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We could be heroes (A pewdiecry fanfiction) by quadglitter
We could be heroes (A pewdiecry ~epicfangirl~
The infamous superhero Cryaotic or Cry for short, lives with the Avengers, he's also lives another life; just normal Cry, a nerdy kid who only has a couple of friends, t...
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The Last Night Crew by Wannabewriter1345
The Last Night Crewby Eryka Presley
Me and my friends roleplaying-actually it is just my friends doing it- about being with the Last Night Crew.
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The Night stone (The late night crew) by videogame_luv
The Night stone (The late night videogame_luv
Based on Cry and Friends play Dungeons and Dragons (The truth, the Eye, and the Beholder) this story follows Cry the half-Orc barbarian, Russ the Human Paladin, Cheyenne...
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The Night In Question by GamerKat4996
The Night In Questionby GamerKat4996
I have no clue I just thought of it while working so here
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honey | snake x reader by prissyphan
honey | snake x readerby prissyphan
❝and I had no single idea what i put myself into when he held my hand❞
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New Years Wishes by Sprite-Vodka
New Years Wishesby Sprite-Vodka
Snake is stuck babysitting a spoiled fourteen year old over his holiday break, at first he thinks he'll be dreading it but suddenly he doesn't mind the brat so much. Snu...
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Love Deterrence  ( Snake x Ziegs Story ) by loneroadscar
Love Deterrence ( Snake x Ziegs A.K
The sequel to the bandanna and the tophat.
Newcomer by HamsterGirlo
Newcomerby HamsterGirlo
The Late Night Crew needed someone new in their crew. It was time for them to find someone. They have taken at least 10 calls. They were getting really discouraged. Ti...
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Fantasies on the Verge of Collapse by fortiesnbros
Fantasies on the Verge of Collapseby gael
This is a remake of the old snund fanfic called Fantasy versus Reality, or.. I think that's what I named it? I've since then deleted that book(which I regret, I'd quite...
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Hello Again (Snund) by TheInkedOctopus
Hello Again (Snund)by Inky/Octo/Dawn
Sadfic. Story in reverse.
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Oneshots by Sprite-Vodka
Oneshotsby Sprite-Vodka
Most are posted to Tumblr but why not put them here as well? Most likely Crake and Snund, feel free to leave a request
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I hate you. a lot. by GamerKat4996
I hate you. a GamerKat4996
It's snund. i tried. I failed. good day.
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Assassin by GamerKat4996
Assassinby GamerKat4996
just a warning updates will have kind of long gaps between sleep and work I have not much time to write bad fan fiction.
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My RoomMates (LNC Story) by imMurderCupcake
My RoomMates (LNC Story)by ~Murder~
"Will you quit?!" I yell at the man in the mask. It was the fourth time he's tried to get me to join. I wouldn't have any of it, but in the back of my head I k...
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Bright Days and Stormy Nights by Sprite-Vodka
Bright Days and Stormy Nightsby Sprite-Vodka
What happens when the one who's supposed to save you, is the one who needs saving? Robin Nyx has lived the past three years without a single break in the same routine, b...
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The Bandanna and The Tophat     a SnakexZiegs story by loneroadscar
The Bandanna and The Tophat A.K
This is a story about 2 people no one would ever think would soon grow strong feelings towards each other. what will happen along this journey for Snake and Ziegs. who...
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Never thought I could be happy /LNC, Pewds, Cry fanfic/ by GirlIInTheShadows
Never thought I could be happy / Cathy
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Sweetest by GamerKat4996
Sweetestby GamerKat4996
I wrote Sweetest Day Snund and forgot to post it~ cause I'm a little shit
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Study Buddy by GamerKat4996
Study Buddyby GamerKat4996
I don't even know but here
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