that the older students wanted to be &, what the younge...
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God by riddlesandmalfoys
Godby Hoeing to Tom riddle
⭐ Her dark brown hair seated as she ran away from him,he had just found out what she was,and he wanted her.She shrieked in pain when the crucio spell hit her back,her ba...
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Hogwarts: A New Generation by noellecaroline
Hogwarts: A New Generationby Noelle
It's the year 2011. War is behind us; muggle-borns now facing less adversity than ever. Purism, though it's been squashed by the Headmaster of Hogwarts, still manages to...
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mudblood (s. stilinski) by mccallmevoid
mudblood (s. stilinski)by autumn brooke 🍁
"what's a mudblood?" "it means dirty blood. mudblood is a really foul name for someone who is human born, someone with nonmagic parents. someone like me...
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A Mud-blood in Slytherin by lilleyofslytherin
A Mud-blood in Slytherinby lilleyofslytherin
"It is not our abilities that show who we are, but the choices we make." -Albus Dumbledore
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Blood Status (Harry Potter) by adellexox
Blood Status (Harry Potter)by Adelle
Brook believed that anyone that wasn't a pure-blood was filthy. No one below pure-blood was worth her time. The only time she talked to Mudbloods or Half-Breeds was to t...
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Rewrite The Stars (Dramione) by hermajestiya
Rewrite The Stars (Dramione)by Little Dove 🕊
"Who are you? Can you please leave me alone, I've got work to do." Hermione replied with annoyance and frowned upon the boy with platinum blond hair in front o...
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