The Mudblood by _Dramione__life_
The Mudbloodby _Dramione__life_
What if Harry wasn't the boy who lived? Harry lives a happy life with his parents. Hermione Granger goes to school and meets two boys. A boy with red hair and a great pe...
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This curse between us ( Draco x mudblood!Reader)  by harryPotterNerdy
This curse between us ( Draco x Cunning Slytherin
Being born by "muggle" parents you would never expect something like the magical school "Hogwarts" to let such an normal girl like you into their sch...
  • yuleball
  • curse
  • fanfiction
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•The Last Horcrux• by 8basicwhitegirl8
•The Last Horcrux•by Emma
Mother Dead, Father unknown and guardian on the run this year for Valerie Tonks will change everything. Going into your sixth year of Hogwarts i...
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • dracomalfoy
  • hagrid
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The Dark Witch  by SilverPurpleOreo
The Dark Witch by SilverPurpleOreo
I am a witch, With ryhmes and reasons, I am changing like the seasons. My mother is the Moon, my father is the Sun, With Goddess Earth I am as one. I am a Witch, a pagan...
  • ronweasley
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Το γράμμα από το Hogwarts by hogwartsandoreos
Το γράμμα από το Hogwartsby hogwartsandoreos
30/05/12 Η μεγαλύτερη έκπληξη της ζωής μου. Ένα γράμμα το οποίο άλλαξε τα πάντα .
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♕YOUNG GOD♕ by riddlesandmalfoys
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
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harry potter preferences.  by taylxrhaven
harry potter preferences. by t a y l o r
  • ronweasley
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What Words Don't Say by Miss_Potts
What Words Don't Sayby Miss. Potts
Full description inside. Cover Edited. Almond Blossom February 1890 Vincent Van Gogh Amsterdam Museum of Art
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Marianne Granger Book One by SkylarMinthe
Marianne Granger Book Oneby Avalon Magix
When Marianne, older sister to Hermione, gets a letter to Hogwarts, she couldn't believe it. She's a witch.
  • hermionessister
  • ravenclaw
  • gryffindor
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°Abomination° Draco Malfoy X  Reader by StephanieMorgan7
°Abomination° Draco Malfoy X StephanieMalfoy
The story was told, she was a 'MudBlood' and he was a 'PureBlood'. They both despised each other and would do anything to embarrass the other and ruin their lives. That...
  • potter
  • witch
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Blood and Water------- Draco Malfoy FF by ItzMehElly
Blood and Water------- Draco ItzMehElly
Elissa Rox isn't just some laid back jokester of which she seems to be, shes more, more than anyone can imagine, especially a certain platinum headed boy who only thinks...
  • dracomalfoy
  • hp
  • slytherin
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BUMPS by riddlesandmalfoys
♦Ron weasley♦ ~
  • slytherin
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Frostbite (draco malfoy x reader Love Story) by BabyArii9
Frostbite (draco malfoy x reader Erin
y/n Riddle is the newest fourth year student in hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. she is the daughter of lord voldemorte and queens liana, ruler of the magic w...
  • mudblood
RIDDLES by riddlesandmalfoys
"Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret"
  • fantasy
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • magic
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Hogwarts Romance by MissBrokenHeart2212
Hogwarts Romanceby MissBrokenHeart2212
Sarah always was a good student and her parents always were proud of her. One day, when she was 11 years old, an owl came into her house and gave to her parents a letter...
  • love
  • muggle
  • gryffindor
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♥Surrender♥Dramione♥ by NooraAmalie6200
♥Surrender♥Dramione♥by ♥DramioneShip♥
Nous laissons les eaux se lever Nous avons dérivé pour survivre J'avais besoin que tu restes Mais je t'ai laissé partir Dès que tu es prêt Pouvons nous nous rendre ? Je...
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MUDBLOOD by Misssriddle
MUDBLOODby Misssriddle
"I'm Alice,Alice waters!" " Ron,Ron Weasley! " -
  • carlsonyoung
  • trio
  • series
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The devil and an Angel  by _The_Banana_Devil_51
The devil and an Angel by 🕷 Spider-Girl🕷
She is a muggle born He is a pure blood If his heart is full of love he could give her blood type up Or will Draco use it against her?
  • romance
  • mudblood
  • slytherin
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Mr. Malfoy ϟ Harry Potter Series  by -mikiah
Mr. Malfoy ϟ Harry Potter Series by mikiah
Oliver once attended Hogwarts, his first year. But after a big mistake he made with his friends. He no longer attended. Him and his friends disappeared, without being se...
  • hermione
  • harrypotter
  • wizardsandwitches
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