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A N G E L 天使(KNY X MHA reader)  by vibingwithgiyuu
A N G E L 天使(KNY X MHA reader) by 💕Shxnobu_x
Your hawks's daughter,you were fighting with him. But something tragic happened,you teleported to a unknown world. Where you will change fate in your life. *spoiler *sw...
OUR LOVE WILL NEVER ENDby loveyourself
this is my first time making a story so please enjoy :D and there will be a bit of spoliers in the manga and the animation . so read at your own risk.
Till the Light due us part (Tanzen/Zentan) by Tri_angles
Till the Light due us part ( Cazuzu
(THIS STORY CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERS PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION) Zenitsu knew that he didn't want to die cold and alone. He wanted a girl who would love him and marry h...
My drawing book ->- And Maybe Some Stories by Yui-Mai
My drawing book ->- And Maybe Yui.Mai~Chan
just......My drawing book I guess? And if I'm bored I'll write a story
Demon Slayer Oneshots(On Hiatus) by RossAj
Demon Slayer Oneshots(On Hiatus)by Asher
These are a serious of Oneshots and headcanons you guy's can request anything i hope you enjoy my really bad writing I'll try my best for you guys luv all my fans *blows...
"Eyes of mine" [Yandere! Muchiro Tokito x reader]  by yumie_san
"Eyes of mine" [Yandere! Muchiro yumie_san
You joined the Hashira squad, you 1st met Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Kanao, and Inosuke, then you met the members, Giyuu, Shinobu, Mitsuri, Kyojuro, Tengen, Gyomei, Sanem...
Oblivion | Muichiro Tokitō x OC by muichirotkt
Oblivion | Muichiro Tokitō x OCby Akari
Oblivion /n/ the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
Mist (Muichiro x tsundere! reader) Demon Slayer by PokemonGeek596
Mist (Muichiro x tsundere! reader) ✨oikawasmilkbread✨
PLEASE READ THE MANGA BEFORE YOU READ THIS BOOK!!!! IT STARTS FROM THE END OF SEASON 1!!!! Y/n has been a demon hunter for 2 years and dreams of being a Hashira with her...
Those Enchanting Eyes  by MeeshaYousuf
Those Enchanting Eyes by Meesha Yousuf
Zenitu's mother tells him that he's being sent to a new school after the summer vacations end. But he didn't know that it was a school where special kids with potential...