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Interest in the quiet kid [All of us are dead] by finakiller_8
Interest in the quiet kid [All Kaden A.
Nam-ra x Fem!Reader (bc i can't write bxg and it's always gxg and the reader is G!p) In which Choi Nam-ra, the cold-hearted and hot class president, has interest in Kang...
My Love For You by syazwanirahim
My Love For Youby syazwanirahim
Jeon JungKook dikahwinkn dgn Park MinHye ats dasar trpaksa. Dikahwinkn tnpa perasaan cinta. Mrka selalu x sehaluan. Shingga satu hri.... "Aq sygkn kau Min"-Jun...
Taehyung Save Me by btsarmyzaara
Taehyung Save Meby btsarmyzaara
A Girl named Y/N falls in love with a Boy , Kim Taehyung.He also starts liking her but her Father creates a problem in their relationship, He fixes her wedding with prin...
Perfect Filter by army_stay_moa_22
Perfect Filterby Min Holly
The life of Olivia. Peace, happiness and drama.
Fake Nerd Is Idol by meilaarismaa
Fake Nerd Is Idolby Meila Arisma Putri
Seorang idol model yang terkenal di usia belia yang diharuskan pulang ke Indonesia oleh Papanya, dan akan disuruh menjadi CEO perusahaan ternama papanya. saat dia pulang...